6 Tips to establish professional call center for establishments & business 2022

6 Tips to establish professional call center for business 2022

6 Tips to establish professional call center for establishments & business 2022

Establishing a professional call center for companies requires many factors that help customer service, sales, and technical support departments to develop performance, achieve enterprise goals, and even increase sales and profits.

Bevatel provides cloud contact center solutions and services to establishments and businesses with multiple professional features and options and through systems and programs that help them improve performance.

Some many solutions and services are indispensable to any contact center that seeks to communicate with customers in a more professional, faster, easier, and less costly manner at the same time.

Through this article, we will learn about the top 6 tips for experts in customer service and contact center development to create a professional contact center, Let’s go.

Tips for establishing a professional call center

Tips for establishing a professional contact center for clients are many and cannot be limited to one article, but we will mention the most prominent ones as explained by the experts in brief points as follows:-

  1. Using a unified number 9200
  2. Cloud contact center system
  3. Call Recording
  4. IVR service
  5. Voicemail service
  6. Customer Service Management System

And now we will try to highlight the advantages and importance of each of these tips for developing contact centers.

1- Use a unified number 9200

Using a unified number that starts with 9200 to make and receive calls to your establishment or business provides you with many advantages and options.

The unified number 9200 gives the impression to your customers that they are dealing with a strong brand and a professional establishment that values ​​its customers and always strives to provide them with the best service and technical support.

Also, the unified number enables you to connect all branches of your establishment or business through a unified and easy-to-remember number that allows you to make and receive all your calls through one contact center for all your business branches.

The unified number allows you to activate many features to make and receive customer calls. Such as making and receiving many concurrent calls, activating the calls recording feature, IVR, voice mail, waiting, and other features and options that are indispensable for developing the performance of customer service and technical support departments in any establishment or commercial activity.

2- Cloud contact center system

The cloud call center system from Bevatel is the first system that enables you to make and receive calls for your business or establishment in the cloud and through a system that works only with an internet connection.

This system enables you to make and receive the possible number of concurrent calls “the number appropriate to the needs and requirements of your establishment or company.”.

One of the most prominent advantages of this system is that it runs cloudly. It does not require complicated installations or cables or contact center devices that regular contact center systems require.

This feature enables you to operate the system remotely and from anywhere and without necessary to be at your contact center because the system works by connecting to the Internet.

This feature enables you to hire customer service and technical support staff who work remotely and without being present at your contact center headquarters.

Finally, this feature allows you to monitor the workflow of your customer service and technical support departments from anywhere, moment by moment, with reports, and without being at the contact center, even when you are traveling outside the country.

3- Call Recording

Call center and customer service experts advise the necessity of activating the call recording feature because of its multiple advantages to improve the performance of contact center institutions and commercial activities.

This feature helps you view the workflow of the customer service and technical support departments in your establishment by listening to the call recordings of each employee.

Hence, it helps you evaluate the performance of your employees, identify strengths and weaknesses, and then develop performance in general.

The call recording feature is one of the most prominent advantages of the Bevatel system because this system records all incoming and outgoing calls for the last 30 days.

This system also allows you to extract call recordings at any time and for the last 30 days.

4- IVR service

The IVR service, or as it is known as the interactive voice response to the inquiries and problems of callers, is one of the features of contact centers that helps you provide service and technical support to customers in a more professional way.

This service enables you to provide the callers with better service and technical support 24h/day through several previously recorded voice messages that include answers, information, and details about customer inquiries and problems regarding your services and products.

The cloud call center system from Bevatel allows you to activate this feature by downloading the required voice messages. And then, the system plays them when the customer calls and according to a specific scenario that you specify to the system.

This feature helps you develop the service and technical support provided to customers because it allows you to provide technical support and permanent customer service.

It also enables callers to obtain the required information and details without communicating with any customer service or technical support staff or if all Contact center employees are busy with your establishment or business.

5- Voice mail service

Voice mail is one of the most prominent features of the contact center recommended by the experts to improve the performance of both the customer service and technical support departments of institutions and commercial activities.

The Bevatel system allows you to have a voice mail feature that allows callers to leave one or more voice messages containing their inquiries, complaints, or suggestions.

Your customer service and technical support staff listens to these messages and then contact customers for assistance and support.

This feature helps the caller when all technical support and customer service staff are busy responding to customers or when a customer calls during off-duty hours.

6 Tips to establish professional call center for business 2022

6- Customer Service Management System

Call center experts recommend the necessity of utilizing the CRM customer service management system for establishments and commercial activities. Because of its many advantages that help you develop the performance of your departments, achieve the goals of your establishment’s contact center, and even increase profits and sales.

This system includes many options and tools which help sales staff execute and manage all sales processes periodically: catching potential customers, creating and sending proposals to them, convincing them of your services and products, and even creating and sending them the invoices.

This system from Bevatel enables your sales staff to view available sales opportunities, potential customers, customer details, and requirements and needs.

This system helps employees follow up and conduct all sales operations in a more professional manner that enables them to achieve the goals of your establishment or business.

This system also helps you to follow the workflow of your sales staff, moment by moment, and with reports, as it provides you with comprehensive details about the performance of your sales staff:-

  • Number of Win Closed Deals
  • Number of sales opportunities
  • Number of clients in the negotiation stage
  • Number of interested clients
  • Disinterested customers
  • Fail Closed Deals

Finally, this system provides professional features and tools that help the marketing, technical and sales staff to understand the target customers, know their needs and requirements, and even conduct successful marketing campaigns and provide technical support and better customer service.


Bevatel call center and customer relationship management systems are the most prominent advanced cloud contact center solutions which put you on the right track towards improving the service provided to your customers, the performance of your employees, achieving the goals of your establishment, or business and increasing sales and profits.

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