10 Benefits of Bevatel ChatBot Using AI for Businesses in 2023

10 Benefits of Bevatel ChatBot Using AI for Businesses in 2023

Business ChatBot and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are the latest essential communication solutions for modern cloud contact centers of institutions and businesses. In the age of AI, customer communication requires speed and immediacy, whether in sales, marketing, or technical support. Customers will only stick around if your business offers a seamless communication experience. AI-powered automated chats can make their presence felt, automating communication with customers and enhancing support better. 35% of consumers want more companies to use chat robots to improve communication strategies and provide better experiences. 

Bevatel Business ChatBot & AI Benefits

The benefits of AI chat robot technology for businesses are numerous. But, as you will learn in the following paragraphs, you can get them all by communicating with customers using AI-powered automatic conversations.

One of the main benefits of using robots for customer service, sales, and technical support is the need to always be available to respond to customers. If your business wants to attract customers around the clock and improve their experience, it should use bots at the correct times. This will help manage customer requests with immediate feedback and increase satisfaction levels.

Chat robots are highly advanced and offer many benefits for customers:

  • 24/7 availability – when automated chats are part of a round-the-clock communication strategy, customers do not have to wait for answers.
  • Instant response – chat robots can instantly respond to thousands of customer queries simultaneously, improving response time.
  • Consistency in answers – chatbots help companies maintain a high level of consistency in responses, improving customer experience.
  • Multi-channel support – the Bevatel Business Chat platform supported by AI can receive customer chats through WhatsApp Business API, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Google My Business, and email in one window.
  • Multi-language support – your business can program sales bots to answer queries in the customer’s language and expand to new markets or territories.
  • Self-service – thanks to automation driven by AI robots, customers can place orders or conduct transactions without human assistance.
  • Chat robots with AI and machine learning capabilities help you redefine customer service significantly.

Benefits of Chatbot for Businesses

Chat robots can be a valuable tool in developing good relationships with customers. Your business can use them to build powerful connections and interact with users on the site. In addition to achieving marketing goals, chat robots can drive sales and improve customer service. Another positive aspect is that chatbot maintenance costs are significantly low, which means adding benefits to your business. There are many different ways that automated conversations and AI can positively impact customer communication and drive business growth.

  1. Increasing customer engagement
  2. Improving sales opportunities Catching
  3. Reducing Customer Service Costs and Increasing Profits
  4. Monitoring customer data for new insights
  5. Developing conversational marketing strategies
  6. Achieving a balance between automation and the human touch
  7. Meeting customer expectations
  8. Achieving scalability in support
  9. Simplifying the process of onboarding new customers
  10. Making the customer journey smoother.

1- Increasing Customer Engagement

Bevatel chatbot technologies and artificial intelligence help various businesses reach a new level of customer engagement. Using intelligent chatbots that rely on natural language processing can stimulate engagement based on user data and make it more interactive. Additionally, chatbots can provide consistent answers, helping you avoid providing irrelevant information to customers. And when quick and appropriate responses are provided, customers can stay on your website longer and maintain the conversation.

Tips to increase customer engagement using chatbots:

  • Adding a personal touch to conversations: Chatbots can analyze responses based on customer details and history, allowing them to interact personally and stimulate discussions.
  • Real-time response: You can use chatbots to provide quick, real-time answers to customers and avoid losing them to competitors.
  • Individualized responses: Customers expect instant individualized reactions, and you can use chatbots to meet these expectations and improve their experience with your brand.

2- Improving Sales Opportunities by Catching

Chatbots are highly advanced and effective in attracting customers through personalized messages throughout their journey. Your business can use chatbot and artificial intelligence techniques to capture potential customers and guide them in making quick decisions.  AI chatbots can use a pre-survey to convince potential customers and ensure higher conversion rates. Chatbots identify the quality of potential customers by asking appropriate questions and directing them to the sales team for immediate conversion.


3- Reducing Customer Service Costs and Increasing Profits

Implementing chatbots is an investment in improving customer service costs. Investing in chat robots can save additional costs for hiring more support resources at multiple levels, such as salaries, training, and infrastructure. Customer service can benefit from AI-powered chat robots as follows: 

  • Expanding chat support during peak hours
  • Automating routine business processes
  • Enabling new customer service models
  • Increasing the volume of AI chatbots during peak hours

10 Benefits of Bevatel ChatBot Using AI for Businesses in 2023

4- Monitoring Customer Data for New Insights

Chatbots are an excellent tool for tracking purchasing patterns and analyzing consumer behavior by monitoring user data that helps companies market products differently and expand their reach.  Additionally,  you can utilize automated chats to gather feedback through simple questions and improve products or enhance the website.

5- Develop a Chat Marketing Strategy

Chat marketing revolves around using the power of live customer interactions to help move buyers through the sales channel. Your business can use it to create authentic experiences and build customer relationships. Using chatbots in marketing, you can interact with customers with targeted messages and intelligent automated conversations to increase conversion rates.

