The importance of toll free service 800 for companies 2022

The toll free service 800 is one of the most important services of advanced cloud call centers that companies rely on to communicate with customers and answer their calls.

Any business and any company seeks to develop mechanisms of communication with their customers in a more professional way to maintain the loyalty of existing customers and increase sales and profits.

The toll-free number is one of the main tools of advanced cloud call centers for any organization or business that seeks to provide a better experience for its customers and communicate with them through many options and professional features.

Bevatel provides free phone 800 services as one of the call center and customer service solutions with more options and benefits for companies and commercial activities in various fields at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Through the coming paragraphs, we will learn about the 800 number services and their importance for institutions and commercial activities, let’s go.

What is the toll free service 800 from Bevatel?

The free phone number is an easy-to-remember number that starts with 800 and enables institutions and commercial activities’ call centers to receive the largest possible number of simultaneous calls and respond to customer inquiries, problems, and complaints through some options and benefits for customer service, sales and technical support.

Bevatel provides the 800 number service with many options so that you can choose a special number through which you receive your customers’ calls for various purposes.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the free number is that it allows your customers to call you for free and without paying any costs or fees for calling, as the costs of free phone calls are fully paid by you

Advantages and importance of the toll-free number 800

Many institutions and commercial activities resort to relying on the toll free service 800 to receive customer calls for many of the advantages and points of interest provided by this service.

We can briefly mention the most prominent advantages of the 800 free phone service in points as follows:-

  • Professional organization and strong brand
  • Improved user experience
  • Connect all branches of your organization
  • Advantages of the call center
  • Possibility to connect it to a landline
  • Make conference calls
  • Call waiting and call forwarding
  • Possibility to activate the automatic reply feature
  • Voicemail feature
  • Cloud call center system

Professional enterprise and impressive brand

Your use of the toll free service 800 gives the impression to your target, existing and new customers that they are dealing with a professional organization and a strong brand that values ​​its customers and seeks to provide them with the best service and the best integrated professional technical support.

Improving the user experience

The free phone 800 helps you improve the user experience and gain the satisfaction of your new and existing customers because the customer does not bear any costs when calling the 800 number of your business, and you bear the costs of all calls.

Although this feature is simple in its entirety, it can mean a lot to customers, improve their experience, add to them a positive mental image of your organization or business, and give them the impression that they are dealing with a professional organization and an entity that values ​​its customers.

Connect all branches of your establishment

You can use the 800 number to connect all branches of your organization or business through one number to receive all your business calls and communicate with your customers in a faster and more professional way.

Instead of using several numbers to communicate with your customers in the various branches of your company, you can receive calls from all your business branches and respond to your customers’ inquiries by the customer service staff at your call center from one place.

Call Center Features

The 800 free phone service allows you to connect the 800 number to the landline of your organization or business, as well as providing you with many call center benefits and making calls that help you develop the performance of call center employees and provide better service and technical support to customers.

IVR Feature Activation

The 800 number allows you to activate the IVR service to respond to the inquiries and problems of callers through some pre-recorded voice messages.

Autoresponder is the interactive voice response to customer calls through a set of options that include voice messages that answer customer inquiries and help them solve their problems.

We can illustrate this with an example as follows:-

Welcome to Bevatel

مرحبًا بكم في بيفاتيل

  • للغة العربية، اضغط (1)
  • For English, press (2)
  • For customer service, press (1)
  • For sales, press (2)
  • For technical support, press (3)

The automatic response feature from Bevatel helps you to provide continuous customer service and technical support 24 hours/day, and this feature helps you in responding to customer inquiries and problems in the following cases:-

  • Customer contact during off-duty hours
  • Customer contact on public holidays
  • Contact in case all customer service staff are busy responding to customers

Voice Mail Feature Activation

The Toll free service 800 allows you to activate the voice mail feature, one of the most prominent features of the cloud call center system which allows callers to leave their inquiries, complaints, and suggestions in one or more voice messages that can be noted by customer service, technical support or sales staff.

And then, they contact the callers again to help them, make reservations and requests for them, or provide them with the best service and technical support as soon as possible.

This feature helps callers when all customer service, technical support, or sales staff are busy to leave their inquiries, complaints, and suggestions in a voice message. It is also valuable if some customers call outside working hours.

How to take advantage of the free phone 800?

You can benefit from this service by integrating the toll free service 800 to the cloud call center system from Bevatel.

The cloud call center system from Bevatel enables you to make and receive the largest possible number of concurrent calls required for your organization or business.

This system enables you to communicate with your customers in a faster and more professional way through what it provides you with features and benefits such as waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, and automated response.

This system also provides you with many advantages to follow the workflow of the call center of your organization or business, including the feature of recording calls, extracting recordings for the last 30 days, live panel, and system reports.

Why do many organizations and businesses rely on Bevatel solutions and services for advanced cloud contact centers?

Many companies and commercial activities depend on the services and solutions of Call Center and customer service from Bevatel because of the many advantages it provides that help in developing customer service, technical support, and sales, as well as for many reasons, we mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-

  • Bevatel is the first Saudi leading company in call center services and customer service.
  • Bevatel is a certified company and licensed by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • Bevatel provides cloud call center services and systems and cloud customer service management that works with the Internet.
  • Integrated professional Bevatel solutions and services that suit different business sectors of all sizes of companies and commercial activities
  • Bevatel provides professional after-sales services and free technical support throughout the subscription period 24 hours/day.


The toll free service 800 from Bevatel is one of the most important, advanced cloud call center solutions. The 800 number provides you with many options and benefits that help you communicate with your customers, respond to their inquiries and solve their problems, and then provide better customer service and support.