How to take advantage of crises for your company’s success

How to take advantage of crises for your company's success

How to take advantage of crises for your company’s success

Any company, institution, or even business may go through many crises, which vary in size, quality, or even causes, and require special crisis management, and even employees from the smallest employee or worker to managers and board of directors are aware of all kinds of crises that may be experienced by the company or institution, how they manage them, the procedures, and steps they will take to save the situation as soon as possible and with minimal losses.


Dear reader, you should be aware of all kinds of crises that your company may experience, and you should also know the steps and actions that will help you control and manage the crisis, and one of the most important types of crises that your company or organization may encounter:

Financial crises

These crises occur in most companies, as they occur due to financial losses to companies or the fall of the company’s shares in the market, or the overpowering of a competitor and loss of customers, low demand for product or service, or the company’s inability to pay its debts or its inability to produce due to the lack of material aspects of the company or enterprise.


Technological crises

Most current companies rely heavily on technology, and some companies rely mainly on technology, and as is well known, there are many disruptions to modern technology despite their development, all of which may take some time to repair, in which case many services will stop and some high-tech production lines may even stop, causing a lot of losses if the situation is not immediately saved.


Regulatory crises

These crises are the company’s mishandling of its employees or customers, only the company does some behaviors or orders that may anger employees and lead to their anger and coup, as well as some of the company’s actions with customers and consumers as exploiting them for a special benefit, or withholding important and necessary information, for example hiding the side effects of certain medications that may eventually cause great harm to consumers, leading to great noise and loss of the company’s reputation.


Natural crises

It is a rare crisis that occurs to all companies in one country or geographical scope, it can cause a threat to an entire market, including natural accidents such as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, or bad weather conditions, all of which can cause heavy losses of life and money.


Political crises

It is a crisis that often leads to falls in corporate shares, losses in financial markets, a long-term crisis, that may take a long time to be controlled for decades, including the country’s revolutions, wars, and political and international disputes.


Global crises

These are crises that occur to the countries of the world, which affect all companies, institutions, and businesses, and are crises that, if an institution succeeds in exploiting them for their benefit, will receive significant profits and avoid any losses, and one of the most famous of those global crises we are witnessing now is the coronavirus crisis, the pandemic that dominated the whole world and had a significant impact on global markets, but it played a tremendous role in distinguishing some of the companies that succeeded in exploiting them for their benefit and their business, and in the next paragraphs we’ll mention some of the ways global companies have relied on to get out of that crisis, so don’t miss that fun reading!


All companies and institutions, even if they are emerging, may be able to get out of the corona crisis if they succeed in following some smart actions or strategies that are in the management of the crisis, from identifying risks and the number of losses expected and all aspects of the crisis, through identifying threats, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that can be exploited, to developing a crisis management plan and identifying methods and strategies that will be used according to each company’s objectives and circumstances. and one of the most important strategies that you can follow dear reader to overcome the challenges to use it for your good is as follows:


How to take advantage of crises for your company's success 

First: Study the current situation:

One of the most common mistakes is that companies are quick to find solutions to the crisis and not to study the current situation accurately, every manager or business owner must study their current position on that crisis, what threats and opportunities are available to them, what weaknesses they must address, and what strengths they must use wisely so that they can develop an ideal plan with realistic and practical objectives that help them manage the crisis in all its aspects.


Second: Continuous follow-up:

One of the most important strategies to be pursued to avoid the threats of any crisis is the continued follow-up of the developments of that crisis, as we see the crisis of the Corona continues to develop both in the infected numbers and in ways to deal with that crisis, and as a simple example of follow-up if that pandemic develops and the number of injured increases, it is likely that many countries will apply the restriction, which entails the need to transform the work of your employees from home instead of the company’s headquarters and look for alternative solutions to deal with your customers instead of dealing with your customers Directly, in the next paragraph we will offer you how to look for alternatives to deal correctly with crises.


Third: Find alternatives:

One of the most reliable strategies when dealing with a global crisis such as the coronavirus is to look for realistic alternatives, for example, if a company must work with its employees from home or remotely or to create indirect ways of communicating with its customers, there are many alternatives that you can use to pass through that crisis, including:


Cloud Call Center System

Through the Cloud Call Center system, which allows you to work with your employees remotely or online from home, and they can communicate with your customers with ease and safety, through that advanced system your employees will be able to follow your customers, carry out their orders and needs, solve their problems as quickly as possible, and through that system you can follow and monitor your employees, customers, and all operations in your company from your home.

For more details about Bevatel’s Cloud Call Center system from here.


VOIP devices

It is a modern means that creates high quality, continuous and uninterrupted communication between your customers and employees from anywhere in the world, there will no longer be a problem communicating with your customers or employees, they are devices that use the Internet to transmit audio including headphones, phones, centrals, and other products that make it easier for you to reach your customers.

For more details about VOIP devices from here.


Connecting social media platforms

It is one of the modern methods used by most companies around the world, where the number of users of Social Media platforms to millions of customers around the world, so you can prepare marketing plans and campaigns to spread on these platforms and follow your customers and share the developments of different events and news to communicate indirectly without direct contact with them, and you can connect social media platforms to make it easier for you to manage all your campaigns and communicate easier.

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These are some of the strategies and methods that may help companies, organizations or small or large businesses better manage the Corona crisis and other disasters, so if you want to learn more about how to deal with your customers in times of crisis, and how to succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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