The difference between customer service and customer experience

Difference between customer service and customer experience

The difference between customer service and customer experience is one of the most important topics that modern call center managers, customer service and technical support staff, and call center operators look for.

Because these elements are of great importance in achieving the goals of the organization or business and helping the sales, marketing, and technical support departments to achieve their goals, gain customer satisfaction, and even increase sales and profits.

There are many criteria and considerations based on which we differentiate between customer service and customer experience.

And all of them lie in the mechanism of interaction with customers and the timing of this before or after purchasing, or in both cases.

Through this article, we will learn in detail about the difference between customer experience and customer service and the importance and role of each in gaining customer satisfaction, improving the performance of organizations, and even increasing sales and profits for any organization.

What is customer service?

It is a set of processes that include providing service and advice to customers regarding the products or services offered by your organization or business.

Customer service is provided by a group of employees who are fluent in all the skills of communicating with customers, solving their problems, providing adequate answers to all inquiries that customers ask about, and helping the customer in general.

Customer service is a representation of the role of the institution or business in dealing with customers through employees who receive customer calls or receive their conversations via WhatsApp or various social media. So that customer service employees respond to customers and help them solve their problems through written text messages or speaking Directly with them via mobile and through the call center system.

Customer service requires employees to be fully aware of the products or a service offered by your establishment or business.

And also requires them to master communication and listening skills, speed, and accuracy in communicating information to customers in a professional and simplified way.

What is the customer experience?

It is a much deeper, broader, and more comprehensive journey than customer service. It includes the customer’s whole journey throughout their interactions with your establishment or business. And it includes all interactions and attitudes that customers have with your products or services.

The user experience also includes how customers use the products you offer and the advantages, facilities, and options these products provide to them that help customers benefit and achieve their objectives from using the product or service.

Customer experience includes all matters and interactions that a customer experiences when using products and services, starting with entering the premises of your company or business, communicating with customer service and requesting the purchase of a certain product or service, even completing the purchase, interacting with and using the product, in addition to after-sales services, technical support, technologies and features in the product. Service and everything related to it.

The difference between customer service and customer experience

There are some elements that we can differentiate between customer service and customer experience including that customer experience includes all stages of the customer’s journey from purchasing the product or subscribing to the service to the after-sales services. Customer service includes customer interactions with products and services only.

Examples of customer management include: inquiring about specific questions or requesting solutions to problems related to products and services.

Examples of customer experience: Customers entering and registering on your website easily, ease of use of products and services, etc.

Customer service is one of the most important parts of the customer experience that expresses the overall customer journey with your organization or business and the products or services.

Customer service includes:-

  • Mobile Calls
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Live web chats
  • ChatBot

Customer service is an essential and inseparable part of the user experience, which is the ultimate meaning of customer satisfaction.

We can clarify some other differences between user experience and customer management through the level of control:-

The level of control over customer service is comprehensive and high. And there is almost complete control over the service provided by the Customer Management Department and technical support for customers.

While there is less control over the customer experience, Levels of control over the user experience are limited. Customers are affected by many factors that are beyond the control of your organization or business.

Difference between customer service and customer experience form Bevatel

The role of customer service and customer experience

To provide an integrated and satisfactory professional customer experience, you must provide the technical support for customers.

Although the difference between customer management and customer experience is clear, their role is one of the main factors in increasing the profits of the establishment achieving its commercial goals, and increasing sales.

The user experience and satisfactory customer service for customers help in gaining their trust and increasing their loyalty to your establishment and business, and thus their continued subscription to services or their repeated purchase of products without considering the considerations of high prices for your products or services.

Bad customer management is one of the main reasons why so many customers stop subscribing to your services or buying your products and relying on another competitor’s products and services.

In general, to gain the satisfaction, trust, and loyalty of your customers towards your products or services, you should focus on good user experience and satisfactory customer management rather than on offering a competitive price.

How to develop customer service

Bevatel provides many advantages and options that help you improve the performance of customer service for the call centers of your organization or business through the cloud call center system from Bevatel and what it provides from:

  1. Live Panel
  2. System Reports

1- Live Panel

The Live Panel is one of the most prominent tools for evaluating and developing the performance of  sales, and technical support in your establishment or business.

It enables you to track the workflow of your call center periodically and view the status of each employee (busy, in a meeting, on a break, with a call).

This screen also allows you to listen to the ongoing calls, see the duration of the caller’s number, and direct the employee or correct information for him without the caller noted.

Through the Live Panel, you can view the queues and forward calls to a defined employee or department.

2- System Reports

The system reports provide you with a general view of the workflow of the call center. The Bevatel system reports include comprehensive statistics and details about the number of calls made by each employee, the number of missed and missed calls, details of all received calls, their duration and date, and the status of the call (whether the employee or the caller ended).

Through the reports page, you can listen to any call and download its recording, and you can view the statistics and details of all the calls made and received by each employee.

In general, the Live Panel and system reports enable you to get a detailed view of the performance of customer staff.

And it helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate performance, and even develop customer service to achieve the goals of your organization or business.


In general, the difference between customer service and customer experience is not so significant as to explain the roles and importance of each in achieving the goals of your organization or business, increasing sales and profits, gaining customer satisfaction, and winning more new customers.

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