Benefits of Chat Marketing Strategy

Engage More Potential Customers: You can interact with more potential customers when visitors are allowed to start chats on the website instead of filling out forms. Respond to Customers Individually: Chatbots make it easier to respond to customer questions individually rather than fixedly responding to all of them.

6- Balancing Automation with Human Touch

Combining AI-powered chatbot collection techniques with a human touch can help brands provide seamless customer support. Similarly, combining chatbots and live chat software means customers can self-serve and connect with a human agent when needed. Using AI-powered chatbots as the primary channels for your business can provide immediate support and quickly answer inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction. However, there may be cases when the chatbot cannot determine the user’s intentions in the request and must be handled by a customer service representative. For this reason, you should understand the difference between chatbots and live chat and integrate them to improve customer service.

How to Achieve a Balance between Automation and Human Touch?

Live chat agents can handle complex inquiries that require comprehensive discussions without leaving customers unanswered. The smooth transition between chatbots and live chat provides instant responses to customers, giving them the best hybrid experience. Integrating live chat and chatbots can help brands interact intelligently with customers around the clock, every day. 

7- Meeting Customer Expectations

Customers expect quick responses to complaints or inquiries. With the increasing intelligence of chatbots, brands can use them to automate routine interactions and meet customer expectations. Whether using a chatbot on an Android or WhatsApp, the purpose is always to ensure customer value through automation. With automation as one of the use cases for chatbots, customers do not have to wait for human agents to interact. This can impact the customer experience with the brand and contribute to retaining them.

Tips for Using Chatbots to Meet Customer Expectations

  • Proactive Interactions – Chatbot technologies can help companies interact proactively with customers, provide quick responses, and achieve higher email open rates.
  • Personalized Experience – Using a chatbot can be very helpful in providing a customized experience for customers across multiple touchpoints, which can also impact sales and conversion rates.
  • Effective Targeting – Chatbots can send visual content and provide information about product details, offers, discounts, etc., to ensure effective targeting and boost customer engagement.
  • Any customer-oriented business must always have the option to achieve support scalability among its priorities.
  • By achieving support scalability, businesses can gain the ability to deal successfully with any increase in traffic – such as holiday seasons or peak hours – without a lot of investment.
  • This is where automated chats can assist – ensuring that your business can manage conversations during peak hours without adding additional support experts or without providing training, etc.

8- How can Chatbot Technologies help you achieve a Support Scale?

Using customer support templates for robots can help improve your business productivity without additional costs and resources. AI-powered robots can manage thousands of conversations and answer each question immediately, regardless of time or the number of customers contacting you. You can achieve support scale with robots and handle many conversations without affecting business costs.

9- Facilitating the process of attracting new customers

Customers like to be guided and directed, and regardless of the number of educational programs or guides provided, they still need help searching for information on their own. In particular, customers prefer brands that guide them in the right direction. This is where an on-site chat robot can be helpful, where your business can use it to educate customers and facilitate the attraction process.

How to use chatbots to attract new customers?

Any institution or business activity can use the latest AI-powered Bevatel chatbot technologies to attract customers faster and more professionally, as follows:

  • Chat robots can ask questions, collect answers, and based on them; show the way to what the customer is looking for.
  • Intelligent use of chatbots can help brands guide customers to the best place to find the information they want to make an informed decision.
  • The chatbot application can help understand what the customer has found or has not found, and you can utilize this information to push customers through conversion funnels
  •  intelligently.
  • The automated questions can be customized, and for better user experience can be created during the buying journey.

10- Making the Customer Journey Easier

Losing customers during sales processes is undesirable for any institution or business activity. 

However, many reasons may prevent the process from being completed, which a Bevatel chatbot system can overcome.

Chat robots can help brands reduce the percentage of customers who abandon purchases and make the customer journey easier. 

You can create proper chatbot scenarios, interact with customers, answer their queries, and thus increasing the chances of retaining customers and improving their experience.

Tips for using automated chats to improve the buying process:

  • You can provide additional information about products, services, or shipping that can remove doubts and make the customer journey easier.
  • Use interactive content such as videos to provide customers with more information and build trust among potential and current customers.
  • Chat robots help you quickly provide discount codes and offers to customers.

Bevatel AI-powered chatbot technologies can gradually transform customer conversations, adding a new dimension to various departments of your business, whether it’s customer service, sales, marketing, or technical support.

In the age of AI and machine learning, your business needs to maximize the benefits of robots in improving your customer’s experience, providing better service and technical support, and even increasing sales and profits.

You can subscribe to Bevatel Business Chat to get powerful Chat robots for various customer service, sales, and technical support purposes and start delivering value to customers. However, it would be best if you first defined the areas of concern, and then you can utilize chatbots to achieve the desired practical benefits. With many advantages it provides to businesses, it is a mistake not to integrate a robot into your company earlier.

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