What are the auto dialer system and its usages?

what is auto dialer system

What are the auto dialer system and its usages?

The auto dialer system is one of the latest modern call center techniques that have become one of the basics of customer service for any establishment.

This system provides many advantages to the companies that make and receive many calls daily. And establishments and companies use it for many purposes.

Given the importance of this system and its multiple uses, we will get to know it in this article through the following points: –

  1. What is the auto dialer?
  2. What are the auto dialer uses?
  3. What are the auto dialer software advantages?

1- What is the auto dialer system?

This system is also known as auto dialer software that auto-calls specific customers and users’ lists. And then it diverts the calls to the customer service agents as incoming ones.

Or this system automatically communicates with the lists of users and clients and runs pre-recorded voice messages that include an IVR questionnaire or include the establishment offers and services and others according to each establishment’s needs and purposes.

This system’s mechanism is based on forwarding the calls received by the customers to the available call center agents.

From this definition, it seems that this system can be used for many purposes and to meet many establishments’ needs that we will try to identify in the following paragraphs.

2- What are the auto dialer software uses?

The auto dialer feature uses differ according to each establishment’s needs, objectives, and capabilities.

Despite the variety of this system uses, we can mention the most prominent of them through some points briefly, as follows: –

  • Tele Marketing.
  • Telesales.
  • Surveys and opinion polls conducting.
  • Services and products evaluation.
  • Technical support to customers.

(A) Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most common uses of the auto dialer software for commercial activities in particular.

Many companies execute many of their marketing campaigns by calling their targeted customers lists and then running pre-recorded voice messages that include the company’s offers and services.

Thus, this system helps companies reach many customers in a short time and at the lowest cost, just by calling. 

(B) Telesales

Many companies need to communicate with potential customers via mobile to complete and implement the sales process phases.

When implementing advertisements and digital marketing campaigns, the sales department obtains contact data for potential customers or those interested in the company products or services.

Thus, companies need to contact these prospective customers to convince them of the product or service and complete the sale and convert them into real customers.

The sales team uses the auto dialer system to communicate with lists of potential customers faster and distribute calls to the available staff to receive calls. 

(C) Surveys and opinion polls conducting 

Surveys and opinion polls conducting is one of the most important methods that marketing departments in different organizations use.

The questionnaires help the companies and establishments know the target audience’s feedback towards specific services or products or even to know their interests and trends, and then provide the best suitable service.

The auto dialer feature is considered one of the most important technologies used by companies and institutions to conduct surveys with their customers and users.

You can use this system to conduct surveys by: –

  • Auto-dialing the customers and users lists and operating IVR with questions and items that the customers and users answer.
  • Calling the customers or users lists, and customer service agents interact with them and conduct a survey.

In general, these questionnaires are useful for many companies and establishments purposes, perhaps the most prominent of which is services and product evaluation provided by companies and establishments.

(D) Services and products evaluation

Many companies and establishments depend on product and services evaluation over the phone using the auto dialer system to obtain customers’ and users’ feedback about the products and services.

Product and service evaluation is useful to recognize strengths and weaknesses and help companies develop their products.

Many call centers depend on auto-dialing to evaluate the customer service agents’ performance by automatically contacting customers after the call within a certain period and knowing their opinions on the company’s services and the customer service staff. 

(E) Providing technical support to customers

Providing technical support to customers is one of the most important and most common uses of the auto dialer technique, especially for companies and establishments that provide the customers with technical services or technical products and devices.

Companies and establishments benefit from auto dialing software to provide the customers with after-sales services by uploading a customer numbers sheet to this system, And then automatically calling these customers to provide technical support to them.

what is auto dialer system

3- What are the auto dialer software advantages?

The auto dialer system advantages vary according to the needs of each company or establishment of this technique. But you can take advantage of all these features together.

Before we explain these features, we can mention them in some points, as follows: –

  • Flexibility.
  • Integration with CRM system.
  • Calls scheduling.
  • Time-saving.
  • Call distribution.

A) Flexibility

The auto dialer technique is flexible, as you can activate it via the computer through the communication portal on the web page or through the auto-dialer page via the mobile.

B) Integration with CRM system 

You can link the auto-dialing feature with the CRM system that makes better communication with customers.

The CRM system provides you with details about customers and users as soon as they answer calls, thus helps call center agents provide better customer service.

C) Calls Scheduling 

The auto dialer software allows you to schedule calls at certain hours and to link the call to a specific agent to communicate with the customer when he responds.

D) Time-saving

One of the important auto dialer technique advantages is that it saves much time for customer service agents and companies.

Once you upload the customers’ and users’ lists that you want, the system calls them in sequence and automatically.

Instead of entering the customer number every time; this system contacts all customers automatically.

If the customer does not answer, the system contacts the next customer on the list immediately.

In general, this system helps companies and establishments save a much time and then make more calls.

E) Call Distribution

The call distribution feature is one of the most important auto dialer software features. Many companies and establishments benefit from this feature by automatically communicating with the lists of customers and users and then automatically distributing calls to the available customer service staff.

Or you can distribute the calls according to different considerations determined by each company, such as the services subscribed to by customers or the language spoken by the customers, etc.

In general, companies and establishments can get the additional auto dialer system advantages by integrating to the Cloud Call Center system and the Customer Service Management System CRM, and then developing the call center performance and providing better technical support to customers.

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