5 secrets in the cloud contact center will increase your sales

5 secrets in the cloud contact center will increase your sales


5 secrets in the cloud contact center will increase your sales

A cloud contact center is largely located in many countries, and many companies depend on it of different sizes and types of business activities, so we find that many airlines, hospitals and clinics, telecommunications companies, and shipping companies, in addition to the private or government sector, and even if they are voluntary institutions, ultimately need the services of those centers.

But not all call centers are successful! Some secrets and mysteries distinguish a center from others, which leads companies and institutions to choose carefully and compare them strongly, between the solutions they offer them, their disadvantages and advantages, and the methods that can be used to increase their profits and earn more customers.

In the following article, Bevatel will help you find out what are the best cloud contact center, how you can build your company’s center professionally, and what secrets if you know and work on them will bring your company to the highest level of experience! So don’t miss that thrill and keep reading.

Article elements

  1. What is a cloud contact center?
  2. How can you create a cloud contact center professionally?
  3. What are the secrets of the cloud call center that will increase your profits?

1. What is a cloud contact center?

The cloud call center is an equipped place to receive all incoming customer calls, and also to direct calls to them, for all their purposes, customers can contact to inquire about their accounts or contact to complain, and the company can also contact customers for several different purposes, the most important of which are marketing campaigns, service presentation, and the latest offers, it is one of the most important sections of companies with many advantages and can be exploited for several important purposes.

These centers are not only tasked with receiving and directing calls but also communicating with customers, solving their problems, tracking their wishes, and fulfilling their demands and needs, as they are a very important way to strengthen relationships and ties between companies and their customers, gain more new customers and thus increase their profits and inflate their returns.

It cannot be said that these centers are needed not only by large companies or large institutions but resorted to by all sectors in all countries, and they are one of the strongest ways in which developing or emerging companies may work to expand their field of work. If we look at the international market, we will find that there are not a few companies that now carry big and famous names, they were just small companies but they cared about the customer by exploiting the advantages of cloud communications center correctly, so they were able to get a huge fan base and therefore in a short time they were able to advertise their brand and reach the world very quickly.

2. How can you create a cloud contact center professionally?

To build a professional center, you must assemble the basic elements to build any call center, the most important of which are:


It is one of the most important elements of any center that you must start designing intelligently and constantly developing it, and to succeed in building it must be of certain specifications, mentioned in points: 

  • Integrated system: This system must be complete and integrated, includes all your customers’ data and processes so that you can refer to it easily and without any complications, in addition to the possibility of linking it to all other systems so that you can organize all your business, such as CRM, which will help you enter and exit all your customers’ data, save, and record it.
  • Secure system: One of the most important conditions for building your center’s system is privacy and security, the security element is one of the most important conditions to be met, especially if customer data is sensitive and dangerous, and should not be compromised to preserve the security and integrity of your customers’ information, as well as the information, data and secrets of your company or organization.

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Customer service team:

 Customer service representatives or the Call Center teams are the keys and active element on which any call center is built, and there is a range of specifications to be available to them, including:

  • Training: You must train your team at the highest level, and your team must have had many tests and experiences that qualify it to respond to customers and solve their problems, create a good customer experience, and improve the quality of communication.
  • Experience: After you train your team, you must gain more experience, by getting new trainees to follow one of the most experienced and older teams, seeing how to deal with customers in different situations, listening to all calls, training alone is not enough to work as a customer service team! Experience and practice are a prerequisite for any team, no matter how many.

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Hardware and equipment: 

Devices are the same way to help your call center team talk to your customers, receive their calls, make calls in the best quality, more quickly and without any problems or obstacles in the blindness of communication and the devices must have special technical specifications as follows:

  • Complete equipment: For your team to communicate well with your customers, you must provide the full equipment and devices that will help them, the communication process is done through several means, the most important of which are headphones to receive audio and calls, phones and centrals to organize and divide calls, in addition to a wide range of devices such as servers, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Advanced devices: More important than providing many devices is that you provide and develop modern devices continuously and periodically so that your employees do not experience any breakdowns or obstacles during their calls to customers.

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Here we come to the most important and last element of the construction of the professional call center, which is the headquarters of the center itself, it is the place that will collect all the other items mentioned beforehand, which must be equipped to contain the team and devices in addition to the system so that all elements can work properly.

5 secrets in the cloud contact center will increase your sales

3. What are the secrets of the cloud call center that will increase your profits?

There are a range of secrets that are smart methods and solutions if you apply them in your cloud call center will raise its level, and the development of the system as a whole and the most important of these methods:

The ability to register and transfer

 It is one of the most important methods that will help you improve the level of work you have, as you can record and store all outgoing and incoming calls in a company database, which will help your customer service employees access the company’s customer data and thus ensure the quality of service provided by customer response service employees, and even your ability to transfer calls to the relevant departments will easily solve problems.

performance analyses 

It is a unique method that helps you extract detailed reports and analysis of the performance of the company’s employees to assess the quality of service provided, which helps your company access important data about your customers, behavior, and processes.

Continuous monitoring and follow-up 

Continuous monitoring and follow-up are necessary and important for company managers and owners of various institutions to follow the company’s workflow, evaluate the performance of employees and ensure the quality of service provided to customers, to know the wrong points and weaknesses to improve its performance and develop its level.

Automated response feature

 An automated response is one of the secrets of a successful and professional cloud communications center, allowing interactive response at any time to your company’s customer inquiries through recorded voice messages, one of the most important services and solutions of The Call Center, will be very useful to gain the satisfaction of your customers.

Connectivity with CRM

 This method is based on linking CRM with the cloud contact center system to make communication easier, flexible, and to achieve a better result, and is one of the most important methods that any company or organization must rely on.

Yes, it’s a collection of smart secrets and methods that if you apply them correctly to a cloud contact center, you’ll get amazing results, so if you want to know more about these secrets, feel free to communicate with Bevatel, so get your free consultation now!


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