What do you know about customer service?

What do you know about customer service

What do you know about customer service?

For many years many companies have felt they have to know what the client is? What does he need? And what does he want? When some companies answered those questions, they did not find any answers, the main reason was that they did not analyze their customers, follow their wishes and needs, and know their behavior and determine their journey with them, which was limited to the fact that it is a short-term relationship that ends once the customer finishes the purchase, which causes the fall of many companies and institutions.

It is not just a relationship that ends once the customer buys any product or subscribes to one of your services, it comes to being a permanent customer with you, and the interest in providing after-sales services, all depends on customer service that will help you analyze your customer’s behavior, follow his wishes, and solve his problems with ease.

If you wonder how to manage that system, we can provide adequate answers about it in the next article, so read on.

Article elements:

  1. What is customer service?
  2. How does customer service improve your company’s level?
  3. What are the most important characteristics of customer relationship management?


1.What is customer service?

Customer Service or CRM is an abbreviation of customer relationship management, a system that saves, records and processes all of your customers’ data, employees, products and services as well, it is a smart system that combines a lot of tools and solutions that help employers develop their business activity, improve business methods, and take care of customers.

Customer service helps you collect your customers’ data and personal information, and even analyze and categorize them to eventually obtain structured information and numbers that enable you to develop strategies and technologies to develop your products and services that you provide to your customers, and to shape them to suit their desires and needs, where the main element of competition in the current era is customer satisfaction, the more you gain your customers’ satisfaction and you gain more new customers, you will get a great deal of profit and sales.

CRM is a sophisticated system that seeks to track, analyze and classify your customers’ behavior, to finally get you an easy way to develop your business methods to suit your customer segments, or seek to deal with them in the future, and in the next paragraph we will talk about how customer relationship management is developing your company’s level, so read.

2- How does customer service improve your company’s level?

There are a range of smart methods offered by this service from Bevatel to develop your company’s level and improve business methods, the most important of which will be mentioned in the following points:

  • Targeting potential customers 
  • Follow existing customers 
  • Solve problem
  • Tracking wishes
  • Planning missions 
  • Monitoring and follow-up tasks

a) Targeting potential customers 

It helps you target interested and potential customers, find out what they want, analyze their behavior, and ultimately develop business methods to match what they want and need in the future.

b) Follow existing customers 

One of the most important ways to develop the business is to take care of the company’s current customers, work to solve their problems, receive their inquiries, and take their issues into account, they represent a constant source of income for the company, and a support team if they succeed in gaining their trust and affiliation.

c) Solve problem

It helps you solve all your customers’ problems easily, by keeping their data and recording everything related to your customers on a single database, so if there is a problem or you encounter some technical, financial or other problems one of your customers, you will be able to view all the data of the customer, his numbers, information and all his transactions with your company, to finally get a set of smart solutions that will enable you to solve that customer problem with a speedy speed.

d) Tracking wishes

Through this system you will be able to track your customers’ wishes, identify their requests and needs, solve their problems, and analyze their behaviors with ease, thereby developing company and employee methods to suit these customers.

e) Mission planning

One of the most important features of this service is mission planning, where you will be able to plan tasks for all employees in your company, in addition to organizing the workflow of your company whether in stores, sales management, shipping and more.

f) Monitoring and follow-up tasks

One of the most important steps in your business development is to monitor your employees and businesses, through which you will be able to monitor your employees periodically and continuously, and you will stay in touch with them.

What do you know about customer service?

3- What are the most important characteristics of CRM?

There are a range of characteristics that characterize Bevatel’s customer service, and we will mention the most important of these characteristics in the following paragraphs:

  • Targeting prospective customers
  • Follow-up sales
  • Continuous communication with customers
  • Recording customer data
  • Performance reports and analytics

a) Targeting prospective customers

Through CRM you will be able to identify your target customers accurately and clearly, and will help you know their desires and problems, to form products and services that fit those segments.

b) Follow-up sales

It helps you to follow all the sales and purchases, it is a complete and comprehensive follow-up to everything that is done within the stores of your branches, and inventory of products and services, and calculate sales and profits, as well as enable you to follow the journey of your customer, from the beginning of his interest in the product, through the purchase to turn him into a permanent customer, and the services you will provide him after selling to gain his trust and belonging.

c) Constant communication with customers

Constant communication with customers, what matters most to customers is their sense of interest on the part of the companies and brands they deal with, and customers often need easy and fast communication with the availability of many channels of communication between customers and companies, which provides constant and continuous communication with your customers, without any interruptions or obstacles, and at the lowest possible cost, with full knowledge of all their belongings to enhance communication with customers, and to strengthen the links with them.

d) Recording customer data

The most important thing that distinguishes this smart system is its ability to record and store all the data of your customers and employees. In addition to information about your products and services. All of which are stored and recorded on strong and highly secure databases, which help you refer to it at any time in the event of any circumstance or problem between the company and the customer. It is a document to which you can refer and extract all the data and information you wish to obtain with ease.

e) Performance reports and analytics

This service will help you extract detailed reports of proportions and numbers of everything that is done within the company, as well as performance analyses either for the level of quality of service provided by customer service representatives, or for profit and sales or loss ratios, and can monitor everything related to your company’s stores, from products sold or subscription services, all of which will eventually help you to develop your business methods and improve your company’s level to become the strongest competitor in the market.

For more details about Bevatel’s customer service here.

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