Necessary specs should be available on your company’s VoIP phones

Necessary specs should be on your company's VoIP phones

Necessary specs should be available on your company’s VoIP phones

In our time, companies are calling for strong and interactive means of communication to eliminate many of the barriers they encountered when contacting their customers in the past, all business sectors and businesses of all kinds, whether government or property sectors, startups or giants, or if they provide services or products to their customers, or even if the company deals with potential customers or permanent customers, in all its cases and all its sizes, resort to modern methods that facilitate It has to communicate more than ever before and at a much lower cost.


But companies have not looked much at this, the modern communications revolution has brought us a range of devices designed with modern technologies, and based on advanced technology, they are devices based on VOIP technology to facilitate communication between companies and their customers at the lowest cost, where these products are known as web devices, and in the following article, we will give you a set of the most common questions we receive from our dear readers about VOIP phones, so don’t miss this entertaining article!


What are the VOIP devices? And how do these smart devices work?!

VOIP devices are sophisticated devices that have managed to get rid of all the barriers and problems of traditional means of communication used in the past, it is a collection of products that work with the technology of VOIP or Ip, where voice calls are connected through the Internet, and then several people from any company or between companies and their customers are communicated at the same time through those devices only through their connection via the Internet, they are smart devices that adopt to build strong, effective and faster communication than before.


When analyzing the modus operation of these products, they are based on several very smooth and sensitive stages, where VOIP technology converts voice signals or what is known as Analog Signals from the phone that sends the signal or communicates to digital signals, and then the technology compresses those digital signals and divides them into several groups of packages, and internet voice transmission products rely on the use of the Internet. Send those signals that have already been compressed in several tracks across the same data network, and then those packets reach the phone that will receive from the sender on the other side, and then those digital signals turn into sound signals.


There are many types of products where there are headphones, VOIP phones, Centrals, communication gates, and Conferencing Endpoint, and their functions vary to reach here the tool that helps us communicate effectively by receiving and directing high-quality calls, which we will address in detail in the following paragraph.


What are VOIP phones? And how does it work?

VOIP phones are one of the VOIP devices and are the perfect alternative to landlines, as these devices allow you to communicate internally between your company’s employees or organization, or external contact with customers and other callers, where its function is to receive and direct different calls between several individuals at the same time, and these people are not required to be in one place but may be inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is technology Smart IP-based voice transmission clearly and in the best quality to improve the level of your call center or business.


What are the necessary characteristics and specifications for your company’s VOIP phones?

VOIP phones vary in types and therefore their characteristics are different from those provided by companies, so you should pay attention to a range of specifications or characteristics that must be available with the devices you choose, the most important of which are:

  • Provide effective, continuous communication without interruption.
  • Communication between two or more people is allowed.
  • High-quality backlit display.
  • The possibility of communicating from different places and away from each other.
  • Easy international communication outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Achieving secure and impenetrable communication.
  • It features a smart and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Easy to install and operate, requiring only internet connectivity.
  • Several branches can be connected via the Internet.
  • Supports more than one VoIP line.
  • Supports wired and wireless speakers.
  • Equipped with a high-quality speaker.
  • Suitable for making and receiving all kinds of calls.
  • Supports call conversion and routing.
  • Supports call waiting.
  • A conference call service allows more than two people.
  • Supports Bluetooth and speakers.
  • Supports landline and fax ports.
  • Supports Wi-Fi connectivity.


How do you choose the best VoIP phones to suit your organization?!

There are several conditions that you must meet when choosing your company’s VOIP phones, the most important of which are:

  1. Sound quality and clarity
  2. Privacy and communication security
  3. Simplicity of use and operation
  4. Additional benefits


Necessary specs should be on your company's VoIP phones


First: Sound quality and purity during communication

One of the most important features that should be available on the VOIP phones you will choose is the quality and clarity of the sound of all connected parties together during the call, the web phones must be equipped with a high-purity speaker and allow you to control the high and low sound rate, and must provide you with inputs to be connected to the Voice speakers that help connect the best sound, a type of VOIP device whose function is to carry sound in the best quality and purity High, transmitting sound signals to digital signals and vice versa.


Second: Privacy, confidentiality and communication security

One of the most important conditions that you must ensure is that there are all systems and technologies that will maintain the privacy of the communication and the confidentiality of the data, the connection must be secure and impenetrable, and information and contact details must be saved on highly secure databases and servers, to maintain your company’s secrets and confidentiality of communication between your customers and employees.


Third: The simplicity of use and operation

One of the most important conditions that VOIP phones should meet when searching for them and choosing the best is to have a smart interface that is easy to operate and use, it does not need a certain level of knowledge to be able to use them such as complex operating methods or installation difficulties, so it must have a simple, interactive, and easy-to-operate user interface to communicate with your customers with ease.


Fourth: Additional benefits

The VOIP phones you will eventually choose should provide you with all the tools, features, and benefits you may need to make it easier to communicate with your customers, and they must have the hallmarks that will make your business easier and make you better connected, such as group conversations, voice mail recording, control of your contacts and other features.

These were some of the most important specifications that will help you choose the best VOIP phones to be able to communicate with your customers with ease and without any obstacles or complications and at the following points we will offer you a range of the latest VOIP phones provided by Bevatel at the best prices and the strongest features that make it the first in the Saudi market, the most important of which are:

  • Grandstream IP Phone GXP1610
  • Yealink IP Phone SIP-T21 E2
  • Yealink IP Phone SIP-T40G
  • Grandstream IP Phone GXP1760
  • Yealink IP Phone T41S
  • Yealink IP Phone SIP-T54S

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