What is Live Chat service and how can it improve customer service?

What is Live Chat service and how can it improve customer service?

What is Live Chat service and how can it improve customer service?


The live chat service is one of the smartest services companies have used to improve customer service, facilitate task performance, and organize sales, provided by Bevatel at the best prices. Perhaps one of the biggest problems that have been encountering a large number of companies and a large sector of business activities, especially organizations that provide services and products to customers, is the problem of the inability to communicate permanently and continuously with customers, which often causes customers to be disturbed or angry about brands, especially when customers are exposed to some problems that are difficult to solve without customer service and follow-up from the company, or if customers have some questions about the use of Products or how to subscribe to services, which can result in the loss of these interested customers!


Here, some companies have begun to look for a way or tool that can help them perform tasks, strengthen customer relationships, and organize sales processes better than before, known as live chat or chatbot, which is one of the results of the modern communications revolution that organizations have striven to design professionally and intelligently. Businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers in the best way, respond to their queries and questions, and work to solve their problems, through this smart technology business owners and business activities can benefit from a huge number of tools and uses that help them develop their products and services provided to customers, and even develop the workflow of the entire companies.


And you might be wondering now, dear reader, “What is the service of the live chat? And how can you subscribe to it and benefit from its different features?! “Answering those questions will be presented to you by Bevatel for Communications Solutions and Call Center in the following article in detail, so don’t miss out on this special article!


What is the service of the Live Chat? And how does that technology work?

The live chat service may be multi-name, it is known as a chatbot, smart reply, chat robot, or even called automatic reply, the names of that service may vary but what is not different is the importance and superior capability offered by this interactive digital technology. Live Chat or Automated Conversation is a system designed by communications experts to do the same real human work, a near-real simulation that helps companies and organizations complete, plan, and implement tasks with accuracy, quality, and speed.


Many live chat systems were created several years ago, and have been very successful and popular among users, and the most famous of those systems is the conversation robot famous with the name of Siri or the chat robot of Google known as Google Assistant, and these systems were famous for their ability to interact audio, but we find that the service live chat interacts by writing and not talking, it is a genius service programmed and designed to perform multiple functions At the same time, one of the most common uses is that they respond to all corporate customer conversations and messages automatically through responses or messages recorded in accordance with custom or public templates that are predetermined according to the objectives and purposes of each business and according to the objectives of each project.


Live Chat does not stop when it does several tasks together, but it also carries out tasks with high accuracy and without any breakdowns or obstacles, through which any company or business can target its prospective customers, track them to succeed in attracting them and gain more new customers, through live chat all businesses will be able to collect the messages of all their customers, whether from WhatsApp business account or all social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Viber, Pinterest, Skype or email and chat of your website and others.


This service is even flexible and easy to use, where you can schedule certain appointments depending on your company’s working hours or when your employees are unavailable or busy, such as off-duty periods, on holidays, and you can even schedule messages to be sent on specific dates with responses or messages recorded according to an individual or public templates and unlimited number, It is a smart service that helps companies maintain continuous and lasting communication with customers to improve customer service and gain their trust and affiliation.


What is Live Chat service and how can it improve customer service?


How does the live chat service help improve customer service?!

Live Chat is one of the most important ways to help companies organize their relationships with their customers, and improve customer service to the best quality, a service that has many uses that can be used to organize business activities, and we can mention the three most important uses of that service in the following paragraphs:

  1. Receiving customer messages
  2. Solving customer problems
  3. After-sales services


First: Receiving customer messages:

Aimed specifically at receiving all different customer messages from all platforms and accounts belonging to the company or business, live chat collects all your customers’ messages from various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Viber, Pinterest, Skype or email and chat of your website and others, through professional response templates for each conversation, or a unified response to all conversations, and we can view An example of custom responses is as follows:


One customer sends a message to complain: “Good evening, is there anyone I can talk to?”

Live Chat will then welcome him and find out the reason for the conversation: “Welcome, I am ready to help you, you can choose one of the following sections and you will be transferred to the relevant section”

A list of available sections is then displayed so that the customer can choose from it” 1. Sales Section / 2. Orders and returns section / 3. Complaints and Proposals Section”

Then the client sends the number “3” for the department he wants.

Here, the customer conversation will be automatically transferred to a customer service representative who specializes in complaints.


This is an example of individual responses, while we can set an example of consolidated responses as follows:


A customer sends a message outside the official business hours: “Good evening, is there anyone I can talk to?”

The Live Chat service will then welcome him and send a pre-selected public message: “Welcome, I am ready to help you, currently we are out of official business hours, you can leave your inquiry and will be contacted as soon as possible, or you can choose from the following list … Etc.”

Here you can enable the Live Chat service to help customers with ease and smoothness.


Second: Solving customer problems:

One of the most important uses of live chat service that helps businesses improve customer service is their ability to solve problems and follow customers, it is a smart technology capable of dividing customer conversations by purpose, determining the status of the customer whether it is an interested, potential or prospective customer, or if it is among the current customers, to then determine whether the customer is an angry or satisfied customer, by checking the number of complaints received through all conversations, then targeting these angry customers, and identifying The reasons for the complaint and the giving of solutions, and work to put them among the priorities of spraying through continuous follow-up and problem solving, and can even extract reports and analysis so that the company can then avoid this type of problem with customers.


Third: After-sales services:

The live chat service helps all businesses and organizations provide perfect and integrated after-sales services, providing the ability to follow customers first and foremost, providing various types of technical and professional support, answering all questions and inquiries concerning products or services provided by the company, which helps to enhance and improve the customer experience, strengthen the links between brands and their customers and earn more new customers.


These are some of the advantages and uses of live chat that help entrepreneurs and business owners develop their business activities and improve customer service, so if you want to learn more about how to organize your business and manage your sales, and how to succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact Bevatel to get your free consultation now.

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