7 Indispensable features in the cloud call center in 2023

7 Indispensable features in the cloud call center in 2023

Imagine a cloud call center keeping you updated with all the details of your organization’s or business’s customer service workflow with just a single panel anywhere. And you can create comprehensive and detailed reports about your business contact center and customer workflow for the period you want.

In today’s business world, customer service is becoming increasingly critical. As a result, companies recognized the need to invest in contact center software to help them provide customers with better service and support.

Call center software has significantly evolved over the years. And modern software is now cloud-based, offering many calling features, live panel, system reports, and IVR without investing in expensive hardware and infrastructure to set up a contact center.

Instead, you can connect to the Internet and access the call center software from anywhere, whether inside or outside the country. 

This technology benefits companies with remote employees, as they can easily access the software and provide customer support anywhere worldwide.

In this article, we show several Bevatel system features for institutions and businesses for the best call center system at the lowest possible costs in the Kingdom.

Cloud call center system

It is a professional call center system that runs entirely in the cloud, enabling you to make and receive the most significant number of concurrent calls with multiple features and options.

To choose the best system that helps you develop your business performance, we remind you of the top 5 features available in modern call center programs that help you improve customer service, technical support, and sales performance.

  1. Cloud-based
  2. Many features of calling
  3. Live and detailed panel
  4. System reports
  5. Auto dialer and IVR 


7 Indispensable features in the cloud call center in 2023

1- Bevatel’s call center system is entirely cloud-based

The cloud call center system allows you to make and receive as many calls as possible from your customers simultaneously and on the cloud.

The system is entirely cloudy because you will dispense with the costs of establishing a call center system of complicated equipment, devices, cables, and installations.

Instead, it allows you to assign customer service employees remotely and from anywhere inside or outside without being at your organization’s headquarters.

And do not worry; the system will allow you to follow up and monitor the performance of your agents and view all the details from anywhere, whether outside or inside the country.

2- Many features of calling

The cloud call center system that helps you develop customer service, technical support, and sales performance must include many options and features that enable you to make and receive calls and communicate with your customers more professionally.

Bevatel system contains multiple communication features that improve customer service and technical support staff performance, thus positively affecting sales and the overall performance of your business.

Among the advantages of communication, most notably in providing better service and technical support to customers, are:

  • Record calls and extract recordings for the last 30 days
  • Waiting feature
  • Call forwarding feature

a) Call recording and recording extraction

To analyze and improve the performance of employees, you must listen to the calls to know the error rate and thus work to avoid it.

That is why the Cloud Call Center cloud system allows you to record calls and extract records for the last 30 days to listen to and analyze them and thus reach solutions that improve the quality of technical support and customer service and develop their performance.

b) Waiting feature

The waiting feature is a cloud call center system-critical element in case your employees are busy and no employee can respond to customers.

The feature allows you to display recorded voice messages, including exclusive offers, new services, and working hours.

c) Call Forwarding Feature

The call transferring feature allows the agent to transfer the call to any department of your establishment, whether technical support, sales, or customer service.

One of the features of the call transfer feature is the ability to transfer the call to the voice mail service, or the IVR feature, etc., to help customers get answers to the inquiries they want.

3- Live Panel

The best and most important feature of the cloud call center is the live panel feature, as it provides multiple options and components for the call centers of your organization or business.

The live panel allows you to view the status of each customer service or technical support agent or any of the departments.

And it allows you to know whether the employee is on a break, in a meeting, or on a call.


The live panel enables you to view lists of active calls and waiting lists, direct an agent by listening to the ongoing call and guide the agent in private to provide the best service or correct info during the call.


That is why the live panel is an essential feature of the cloud call center, as it provides you with many tools as possible to track the performance of the contact center departments in one screen to enable you to track the workflow and get a general view of the performance of your company’s departments.

 And then it helps you evaluate the performance of your employees.

4- System reports

You can create and extract system reports in the cloud contact center to get comprehensive details any time about the following:-

  • The number of calls made and received by each agent

  • Number of missed calls per agent

  • Duration of each call

  • The number and duration of breaks taken by each employee


5- Auto dialer and IVR

The cloud call center program allows you to activate the auto-dialer feature to make the most significant possible number of concurrent calls.

 The IVR feature allows you to respond to customer calls and inquiries with several pre-recorded voice messages, including possible scenarios with answers to customer inquiries and problems.

For example:-

When the caller calls, he hears voice messages that include several options.

For the Arabic, press number (1)

For English, press (2)

When pressing number (2), the caller hears the following options:

For the marketing department, press (1)

To manage sales, press (2)

For technical support, press (3)

For voicemail service, press (4)

To speak with a customer service representative, press (5)

For repeating, press the symbol (#)

The cloud call center system is the latest contact center with integrated tools and features. Therefore, the ideal systems will help you stay connected with your customers periodically and help you track your employees’ performance, evaluate and develop your customer service and sales performance, and even increase profits.

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