What is the WhatsApp Business API service from Bevatel?

What is the WhatsApp Business API service from Bevatel

The WhatsApp Business API integration service is the latest service from Bevatel that enables you to communicate with your customers faster. And with professional benefits for customer service, technical support, and sales.

What is the WhatsApp Business API service from Bevatel?

It is a service provided by Bevatel as one of the advanced cloud call center solutions for establishments and businesses that seek to receive and respond to customer conversations in a faster way and with many advantages for direct discussions, automatic reply, and the use of your WhatsApp accounts by your customer service, sales, and technical support staff.

 What advantages of the WhatsApp Business API account from Bevatel?

Bevatel provides this service with professional features and many options that help institutions and commercial activities develop the performance of customer service, technical support, and sales, provide better service and support to customers, and communicate with them more professionally cost-effectively.

This system allows many of your sales, customer service, and technical support employees to access your same business WhatsApp account simultaneously from different devices without being present in your establishment or business premises.

We can briefly explain the most prominent advantages that Bevatel provides in the WhatsApp API service in points as follows:-

  1. Possibility to integrate WhatsApp API with different systems
  2. Chatbot
  3. WhatsApp Business Sales
  4. WhatsApp Business for Managers and Business Administration

Integrating WhatsApp Business API with systems

One of the most prominent advantages of this service is that it allows you to integrate the WhatsApp business account that Bevatel provides you with many systems through API technology, such as customer service management programs, ERP systems, and various payment systems.

And then you can rely on this service for customer service, sales, and technical support, by quickly responding to customers’ inquiries and helping them understand your products or services, as well as confirming their reservations and requests in a faster and more professional way and instead of the employee entering into several programs and systems to obtain information or to perform Requests and reservations.

Also, you can integrate your Bevatel business WhatsApp account with the unified Bevatel Social service for all social media correspondence.

This service enables you to receive all your business conversations via WhatsApp API, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and others through a unified platform that allows you to communicate with customers with many professional features and tools.

What is the WhatsApp Business API service from Bevatel


Through WhatsApp Business API, you can receive all your customers’ conversations and communicate with them 24 hours/day automatically and through the chatbot.

This feature enables you to respond to your customers’ inquiries automatically at any time according to the information you put through the WhatsApp system and according to the conversation scenarios you put in the automatic conversation templates regarding your products or services.

This feature also enables you to auto-confirm customer reservations or purchase orders without interference from your customer service and sales staff.

Finally, you can provide free and around-the-clock technical support services through free chat templates from which customers choose what answers their inquiries and help them solve their problems with your services or products.

In addition, you can use the Auto Conversations feature to send automatic messages to your customers to notify them of service subscription renewal dates or any new offers or changes to business hours and subscription systems.

Bevatel allows you to create endless free automated chat templates for sales, technical support, customer service or after-sales services, account follow-up, and marketing purposes.

WhatsApp Business for sales

WhatsApp Business API provides many professional features that establishments and businesses can rely on to develop operations performance and follow up on sales processes in real-time.

This service from Bevatel allows you to create a log of contacts and tag potential, existing, and new customers with many considerations, most notably the services they subscribe to, the subscription system, the products required, and other considerations that sales staff rely on using hashtags.

With a Bevatel Business WhatsApp account, your establishment or business’s sales department can conduct all the sales processes in real-time, from catching potential customers, sending financial offers, and persuading them to become actual customers to sending financial invoices to customers.

We can briefly mention the most prominent uses of this service to manage sales in points as follows:-

  1. Capture potential customers and sales opportunities from business communication and WhatsApp media.
  2. Rely on SalesBot to automate sales processes.
  3. Conduct sales operations and send leads to sales pipelines
  4. Continue all sales operations until closing the deal
  5. Encouraging website or mobile app visitors to request the service or product quickly.

WhatsApp Business for Managers and Business Administration

The WhatsApp Business API account provides some options and features that enable you to manage your business and follow the performance of sales, customer service, and technical support staff in your establishment or business, moment by moment.

This service allows you to see all the conversations your sales, customer service, and technical support staff have had and evaluate their way of starting, dealing with customers, persuading them, and ending the conversation.

Then, this service provides details that enable you to evaluate the performance of each department separately, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and then draw up a development plan.

We can mention the most prominent advantages of WhatsApp Business API for business management and managers in the following points:-

  1. create specific tasks for each employee individually or a particular department
  2. Create a personal calendar and reminders for upcoming and overdue tasks
  3. Appointing an employee to be responsible for each client separately
  4. View all ongoing conversations with customers and check their profiles
  5. Talk to employees through their profile
  6. Allow a certain number of employees to access some conversations and WhatsApp accounts.

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