When IVR service is necessary for the success of your team?

When IVR service is necessary for the success of your team?

When IVR service is necessary for the success of your team?

In the current era, service or property has emerged that is one of the most important means provided by the call centers, through the advantages and characteristics provided by the automatic response feature and through these smart solutions the owners of many companies, institutions, and businesses with huge public bases will be able to communicate with their customers better and implement their wishes and satisfaction.


This service is simply a service known as “IVR”, which is an abbreviation of the term “Interactive Voice Response”, which is an interactive voice message that is pre-recorded for the most important queries and FAQs asked by customers connected to your company or organization, wherein very simple steps these responses can help your customers answer all their queries or direct their calls to the department concerned whether it is a complaint, request or inquiry, through an automatic smart response that allows you to place an unlimited number of automatic responses recorded IVR Service in different languages according to A specific sequence, thus allowing customers to access their answers in easy steps such as clicking on mobile keyboard numbers that automatically convert it to the relevant section or for the following interactive voice response, and we will simplify that smart process with the following example:


  • If a client calls to find out how many units are left in his account when he calls, he receives a short welcome message, possibly including some company offers, after which the interactive voice response phase begins: “For Arabic, press number 1. For English, press number 2.”


  • If the client presses No. 1, he selects Arabic, so he will be automatically transmitted to a complete list of Arabic-registered mobile messages which are appropriate to the client’s request, Let’s give you a small example:


“To see how many units are left of your account, press 1, and to renew your subscription, press 2”

  • Let’s put together a particular scenario if the client pressed Number 1 and found that there was a problem with his account, he’d probably want to talk to a customer service representative, wouldn’t he? He’s easily able to do that through IVR services, as another example:

“To call a customer service representative press 1, and to return to the main list press 2!”

It is a smart service that works through modern technology that allows customers to access your company’s database, which includes information about their accounts or information about your company’s products and services that they can know through registered mobile messages, where you can collect FAQ with their answers and record them in several languages if your company is international, multinational or the like, and then link that service to CRM with your company or organization to include your customers’ databases so that they can access their accounts without having to pass through a representative Customer service, and automatic response directs and transfers calls according to the order requested by your customer.


And you might now wonder, dear reader, “When I will need that service? Will it make a difference in the level of customer service in my company?” That question contains many points that include all cases where you may need an automated response service and IVR service and we can summarize the most important of those necessary cases in the following points:


Case one: If you have angry agents

One of the most difficult situations that your customer service team may face is angry customers, where the angry customer has a range of qualities that distinguish him from other customers, he may be angry and feeling provocative and cannot wait and just want to solve his problem as soon as possible, so if you want to control your angry customer you should never neglect his complaint or delay in communicating with him, through automatic reply service you will be able to transfer your angry customers call to the complaints department, and during the transfer of the call can be displayed The customer’s data to be the customer service representative who will respond to that angry customer has become familiar with some aspects of the problem, and he will also have some information that will help him find solutions to the customer problem.


Case two: If you have a pressure on calls

One of the most important cases that must be controlled to avoid the loss of any current or potential customers is the problem of call pressure, sometimes some call centers may suffer from great pressure in calls daily and without interruption, especially during some marketing campaigns customers may call to inquire about certain services or products, but also during technical problems or malfunctions as an example in booking and aviation companies if the appointment of a plane is delayed or some flights are canceled the company’s call center will have to receive a huge number of Communications, or vice versa by calling all passengers to inform them of the cancellation order, and in all these cases the presence of an automated call compression response service is required by providing IVR Service, emergency responses, or responses including offers and information about customer accounts to reduce time and pressure on the call center and staff.

Case 3: If you have a limited number of employees

Sometimes some call centers may suffer from the lack of a sufficient customer service team, or if they cannot hire a large number of employees to succeed in receiving all these calls, and here these companies are under enormous pressure from calls to the team, which entails several negative aspects, the most important of which are:


  1. The customer service team failed to receive all calls and respond to customers 
  2. The customer service team can’t solve the problems of most customers 
  3. Customer service representatives have come under a lot of pressure and effort.
  4. Ignore some calls or do not complete the response to customer queries


In both cases, it is necessary to have an automatic response service that contributes greatly to helping the customer service team organize calls and to answer all calls of your customers even at times outside work or holiday dates, it achieves constant and continuous communication with customers without interruption, where you can customize those registered messages according to different working times in addition to recording messages for each period of work, where this service guarantees to your company if a customer calls at any time, will find all registered automated responses – IVR Service – Information and data he wishes to inquire about.


When IVR service is necessary for the success of your team?

Case 4: If you have clients from different countries

In that case, an automated response service is required to avoid the problem of high cost or different languages, when you have branches in different countries, it exposes you to the need to allocate customized messages to each country, in addition to taking into account the culture and language of each country, and here the extreme need for this smart service, where it helps you save costs on both parties whether it is the connected customer who may waste his time and the cost of the call waiting for a customer service representative to answer his inquiries, or whether it is the same team for your company by reducing the pressure Calls, as well as you’ll be able to customize specific messages in specific languages for each country, with the possibility of customizing a specific message sequence for each country according to the services provided in each, which helps maximize customer satisfaction.


These are some of the cases where you may need an automated response service ( IVR Service ) that will help you to raise your company’s customer service level, and you’ll even succeed in winning new customers, and you’ll gain their trust and belonging as well! So, if you want to learn more about how to deal with your customers, and how to succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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