Increase productivity of the call center employees in Ramadan

Increase productivity of the call center employees in Ramadan

Increase productivity of the call center employees in Ramadan

The most difficult problem you may encounter as a company owner or manager of an organization, regardless of the size or quantity of its employees, is the difficulty of working during fasting periods during Ramadan, due to the stress and pressure of employees during that period, where most managers have the problem of the lack of productivity of their employees gradually by the holy month of Ramadan, although there are many solutions in your hands that will help you break any obstacles that may cause lack of productivity or affect the quality of your customer service representatives!

In this article, we will present to you the most important of these smart solutions and means that will help you easily increase the productivity of the employees of The Call Center during Ramadan, and even in all months of the year to maintain the level of work of the company and achieve customer satisfaction, the most important of which are:

  1. Remote work
  2. Call transfer
  3. Scheduling calls
  4. Waiting service
  5. IVR

1. We’ll come here for the first smart solutions, which is the possibility of your employees working remotely!

Imagine that all employees of your company can complete the work, follow up customers and execute their orders, solve their problems from home, and they will not have to go to the company’s headquarters during the day of Ramadan, but you will have the opportunity to follow all employees and customers from your home as well!

Yes, you can do this with ease with the use of a Cloud Call Center system, which allows you to work from anywhere in the world online and remotely, so all your employees will be able to work more comfortably and thus clearly increase their productivity.

Remote work by your employees does not mean that there will be no censorship or follow-up, quite the opposite! Cloud Call Centre systems allow all business owners and company managers the ability to continuously monitor all their employees and customers as well, providing them with an interface that includes reports of all calls made, and what resulted, in addition to the average number and duration of those conversations, which helps greatly improve the level of staff and ensure the quality of service provided by customer representatives.

2. Now let’s talk about call conversion!

At first, you have to know what the call transfer service is? very simply is a service that enables you to transfer calls from your customers to the relevant department or concerned for the purpose of the call, and as an example, if a customer calls wishing to complain, then the call will be automatically transferred to the relevant department such as the complaints department, and we can apply that example as well if a customer contacts for the purpose of purchasing a product or signing up for one of your company’s services, then his call will be automatically transferred to the sales department, for example.

This service is one of the most important solutions that reduce the pressure on customer service representatives, and even has a key role in the success of many companies in solving the problems of their customers as soon as possible, it divides calls and converts them to their place for correct, and therefore will not waste the time of customers or employees but is provided a lot of effort for the employees of The Center, thus increasing productivity.

3. We come to the third solution which is scheduling calls!

Call schedule is a smart solution that helps you schedule call reception times at any time you select, whether that time is your employees’ holiday dates, if those appointments are out of time, so breakfast time will stop receiving calls, or you can offer a welcome message during the waiting period, to inform connected customers that customer service is not available now.

Increase productivity of the call center employees in Ramadan

4. The fourth solution is the smart waiting service we’ll get to know now!

Dear reader, this service has always been a key reason for increasing the productivity of Call Center employees, and works to achieve customer satisfaction and develop the entire system level, they are pre-recorded messages that are displayed to customers during the waiting period, and can be used for several purposes, the most important of which are:

  • View the company’s services and products for callers.
  •  View the new range of offers for customers.
  •  Used while customer service representatives are busy.
  •  Used to divide calls to Call Center employees.

All these purposes or uses are ultimately aimed at reducing the pressure on employees, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, and reducing customer anger when customer service representatives are busy, ultimately increasing productivity and developing the level of Call Center employees.

5. We come to the fifth and final solution which is the automated response, and we will explain it to you in short!

The IVR is the abbreviation of the term Interactive Voice Response, which is very simply pre-recorded voice messages for the most important queries and common questions frequently asked by customers. Through some simple and smooth steps, the customer can find answers to all his queries he wishes to know, by displaying certain answers and directions that the customer walks on, he can press a set of numbers on the mobile keyboard, which will direct him to answer his questions.

We will simplify that intelligent process with the following example:

If a client calls to find out how many units are left in his account when he calls, he receives a short welcome message, possibly including some company offers, after which the interactive voice response phase begins: “For Arabic, press number 1. For English, press number 2.”

If the client presses No. 1, he selects Arabic, so he will be automatically transmitted to a complete list of Arabic-registered mobile messages which are appropriate to the client’s request, Let’s give you a small example:

“To see how many units are left of your account, press 1, and to renew your subscription, press 2”

Let’s put together a particular scenario if the client pressed Number 1 and found that there was a problem with his account, he’d probably want to talk to a customer service representative, wouldn’t he? He’s easily able to do that through IVR services, as another example:

“To call a customer service representative press 1, and to return to the main list press 2!”

The importance of automated response service is several things, the most important of which are:

  • Make it easier to communicate with customers
  • Tracking the wishes of your customers
  • View services and offers
  • Solve problems faster
  • Reduce pressure on your employees
  • Gain customer confidence and belonging

All these previous points result in increased productivity of your employees and therefore the success of the system.

In the end, dear reader, you can use many smart and different methods and solutions only to increase the productivity of your employees, and achieve their comfort and satisfaction of your customers, if the employee feels appreciated he will do his job to the fullest as if the customer feels interested it will trust your brand and become a permanent customer without the slightest effort of you, and this is what Bevatel offers you, would you like to know more? Feel free to communicate with us now!


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