Best Call center KPIs to develop your company level

Call center KPIs

Best Call center KPIs to develop your company level

No company, regardless of its size or type of business, can succeed without assessing the level of its services and ways of communicating with its customers! Without customer satisfaction and admiration for your service, you won’t get any profits, there are many indicators you can count on to analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses and to assess the level of service provided by your call center customer service representatives.

Call center KPIs are an important and necessary step to improve the call center and the level of the company as a whole, as it is used by various companies and institutions to develop the level of their services, and you may wonder how that evaluation can be done and what aspects should you cover it?

So, in the next article, we’ll help you find out which Contact’s center performance measures will help you grow your business success!

Article elements

1- What’s the Call center KPIs?

2- What’s the importance of the Call center KPIs?

3- What are the best key performance indicators for the communications center?

1- What’s the Call center KPIs?

The Call center KPIs are one of the most important stages that any owner of a company or business may reach, which needs many procedures and many steps to reach the best evaluation and accurate analysis of the level of the call center, it is a set of indicators or metrics that include all the technical and practical aspects of the call center all its devices and employees and other processes aimed at customer service and communication, by measuring a lot of rates and analyzing numbers and data to reach clear and understandable reports that can be interpreted and relied upon.

It is used by managers and specialists to determine the success of their operations and business and to measure the satisfaction of your customers, it doesn’t end when your customer purchases your product or subscribes to your service! Rather, the customer is on a journey with different terminals, from his interest in your product, through his purchase of the product, to after-sales services, and his transformation from being a potential customer to a permanent customer of your company, which is what most organizations and companies aim to do is to transform their customers from potential or interested to permanent customers.

2- What’s the importance of the Call center KPIs?

Contacts center performance measures are conducted by various companies around the world, where any government or private organization, or any large or small business of any kind or place, can practice such assessments and measure the performance of its team and its call center.

Key performance indicators of the Communications Centre have a lot of advantages and benefits for any company, and we will mention the most important points: 

  • help in evaluating customer service employees 
  •  working to improve the working methods 
  • develop the level of the company 
  • helps managers to evaluate the work 
  • helps the owners of companies to follow the company’s progress 
  • enables you to follow the sales processes 
  • through which you can calculate profits and sales 
  • help you to achieve customer satisfactionCall center KPIs

3- What are the best key performance indicators for the communications center?

There are many Call center KPIs that help you develop your business and improve your company, and we can mention the most important of these indicators in the following points: 

  1. the percentage of blocked calls 
  2. the percentage of successful calls 
  3. Average waiting time 
  4. Call termination rate 
  5. service level 
  6. average call duration

1. the percentage of blocked calls

This is one of the most important methods of Call center KPIs, namely, measuring the percentage and size of blocked calls, which callers may experience when contacting a company, which may affect their satisfaction and cause inconvenience or loss, through which several points can be assessed: 

a) how busy customer service representatives are to respond to callers 

b) can determine whether the number of customer service representatives is small or insufficient 

c) if the call center is not equipped or prepared to receive a large number of calls 

d) can determine the number of customers who can be identified. They’ve been lost

2. the percentage of successful calls

Through this measure, we can assess the success of the company’s call center in many respects, the most important of which are: 

a) the efficiency of the call center and its equipment and its ability to receive calls 

b) the absence of breakdowns or obstacles affecting customer communication 

c) the efficiency of the customer service team in answering callers 

d) the ability of the call center team to receive the most calls.

3. Average waiting time

One of the most important Contacts center performance measures is to measure the average call waiting time, through that indicator we can find out several important things such as: 

a)  How busy the customer service representative team 

b) the number of employees and if it is appropriate and sufficient to respond to all callers 

c) the impact of waiting on customers if it causes them to lose

4. Call termination rate

This means that customers close the line before speaking to a customer service representative, which is a problem that occurs in different call centers, and you should know the reasons for terminating the call, especially if the percentage is high! One of the following reasons may be: 

a) if the length of the wait bothers them 

b) if there are no welcome messages at the beginning of the call 

c) if the IVR does not carry satisfactory answers to customers

5. service level

It is one of the most important indicators by which we can know the performance of customer service representatives and the level of the call center as a whole and in many respects, it shows us the following: 

a)  the quality or poor quality of service provided by customer service representatives 

b) if the staff is sufficiently experienced and competent 

c) whether the call center is able to provide good service to customers 

d) How good the methods of customer service staff work

6. average call duration

It is one of the indicators through which many companies can know how long customers’ problems are solved and their orders implemented, helping us to note the following:

  • If the call is long, you can know the following:

a) if customer service representatives are not experienced enough to speak and resolve problems

b) if customer service representatives are late in replying 

c) if the call waiting time is too long.

  • If the duration of the call is short, you can know the following: 

a ) the speed and efficiency of customer service representatives in answering callers

b) Enough experience to address problems quickly

c) Waiting time is short and sufficient

d) Customer service representatives are not busy

e) The success of the automated response in guiding customers

In the end, dear reader, with the Call center KPIs we can know how successful and quality it is and assess the level of staff and customer service representatives, the call center is a complete and integrated building, each element depends on the other elements, an element cannot fail otherwise it may judge the rest of the elements to fail! That’s why you periodically do analysis and evaluation, to develop business methods and improve your company’s quality, to get your customers’ satisfaction and affiliation.

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