The Latest Contact Center Solutions for business development and profits increasing in 2023

The Latest Contact Center Solutions for business in 2023

Modern cloud contact center solutions have become essential for the success of organizations and commercial activities in the digital transformation era.

 Reliance on advanced systems and technologies has become indispensable for business development, improving sales performance, and increasing profits.

Bevatel is one of the leading call center companies in the Middle East that provides integrated professional services and systems for call center and customer service to help businesses improve sales, customer service, and technical support performance.

 And as a result, you can achieve their business goals and double sales and profits.

In the following paragraphs, we will learn about the latest cloud contact center solutions needed to develop business and increase profits.

The latest cloud contact center solutions 2023

Bevatel provides the latest systems and technologies specially developed to suit various business sectors in the Middle East of all sizes. The Bevatel call center solutions help corporates communicate with customers better. Therefore, these solutions help you communicate with customers faster, easier, and more professionally.

Bevatel Solutions help institutions, and commercial activities provide customers with better service and technical support through calls and customer conversations via social media and WhatsApp Business API.

We can briefly explain the latest call center and customer service solutions 2023 as follows:

  1. Cloud Contact Center
  2. Bevatel Business Chat
  3. WhatsApp Business API
  4. Customer Relationship Management System
  5. CRM system for sales management
  6. Create customer databases
  7. Develop customer service and technical support.

1- Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Call Center is one of the latest cloud contact center solutions that Bevatel provides to organizations and activities to communicate with their customers over the phone with unlimited professional features, tools, and many options using a computer or mobile phone and just by connecting to the Internet from anywhere and without having to be at the call center headquarters or anywhere.

Bevatel provides the latest call center system with many features for sales, technical support, and customer service. We briefly mention them as follows:

  • Determine working hours
  • Call waiting and recording feature
  • Divert calls and voicemail
  • Live Panel
  • User- Friendly with computer
  • System Reports

2- Bevatel Business Chat

It is one of the latest cloud contact center solutions. It is an integrated platform with tools and options that enables you to receive all customer conversations through your business social media channels in a unified window for all messages. In addition, it has many features for receiving customer conversations and responding to their requests and inquiries using a computer or mobile phone.

The Bevatel Business Chat platform is an ideal solution for integrating social media channels for organizations and commercial activities in one platform to communicate with customers in a faster and more professional way via WhatsApp Business API, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Google My Business, email, and live chat on websites.

We provide the Bevatel Business Chat service with many customer communication features. We mention some of the most prominent of them in brief points as follows:-

  • Social Media Channels Integration
  • Unlimited ChatBot
  • API Integration with apps and systems, like CRM system
  • User-Friendly with computer and mobile
  • Contacts management
  • Creation of customer databases
  • Perform sales and customer service operations


3- WhatsApp Business API

It is one of the most critical modern cloud contact center solutions that Bevatel provides to establishments and commercial activities.

 This system allows you to communicate with your customers and receive all their conversations through a single WhatsApp account used by all customer service, sales, and technical support staff in your organization or business at the same time and from different devices and with many advantages and more professional options to communicate with customers for various communication purposes.

Bevatel provides the WhatsApp Business API system with many features and professional options to enable institutions and commercial activities to communicate better, faster, and more professionally with customers.

We mention the most important advantages of the WhatsApp Business API in brief points as follows: –

  • Activate WhatsApp Business with your contact numbers
  • Unlimited Chatbots
  • API Integration with systems such as CRM and ERP
  • Unlimited users

The Latest Contact Center Solutions for business in 2023

4- CRM customer relationship management system

It is one of the modern cloud contact center solutions indispensable for any organization or business that wants to improve customer service performance and manage customer relations more effectively.

Bevatel CRM System includes many tools, options, and features that enable businesses to manage and conduct sales, customer service, and technical support operations faster and smarter.

5- CRM system for sales management

The customer service management system enables you to conduct all sales operations professionally and periodically, from capturing potential customers, sending financial offers, and persuading customers with the products and services you offer, to issuing invoices, sending customers, converting them to actual customers, and closing the transaction.

This system also allows sales and call center managers to periodically monitor sales staff’s performance. Bevatel CRM system allows you to view the sales operations made by each employee and the pending and closed transactions. This system also allows you to follow the activity of each sales employee and follow up on his performance in dealing with customers.

Then you can identify strengths and weaknesses in each employee’s performance, evaluate employee performance and direct them, and as a result, develop sales performance and increase profits.

6- Create customer databases

The CRM system is one of the modern contact center solutions with multiple features and tools. 

In addition to sales, customer service, and technical support, this system enables you to create integrated professional databases for your customers, including their company or organization data, contact details, requests, and complaints about their products or services.

This feature helps you manage the data of potential, existing, and new customers. It thus enables you to manage sales opportunities more professionally, catch more contacts, and convert them into actual customers.

7- Develop customer service and technical support.

The CRM system enables you to develop customer service and technical support performance, as the system includes integrated professional tools.

Using the Bevatel CRM system, you can recognize customer inquiries and frequent problems.  As a result, it helps you understand customers and their attitudes towards your products or services and provide them with better service.

As for technical support, the CRM system provides a technical support ticket feature that enables your technical support team to automate support operations. The technical support tickets system lets your employees record each customer problem in a new ticket. So that the technical support staff can follow up on the problem periodically until it is resolved.

This feature helps your technical support department monitor frequent customer problems periodically, professionally, and efficiently.  It thus enables you to provide better technical support and improve technical support performance.


Bevatel Modern cloud contact center solutions are intelligent, professional, and indispensable for developing sales performance, customer service, and technical support. And it also contributes to increasing profits for any organization or commercial activity because of its many tools, options, and unlimited features that make it an essential element for success and leadership in the Middle East.

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