8 golden advantages of connecting social media systems of companies!

8 advantages of connecting social media systems of companies

8 golden advantages of connecting social media systems of companies!

Some companies have wanted a simple and inexpensive way to communicate with all their customers with only one platform, especially those companies that have multiple accounts on all social media platforms, hence the emergence of the service connecting corporate social media platforms, which represented a major revolution in the current era, and was one of the means that was very successful and was the cause of the emergence of many institutions and businesses on the scene. In the past, these companies have experienced several problems that hindered the process of communicating with their customers, and one of the most important problems of these traditional methods:

  • Difficulty responding to all customers on different platforms.
  • Two individuals cannot be used together for a single WhatsApp account.
  • Difficulty communicating with customers and distracting them between numbers and accounts.
  • Difficulty navigating between different social media platforms.
  • Inability to fully or immediately follow customers on most platforms.
  • Ignoring some social media accounts and thus losing potential customers.
  • Delay in replying or ignoring some messages, causing customer discomfort.
  • Most messages are not seen and overlooked, especially when multiple platforms and accounts.
  • Conversations cannot be received and sent via a company-specific unified number.
  • Inability to track customer reaction to marketing campaigns and analyze their results.

All that has already been mentioned is just some of the endless problems of traditional means and methods of managing old social media platforms, but now it seems that connecting social media systems of companies has become the perfect and best solution to build bridges to connect with customers more powerful and robust than before! Our dear readers will remind you of the 8 golden advantages of that service that you will not be able to resist, so keep reading.

  1. Unifying platforms
  2. Receiving unlimited messages
  3. Many users
  4. Easy and fast communication
  5. Immediate and continuous follow-up
  6. Detailed reports and performance analyses
  7. Intelligent auto-response
  8. Successful marketing campaigns


First: Feature of unifying platforms

With this service you will be able to standardize your company’s social media platforms, such as your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Telegram, and even your website or online chat email, so that you can send and receive all your customers’ messages and conversations on all your accounts on social media platforms in just one platform with an interactive, smart and easy-to-use interface, as well as your ability to manage all sales and purchases, and complete all your tasks across that advanced platform.

Second: Receiving unlimited messages

By connecting social media systems to companies, you can receive unlimited messages, you can receive conversations from thousands of customers from everywhere inside or outside Saudi Arabia, and you can even organize and divide all those conversations according to conversations about potential customers, or conversations about current and permanent customers.

Third: Many users

One of the most important advantages of connecting social media platforms is the possibility of adding as many users as possible to the same account, all your employees can respond to all your customers without any obstacles or problems, you can customize specific tasks for each employee, live and continuous follow-up to all employees and a full customer service assessment.

Fourth: Easier and faster communication

It’s no longer as tiring and exhausting as the past when communicating with your customers through your Social Media accounts, you don’t need to navigate between apps to respond to customers, as well as not distracting customers between more than one account and more than one number, bringing you quick and effective communication with all your customers.

Fifth: Immediate and continuous follow-up

One of the most important advantages that enterprise managers, corporate owners, and business owners may need is live monitoring and immediate and continuous follow-up of all businesses within the company, sales and purchases, and conversations between employees and customers, and this is what linking-social media systems of companies provide, helping managers stay fully aware of all company or organization operations.

Sixth: Detailed reports and performance analyses

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the most important methods that may help to improve work is to follow up and evaluate performance, and this is what you will find through the advantage of extracting detailed reports of all conversations that have taken place, who has done them, and what has resulted from those conversations, whether sales or purchases, answering queries, or resolved problems, as well as helping to assess the performance of employees and customer service representatives in particular, as well as helping to assess the performance of the company as a whole, thereby improving future business methods.


8 advantages of connecting social media systems of companies

Seventh: Intelligent automatic response

Perhaps one of the most recent advantages of the connectivity service is a chatbot or called an automatic or automated response, a sophisticated system that helps you respond to all your customers’ conversations automatically through responses or messages recorded according to custom or general templates, and that chatbot can identify and track potential customers, and you will be able to respond to all your customers at any time with professional responses through chatbot, which will help you carry out most of your tasks effortlessly From you, it will automatically collect and respond to all your customers’ messages from all platforms if your employees are busy, off-duty and on holidays, giving you constant, continuous and interactive communication with your customers.

Eighth: Successful marketing campaigns

With this service, you will be able to manage your campaigns on all your social media accounts, as well as receive and follow up on all feedback and messages from your customers, and then improve the campaign and shape it to suit the target audience, and eventually, you will be able to identify and analyze the results of the campaign with detailed reports and accurate performance analysis.

Here we stop at a series of questions that seem to have occurred in your minds dear readers about the service linking-social media systems of companies, and Bevatel will answer some of those common questions to you in the next paragraphs, don’t miss it!

Can WhatsApp Business be linked to my company’s unified number?

Of course, you can! You can get a WhatsApp business account with your unified number 9200 by creating a single number account, and your customers, as well as your employees, will be able to communicate together, so you can get a flexible and fast communication process, by creating a WhatsApp Business account on your unified number you will get unified number benefits as well as WhatsApp benefits.

Can I design customized automated responses to answer my customers?

Automatic message templates can be easily customized to respond to customers, through chatbots that will be able to form private or public messages with professional and infinite responses, according to the objectives of your marketing campaigns or depending on the purposes of your business, whether it be subscription confirmation messages, requests, welcome messages and many more.

Can I set certain times for the automatic response?

Certainly, one of the most important features of the automatic response at Bevatel is that you can schedule certain appointments depending on your employees’ working hours, or hours of conversation when your employees are busy or off-duty and on vacation, allowing you to communicate permanently, continuously, and interactively with your customers.

If I want to get that service, what do I do?

If you want a new and unique experience, with a combination of smart solutions and services aimed at your convenience and customer satisfaction, feel free to contact us for your free Bevatel consultation now from here.

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