What does the unified number 9200 service mean? And what are its uses?

The unified number 9200 service meaning

What does the unified number 9200 service mean? And what are its uses?

Unified Number 9200 is one of the main factors in the companies’ contact center establishment. But, many companies still don’t have a specific number for making and receiving calls.

Although the unified number is shortened and simple, it provides the companies with many features that we will know in this article.


What is Unified Number 9200?

Making your customers communicate with you faster and better is a competitive and marketing advantage that many competitors -companies may not have.

As many customers often face several problems in communicating with companies that provide them with services or products.

We can define the unified number as an easy-to-remember and shortened number consisting of 9 numbers that start with 9200, and this enables you to receive a large call number at the same time. And it also helps the customers call your company from anywhere in the world.

This unified number 9200 enables you to connect your company’s branches in different cities or even globally via an easy-to-remember phone number to make and receive calls.

Getting an easy-to-remember number for your business is considered a valuable step forward with many benefits.

Now, the customers will contact you any time, and from anywhere instead of the frequent connection problems and communication errors. 

Then they will get satisfying answers to their inquiries and questions.

 Also, they can get full technical support 24h/day.

As a result, having an easy-to-remember and a short number will help you get your customers satisfied with your business services and products.

In addition to that, there are many features and benefits that you will get when you have a unique phone number for your business.


The unified number 9200 service meaning


Unified Number 9200 Features 

The unified number provides companies with many advantages for customers’ communication methods that the companies always look for

Unified Number 9200 features and advantages differ according to the Company’s different needs and objectives.

Each company has specific purposes that may differ from one company to another, according to many considerations; the business size, marketing plans, and its customers’ communication methods in general.

However, many advantages resulted from using the specific number, and we can briefly mention some of them in some points, as follows: –

  1.  Company branches Linking to a unified number.
  2. Call Log Management & Creation.
  3. Ease of communication and by any means.
  4. IVR Service.
  5. Conference Calls Making.
  6. Calls Waiting & Forwarding Feature.
  7. Lively Calls Listening Feature.
  8. Call Recording Feature.
  9. Voice Mail Feature.
  10. Multiple Integrations.


1- Company Branches Linking

The unified number enables you to link all your departments and branches with a short number for your business.

Then, all your staff can receive all customers’ calls and answer their inquiries. Also, you can forward the calls to a specific department or employee.


2- Calls Log Creation & Management

You can create an integrated Calls Log that includes all customer data and numbers and provides you with all incoming and outgoing calls details made through this specific number.


3- Easy to Communicate

The unified number is short and memorable. So your customers can contact you from anywhere around the world through mobile calls, landline, or web-phone techniques.


4- IVR Feature

The interactive Voice Recorded feature is one of the unified number 9200 main features, and it is considered one of the most popular Cloud Call Center system features.

With the IVR feature, you can answer your customers’ inquiries via many previously recorded voice messages that include many options expected for customer inquiries.


5- Conference Calls Making

The Unified Number allows high-quality Conference Calls with some customers simultaneously.


6- Calls Waiting and Forwarding Features

You can enable customer calls waiting on your number instead of network problems.

During the waiting time, you can display your company’s offers and discounts for your customers.

And you can forward calls to a specific department or a responsible employee for the customer’s problems and inquiries.


7- Calls Live Listening 

One of the most effective advantages is that it enables you to activate the live listening to calls feature.

This feature helps your company’s marketing and sales team recognize the customers’ needs and problems. And this helps to develop marketing and sales plans.

It also enables you to guide the staff in private to correct info or for any other purposes. 

Generally, the Calls Live Listening feature will enable you to monitor, evaluate, and develop the customer service staff performance.


8- Calls Recording Feature

The unified number allows you to activate the call recording feature.

And this feature allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls via your business number.

Then, you can refer to these records at any time to review customer problems or needs or to monitor, evaluate, and develop customer service staff.


9- Voicemail feature

You can activate and link the voicemail feature to your unified number to enable the callers to choose the voicemail service and leave their inquiries or problems with the company’s products or services. 


10- Multiple Integrations

You can link the unified number with the softphone application and customer service management system ”CRM” so you can benefit from all these systems’ advantages together.


Why using a unified number 9200 for your business?

Many advantages make companies depend on a specific number to receive customer calls.

In addition to the unified number advantages for companies, there are many justifications to use a hotline to make and receive your business calls.

 And we can mention the most prominent of them through some points, as follows: –

  • Communication ways development to better and faster ones
  • Many customers’ calls receiving at the same time 
  • Line-busy problems’ elimination
  • Calls Distribution in-series to customer service staff
  • Customer service development to a better one and high-efficiency
  • Customer service staff monitoring, evaluation, and development


Is the unified number service free of charge?

Yes, the unified number 9200 service is free because you will pay only one time, and you will get a unified shortened and memorable number for your business.

This number will be your company hotline forever, without paying any subscription renewing fees any other fees.

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