How can you choose the best VOIP devices as needed by your business?

How can you choose the best VOIP devices as needed by your business?

What is the type of your project? Is it sales or service? Dear reader, any project to determine what type of VOIP devices it needs must identify several factors such as the size and type of business activity, the size and type of customers, the type of services and products it offers, and other factors that must be determined in advance accurately, if we look at the factor of the type of business as an example if we talk about a tourism company, whether it is domestic or foreign tourism companies.


In this case, we need certain VoIP devices, as travel and tourism companies need VoIP devices to be able to do all transactions and complete all sales and purchases, and they need devices to receive all incoming customer calls, whatever their purpose whether booking tickets, queries or complaints, as well as special devices to route calls to customers such as alert calls and flight times and even need VoIP devices that help in marketing campaigns for corporate offers, organize calls and track customers.


For example, our first VOIP device that can serve touring companies is headphones, which is one of the most important devices that must be found in any tour company, it transmits sound in high quality and clear purity by transmitting voice signals and converting them into digital signals and vice versa, and there are a lot of types of headphones whether wired or wireless but more important than their kind is what they provide to tourism companies, they must provide The speakers comfort to the employees of the company especially because they receive huge numbers of calls, in addition to the need to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if the employee needs to transfer any data or connect to the Internet, the ability to wear it for long periods without causing problems for employees, and most importantly to be suitable for all types of calls and its ability to block ambient noise and be highly sensitive to capture the voice of the employee only to be able to communicate appropriately with customers without confusion.


How can you choose the best VOIP devices as needed by your business?


And now we come to the second device that the tourism company may need, which is VOIP phones, you may have heard that name before, yes it is the most famous product among the VOIP products, where some consider it the ideal alternative to the land lines, through which you can communicate internally between the employees of the tourist company, or external contact with customers and tourists, it receives and directs different calls between a number of individuals at the same time, and the biggest advantage here is the lack of need for callers in one place They may even be inside or outside Saudi Arabia, which helps to communicate effectively, especially in foreign tourism companies, and this is not the only advantage of the VOIP phones that have made it an important device for any tourism company, but because it is able to provide strong continuous and uninterrupted communication from different places without being affected by distances, in addition to the ability of tourism companies to connect their branches together online, with the ability to make group calls between management and employees in the event of anything emergency happening, and even prepared to be suitable for making and receiving all types of calls, with its ability to transfer and direct customer calls, which helps to reduce pressure on employees and transfer customer calls to the relevant departments according to the purpose of the call, whether it is a query on flight schedules or tourist programs, or for complaints, payment, etc.


Here we reach the third necessary VoIP product for tourism companies, the central, which some call Pbx, one of the VOIP devices that is indispensable to any tour company and any organization that may deal with a large number of customers, it is a cab-like network centrals connected to the Internet Protocol, were once connected to the Internet, these centrals receive and direct the largest number of calls, meetings, and conferences through so-called conference calls or Video calls, smart devices that help tourism companies communicate flexibly and quickly with all customers from other countries safely, through these devices will be able to receive all calls of their customers locally or internationally from outside the kingdom with the highest quality, purity and effectively and without interruption, and can even receive and distribute the largest number of calls among the company’s employees, as it has a feature that supports more than ten simultaneous calls in the same time!


It can convert calls to voicemail, record welcome messages, and even activate the IVR service! These are interactive voice messages recorded for the most common queries asked by customers connected to tourism companies, where all customer queries can be answered or their calls to the relevant departments, whether it is a complaint or request, where a large number of automatic responses recorded in a particular sequence can be saved so that the customer can access his answer in simple steps such as pressing mobile keyboard numbers that automatically transfer it to the competent department or for the next interactive voice response, for example, if a customer contacts a Tourism company to learn about a tourist program when contacted receives a short welcome message and may include some of the company’s offers, and then start the stage of interactive voice responses “Welcome to Arabic press 1 and English press 2”


If customer pressure 1, he chooses Arabic to be automatically transferred to a full list of registered mobile messages in Arabic that suit the customer’s request, hence those responses follow according to the customer’s needs as follows: “To know the current tourist programs click 1, and to know the flight offers click 2”


This is an example of some of the VOIP devices that any tourism company may need, and that example can be applied to all types of business activities, hospitals, clinics, banks and shipping companies, telecommunications companies, and other institutions all require different VOIP devices according to their own needs! This is what Bevatel, the first leading Saudi company in the field of communications and call center solutions, offers you VOIP devices according to the nature of your company and business, as well as according to your needs and size of your customers, to improve the mechanism of your business and improve the quality of your contact with your customers, to gain the trust of your existing customers, reach your target customers and develop your business at competitive prices, want to know more! Get in touch with us now.

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