Bevatel Cloud Call Center supports Foodics API Integration

Foodics API Integration

The Modern International Company for Information Technology has developed API Integration with Foodics) the restaurant and point of the sale management system (and Bevatel’s Cloud Call Center system.

This integration provides more professional features for restaurants and cafes.

Foodics is a restaurant and point-of-sale management system designed to improve customer service, organize administrative and kitchen operations more accurately and professionally.

Bevatel’s Call Center is the latest cloud call system for making and receiving calls with professional customer service, sales, and technical support features.

Bevatel Experts emphasize integrating the Call Center system with Foodics to synchronize user data and provide a unified API that enables faster and more professional customer service.

Thanks to this synchronization, employees can log in once to access both systems with one click, eliminating the need to re-enter data.

This synchronization allows your employees to access customer information automatically when they call. This information includes the caller’s data, previous requests, and history with the restaurant.

It’s worth noting that Foodics API Integration with the call center makes task completion faster due to the professional tools provided that allow you to create integrated databases for restaurant customers.

This feature helps employees access customer data and provide faster service for them, thanks to it for sales and customer service employees or updating restaurant databases and adding new callers as new customers.

This Integration allows you to add a new customer through the “Add New Customer” icon at the top left of the API interface page.

You can create new contact can by entering the customer’s name and contact information, then clicking “Save” to save this information and add the customer.

Overall, the integration between Foodics and the call center enhances the performance of restaurant customer service employees and the quality, service, and professionalism.

This API integration allows employees to quickly and easily access customer data and requests, enabling them to provide faster service and better interact with customers.

Instead of switching between different systems, employees can do everything through one interface.

As a result, this integration provides customers with a unique experience and increases customer satisfaction with the restaurant’s service.


The API Integration between Foodics and the Bevatel cloud call center system is part of the different API integration operations carried out by the Modern International Company for Information Technology, intending to develop business solutions and provide more professional systems and technologies to improve sales performance, customer service, and technical support.

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