5 Tips to get the best Call center software 2022 for your business

5 Tips to get the best Call center software 2022 for your business

The best Call Center software 2022 is the latest professional call center system that helps you provide better customer service and technical support to customers with many advantages and options for establishments and commercial activities.

Many establishments and commercial activities seek to develop sales, customer service, and technical support staff performance without paying attention to the development of call center systems and customer service, the most prominent element in advanced call centers.

Bevatel develops its contact center solutions and services. So Bevatel offers call center systems and professional integrated customer service with multiple options, features, and tools to help establishments and businesses communicate with customers professionally and more effectively.

In this article, Bevatel call center and customer service experts provide several tips for organizations and businesses to choose the best call center system at the lowest costs in the Kingdom.

The best Call Center Software 2022

The Bevatel call center system is the first professional one that works cloudly and enables you to make and receive multiple concurrent calls with many features and options and at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

We mention the top 5 advantages of the advanced call center systems that help you improve customer service, technical support, and sales performance.

  1. It is a Cloud System
  2. Many advantages of calling
  3. Live Panel
  4. System Reports
  5. Auto-dialer and IVR feature

1- Cloud call center system

The cloud call center system enables you to make and receive the number required of concurrent calls from your customers cloudly.

It allows you to operate your contact center by connecting to the internet anywhere inside and outside Saudi Arabia. It provides your staff with many features to communicate with customers. And it provides you with many benefits for you to track the workflow, evaluate and develop employees’ performance.

Being in the cloud will save many costs for a contact center provided with call center devices and complicated cables and installations that you need to run a regular call center.

One of the most prominent advantages of the best Call Center system is that it enables you to hire customer service employees who work remotely and from anywhere without the need for them to be at the call center headquarters.

Hence, you will not need to provide the establishment of a call center headquarters, nor the purchase of offices, computers, and other requirements necessary to establish a call center because you will have an integrated cloud professional call center.

This system allows you to track your employees’ performance and the workflow of your establishment or business contact center any time and anywhere. Traveling outside the country, being at home will not hinder you from tracking the progress of your establishment work periodically, with reports and statistics.

2- Many advantages of calling

The cloud call center software that helps you improve customer service, technical support, and sales performance must include many options and features for you to make and receive calls and communicate with your customers professionally and at the lowest costs at the same time.

We mention the most prominent advantages of communication that help you provide better service and technical support to customers in the following points:-

  • Record calls and extract recordings for the last 30 days
  • Waiting feature
  • Call forwarding feature

3- Record calls and extract recordings for the last 30 days

The best cloud call center system allows you to activate recording incoming and outgoing calls features and to export call recordings for the last 30 days at any time.

For development and quality purposes, you can listen to recordings of all calls at any time and follow the progress of the call center of your establishment or business to guide customer service staff and evaluate and improve their performance.

4- Waiting feature

You can activate the waiting feature and take advantage of it while all your employees are busy responding to customers.

This feature enables you to display specific music or record voice messages that include offers, services, and appointments for your organization or business.

5- Call forwarding feature

Your employees can benefit from this feature to divert a customer call to any department of your establishment or business like sales, marketing, technical support, or transfer the call to a defined employee.

Your employees can also take advantage of the call forwarding feature by diverting the call to the voice mail service, the IVR feature, and other options that help customers get answers about their inquiries and complaints about your establishment’s products or services.

5 Tips to get the best Call center software 2022 for your business

Live Panel

The Live Panel is one of the advantages of the best call center software because it provides many options and advantages for the call centers of establishments and commercial activities.

The live panel allows you to view lists of ongoing calls and waiting lists and also allows you to listen to any call to direct a customer service agent or correct info particularly.

The live panel enables you to view the status of each customer service, sales, or technical support employee; If the employee has a call, in a break, or a meeting.

In general, the live panel helps you to track the workflow of your call center periodically. And then, it enables you to get an overview of the performance of your employees and company departments, and it helps you evaluate and develop the staff performance in general.

System Reports

System reports are the most prominent advantages of the cloud call center system. It helps call center managers and business owners track the workflow of customer service, sales, and technical support departments. And then, they can identify weaknesses and strengths in employee performance, evaluate and develop performance in general.

You can extract system reports at any time and in the cloud to get integrated details and statistics on the following:-

  • The number of calls made and received by each employee
  • Number of missed calls per employee
  • Duration of each call
  • The number and duration of breaks each employee took

Autodialer and IVR feature

The best cloud call center software allows you to activate the auto-dialer feature to make the required number of concurrent calls automatically.

This feature allows you to enter a list of your contacts’ mobile numbers and set the dates for calling. So that the system automatically calls these numbers and automatically distributes the calls to customer service staff to answer them as if they are incoming calls.

The automatic response feature is one of the advantages of advanced cloud call center systems, which is an interactive voice response to customer inquiries and complaints through many previously recorded voice messages.

The IVR feature enables you to provide service and technical support to customers 24 hours a day by displaying voice messages that include many options for the caller to listen and choose from, which helps him obtain answers and inquiries regarding your products or services.

We can clarify the mechanism of this feature in the following points:-

(1) When the customer calls, he listens to voice messages that include several options.

  • For English, press (2)

(2) When pressing number (1), the caller listens to the following options:-

  • For the marketing department, press (1)
  • For the sales department, press (2)
  • For the technical support department, press (3)
  • For voice mail service, press (4)
  • To talk with a customer service representative, press (5)
  • To repeat, press the symbol (#)

The process of choosing the best Call Center software 2022 for your establishment or business is the first step towards developing sales, customer service, and technical support staff performance. The advantages, options, and tools that this program provides help you achieve the goals of your organization or business and even increase sales and profits.

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