Fruitful participation of Bevatel in Gitex Global Dubai 2022

Fruitful participation of Bevatel in Gitex Global Dubai 2022

The Advanced Unified Telecommunication Establishment – Bevatel participated in GITEX Global 2022, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 10 to 14 October 2022.

The Bevatel team clarified the steps of Bevatel to expand in the UAE and the Arab Gulf countries after its achievements and contributions in helping thousands of companies, institutions, and commercial activities in Saudi Arabia and the UAE to develop customer service, sales and technical support based on Bevatel solutions and systems for cloud contact centers and customer relationship management system. Bevatel Business chat platform unified for social media channels and WhatsApp Business API.

During the expo days, the Bevatel team met with representatives of more than 600 Emirati, Arab, and international institutions and companies to introduce Bevatel solutions and services and discuss ways to cooperate with them to develop their sales performance, technical support and customer service.

Bevatel provided exclusive offers and discounts on its solutions and systems for call center and customer service. And the Bevatel team held many workshops and fruitful meetings with many companies’  representatives in the UAE and the Middle East.

Gitex Global Dubai 2022

It is one of the most prominent international technology and communications exhibitions. And it is the largest technical exhibition held in the United Arab Emirates annually for 5 days, in which thousands of Emirati, Arab and multinational companies specializing in communications and information technology participate from all over the world.

GITEX Global was launched this year in Dubai from 10 to 14 October, with more than 5,000 Emirati and international establishments and companies from 90 countries worldwide to showcase the latest technologies and trends in information technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing fields.


Bevatel Expands in Golf Region and participates in Gitex Global Dubai 2022

In conjunction with Bevatel’s expansions in the Gulf countries and its contributions to developing more advanced cloud contact centers, more than 3000 Saudi and Emirati companies, and participation this year, Bevatel shared its experience, advanced contact centers, and Solutions in GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai.

During the expo days, Bevatel clarified its motives for expanding in the Gulf countries, starting from the UAE and the technical achievements in the call center systems, customer relationship management system, and social media channels integration that encouraged it to expand.


Bevatel Offers & Discounts in Gitex Global Dubai Expo 2022

Bevatel provided attractive offers with discounts of up to 30% exclusively for all representatives of companies and commercial activities who visited the Bevatel booth at GITEX 2022 during the exhibition days from 10 to 14 October on Bevatel solutions and services:-

Fruitful Workshops and Meetings

The Bevatel team conducted many educational meetings and workshops to familiarize the attendees with Bevatel solutions and services for advanced cloud call centers and the importance of Bevatel systems and applications in improving and developing sales performance and providing customers with better service and technical support.

The Bevatel technical team also held several hands-on sessions on utilizing the cloud call center systems, the unified Bevatel Business Chat platform to integrate social media channels, WhatsApp Business API, and the customer relationship management system.

The team reviewed the mechanisms of benefiting from Bevatel cloud systems and solutions to communicate with customers with many advantages, lower costs, faster and more professional way and from anywhere.

During the expo days, the Bevatel team met with representatives of more than 600 Emirati, Arab, and international institutions and companies, many of which look forward to participating in Bevatel solutions and services.

The Bevatel team held many meetings to discuss cooperation with institutions and companies in various fields and business sectors like technical, tourism, real estate, medical, and many others for partnerships and cooperation relations in communications and customer service.

Some of the most prominent companies and institutions that the Bevatel team met with are:

  • Etisalat Emirates
  • Emirates Water Corporate
  • Zoho
  • Unifonic
  • Fresh workers
  • Banque Saudi Fransi
  • Dubai Police
  • Sharjah Government
  • Alam
  • Rewaa
  • Salla
  • Ministry of National Guard

CEO & Founder / MR. Khaled Al-Rashid

We are pleased to participate in GITEX Global Dubai 2022 (one of the largest technology exhibitions in the world) because we believe in technology(the bridge to rapid access to the future.).

Our presence at Gitex this year is part of our expansion in the Arab Gulf region through which we aim to help companies and institutions develop their customer service, sales, and technical support in the Middle East depending on Bevatel customer service solutions and advanced cloud contact which have become essential factors for Any institution or business success in this generation – the generation of digital transformation in line with the Kingdom’s vision for 2030.

General Manager / MR. Hassan Ahmed

Our participation in GITEX Dubai 2022 was fruitful and filled with many meetings and workshops with many significant companies. We participated in GITEX this year because of the importance of this technology event globally. Our presence in GITEX helped us showcase our expansions in the UAE and the Gulf countries. We strive to maintain the highest competitiveness levels and the Bevatel high-ranked position; it provides solutions and cloud systems for contact centers and customer service helping thousands of companies in the Middle East develop their businesses and boost their profits.

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