The best Call Center System for Real Estate Companies

The best Call Center System for Real Estate Companies 2022

The best call center system for real estate companies from Bevatel provides real estate marketing companies and agents with professional benefits and many options for communicating with clients.

Bevatel provides modern contact center systems to real estate companies. So that they can make and receive customer calls more professionally.

Our contact center systems enable your customer service staff to respond to customer inquiries regarding your real estate, commercial or administrative units.

These systems also enable sales staff to conduct and follow up on all sales operations, moment by moment, and even for customers to book, pay and contract.

This article is a complete guide to the Bevatel system, which is the best system for making and receiving calls for real estate companies, whether real estate developers or marketing agents.

What is the best call center system for real estate companies?

It is a system that enables you to make and receive the possible number of concurrent calls required with many advantages to communicate with customers for various customer service and sales purposes for real estate companies at the lowest costs.

This system allows you to link it to the unified number that starts with 9200 or the toll-free number 800 to make and receive your customers’ calls from anywhere and link all your company’s branches to one number for all calls.

Also, this system is a cloud-based system that works with an Internet connection and does not require any complex installations, cables, or equipment to run, and allows you to work remotely.

And then, it allows you to follow the workflow of your call center moment by moment and from anywhere and without being at the call center headquarters.

Advantages of the Bevatel Call Center System

The Bevatel system provides many features, tools, and options that enable the customer service and sales team to provide better service and support to customers in a faster, easier, and more professional way.

The advantages of this system include the features of making and receiving calls and others for managers to follow up the workflow of the call center for institutions and commercial activities and to evaluate and develop the performance of customer service in real estate development companies or real estate marketers.

We can explain the advantages of this system in the following points:-

  1. Call Keeper
  2. Waiting feature
  3. Divert calls
  4. Call Recording
  5. voice mail
  6. IVR
  7. Live Panel
  8. System Reports

1- Call Keeper

One of the most prominent advantages of the Call Center system for real estate companies is that it keeps missed calls, When the customer calls during off-duty hours or when all customer service or sales staff are busy.

This system allows employees to view missed or missed calls that the system has kept when employees are busy or out of work hours.

2- Waiting feature

The waiting feature is one of the most prominent advantages of this system because it helps you if all customer services are busy with customers, as you can put callers on the waiting feature.

You can play specific music that the callers hear or play voice messages that include your real estate projects, prices, discounts, working hours, or other details and information of value to the caller.

3- Call forwarding

Your customer service can use call forwarding to transfer the call to a specific employee or department responsible for the project the customer is communicating about.

This feature also enables you to divert a call to the voice mail service or the automatic answering service. And then, this feature improves the caller’s experience.

4- Call Recording

The Bevatel system records all calls made or received by customer service or sales staff for 30 days.

Then you can listen to any call made or received through your call center system at any time (for the last 30 days).

The Call Center Bevatel system also allows you to download the recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls for the last day.

This feature helps you to view the workflow of your real estate contact center and evaluate the performance of customer service and sales staff to guide and develop their performance.

For example:

  • You can listen to any call of a salesperson
  • In this call, he is selling one of the real estate projects to the client
  • Then you can evaluate the employee’s performance, his presentation of the project, his method of persuasion, and other methods of work of the real estate sales personnel.
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the employee’s performance
  • Directing the employee and developing his performance

5- Voice mail

This system allows you to activate the voice mail feature which enables the callers to leave their inquiries, requests, or complaints in one or more voice messages noted by the call center staff to call the customer again and answer his inquiries, respond to his request or help him.

Your callers can take advantage of this feature when they call you during off-duty hours or when all of your employees are busy answering other callers.

6- IVR

The Bevatel system helps you activate the IVR feature to respond to callers’ inquiries through some pre-recorded voice messages.

You can take advantage of this feature by recording some voice messages (these messages include the details of your real estate projects or the discounts and offers on real estate units) and then uploading these messages to the Bevatel system so that the system will play these messages when customers call.

7- Live Panel

The Live Panel is one of the most prominent advantages of the call center system for real estate companies because it provides many professional tools and options for call centers.

The tools and options of this panel help call center managers track the workflow of each of the customer service and sales departments periodically and live.

The Live Panel helps you view the current calls, details of each call, its duration, and the caller’s number.

It also allows you to view the status of each employee of the customer service or sales staff whether the employee has a call, is busy, in a meeting, on a break, or out of the shift.

And through the Live Panel, you can listen to any ongoing call without knowing the caller, and you can direct the employee during the call or correct some information for him.

Through the Live Panel, you can see queues, data of connected customers, waiting times, and other details that provide you with an overview of the workflow of your call center.

Finally, the Live Panel helps you get a general view of the performance of your employees and then enables you to evaluate and develop their performance in general.

The best Call Center System for Real Estate Companies 2022

8- System Reports

Bevatel system provides you with comprehensive and integrated professional reports on the workflow of your company’s cloud call center.

The reports of this system provide you with details and comprehensive information about the performance of each employee of the call center and your customer service. We mention the most prominent of them in brief points as follows:-

  • The number and duration of calls made and received by each employee
  • Number and duration of breaks for each employee
  • Durations of working hours for each employee
  • Details of all calls (caller number, call date, duration, call status – whether it ended: the caller or the employee)
  • Number of unanswered and abandoned calls

These reports, including details and information, help you evaluate the workflow of your call center and the performance of your sales and customer service staff and then improve the performance.

Real estate developer or have a real estate marketing company, or look for the best call center system for real estate companies? Bevatel system is your best choice. And it is the latest professional system for modern cloud call centers that seek to develop customer service and sales performance to achieve enterprise goals and increase sales and profits.

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