10 Steps to improve the performance of the cloud call center

10 Steps to improve the performance of the cloud call center

10 Steps to improve the performance of the cloud call center

The cloud call center is one of the most prominent tools and systems that establishments and businesses rely on to provide optimal customer service, improve sales performance, increase profits, and even achieve corporate


Contact centers are essential tools that sales, customer service, and technical support departments utilize to communicate with sales for various purposes to persuade them to subscribe to the service, notify them of offers, discounts, and new services, remind them of subscription renewal dates, or help and provide technical support.

In general, developing the performance of call centers is the first step for any establishment or business towards achieving its goals and increasing its sales and profits.

Therefore, companies must develop plans and use effective tools that help them evaluate the current performance of call center and customer service and then develop sales, technical support, and customer service departments.

Through this article, we will learn about the systems and solutions that Bevatel provides that help establishments and businesses develop the performance of call center employees in a more professional way.

Bevatel cloud call center

The cloud contact center system from Bevatel is the latest call center system that enables customer service, sales, and technical support staff in your establishment or business to make and receive the required number of concurrent calls with many advantages to communicating with customers.

The Bevatel system provides you with many advantages, options, and tools that are indispensable to various corporate departments, and the system also provides you with other features that make your communication easier and faster with customers

Using the cloud system from Bevatel is the first step to develop your call center performance, and the system features are a set of steps that help you improve the performance of your employees, and the service and technical support provided to customers and help you gain customer satisfaction and enhance their experience in general

We can briefly mention the advantages of this system in points as follows:-

  • Cloud System
  • Numerous features of communication
  • Follow up the performance

How to take advantage of the Bevatel system to improve the performance of call centers?

Bevatel system is a professional call center system that runs cloudly. It does not need complicated installations or equipment or regular calls center devices. This system runs just by connecting to the Internet.

The cloud call center provides you with many advantages, the most prominent of which are as follows:-

  • The ability to run the system online, remotely, and from anywhere just by connecting to the Internet (to track the workflow)
  • The ability to work remotely for customer service, technical support, and sales staff (recruitment of call center employees remotely)
  • Save a lot of costs needed to set up and configure a traditional call center headquarters (the cloud is much lower in cost)

Calling Features

The cloud contact center system from Bevatel provides you with many advantages to communicate with customers and make and receive the concurrent calls required. Characteristics of the Bevatel communication system:-

  1. Waiting feature
  2. Call Recording
  3. Calls Forwarding
  4. Hold calls
  5. voice mail
  6. IVR

1- Waiting feature

It is one of the advantages of the Call Center system from Bevatel. It allows you to run voice messages that include offers, discounts, and services for your establishment or business.

This feature also helps you if all employees are busy answering customers, as the system automatically puts callers on queues when all employees are busy with other customers.

2- Call Recording

This system records all calls made or received by your call center employees, and you can extract these recordings for the last 30 days, as the system keeps records of all calls for the last 30 days.

The call recording feature helps you evaluate the performance of sales, technical support, or sales staff, identify weaknesses and strengths, and then help you direct employees and develop their performance in general.

3- Call forwarding

The calls’ divert feature is one of the most prominent advantages of the cloud call center from Bevatel. And you can use this feature to forward the caller’s call to a specific employee or the voice mail service or IVR.

This feature is useful in improving the caller’s experience by helping him and providing the best service and technical support in the fastest time and a more professional manner.

4- Calls keeper

Bevatel Call Center keeps all the missed calls when off-duty hours.

You can view the list of missed calls with the date of the call, and the mobile number when you log back into the system.

5- Voice mail

Through the voice mail service, callers can leave their complaints, inquiries, or suggestions in one or more voice messages that the concerned employee hears to communicate with them once for assistance and support.

6- IVR

IVR is the interactive voice response for the callers’ calls through many pre-recorded voice messages that include answers about customer inquiries and problems regarding your products or services.

This feature is one of the most prominent advantages of advanced cloud call centers. It enables institutions and commercial activities to provide regular service and technical support throughout the day, 24 hours a day.

This feature helps you respond to customer inquiries and problems when all employees are busy and outside working hours by uploading audio files that include options and scenarios from which the caller chooses what he wants to obtain the information and details he wants.

10 Steps to improve the performance of the cloud call center

Track the call center’s performance

The cloud call center system from Bevatel provides many tools and options for monitoring the workflow of call centers and evaluating the performance of employees through the live monitoring screen or system reports.

The live panel and performance reports of the Bevatel system provide you with complete professional details about the workflow of your call center and all the calls made and received by your employees.

Live Panel

It is a cloud contact center workflow tracking tool, a live page with integrated details of all your customer service, sales, and technical support staff.

This page gives you an overview of ongoing calls, queues, and caller data. It also provides you with comprehensive details of each employee’s status, whether they are available, with a call, busy, in a meeting, or on a break.

The live panel also allows you to listen to ongoing calls and direct the employee in private to correct information. It also allows you to forward one of the calls to a specific employee or end any call for any reason.

System Reports

The cloud call center system from Bevatel provides you with integrated professional reports on the performance of the call center employees.

The Bevatel system reports include comprehensive details about the number of calls made and received by each employee, the number of missed and missed calls, and the duration and date of a call.

These reports provide you with comprehensive statistics about each department and the shifts and break periods for each employee, generally.

System reports and live panel are the most prominent methods that establishments and commercial activities can rely on to evaluate the performance of customer service, sales, and technical support staff, identify the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and then direct staff and develop their performance.

Bevatel cloud call center system is your best way to improve the performance of the contact center for your establishment or business because this system includes professional tools, features, and options helping you track the workflow periodically, reports, evaluate, and develop performance, and even achieve objectives and increase sales and profits.

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