What’s the call center? 4 gold elements to build it successfully

What is the call center

What’s the call center? 4 gold elements to build it successfully

The Call center is the bridge that helps achieve successful and lasting communication between the company and its clients.

If we look at the mega-companies with huge mass bases, we find that they always maintain a stronger relationship with their customers and provide different channels of communication with them, and we see that they are developing and designing their contact center in proportion to the needs, requirements, and size of their customers.

Call Center doesn’t just facilitate your clients’ communication! It increases the efficiency of communication and makes communication between your employees and clients more flexible and seamless through the multiple solutions and services that your company’s communications hub provides you.

And here, readers have many questions that may be because they want to know more about what Call Center is and how it’s designed and important to their projects. And that’s what BEVATEL will show you in the following paragraphs, so keep reading.


Article Elements

  1. What’s a call center?
  2. What are the necessary elements to build a successful communications center?
  3. What are the benefits of a cloud call center for your company?

What is the call center

1- What’s a call center?

The contact center is one of the most important corporate departments of the current era, receiving and even directing customer calls as well, and is used by sales and marketing departments, technical support departments, and any company that uses mobile to sell products or offer its services, as well as in polls.

It is used by various companies, whether commercial activities, real estate companies, clinics, and hospitals, or even if they are shipping companies and logistics services, any company dealing with clients needs a Center of communications for better and faster access to its customers anywhere.

Through it, the delegate or customer service representative of your company will access and contact your client numbers to offer your services or offers of different products and monitor the customer reaction to them or will receive many calls from your customer daily, which may be for different purposes, be they queries, complaints, requests or otherwise.

And the faster you get your clients’ calls, the more you win the satisfaction of your clients and you win more new clients, as they see your company’s interest in them and the care your company provides them,

There is a wide range of features that can be used to build an integrated Call Center to serve your clients, the most important of which will be mentioned in the next paragraph.


2- What are the necessary elements to build a successful communications center?

If you want to build a strong Call Center on the right basis, you have to pay attention to several essential elements and even necessary to build it accurately and correctly, and we will show you the most important ones at points:

a) System:

It is one of the most important elements of a Call Center, which must exist, and has identifiable specifications:

  1. Integrated system:

    The system must be fully integrated, including all of your client’s data, and preserve all pre-existing processes and transactions so that you can refer to them at any time, and be a document or record for keeping and recording your clients’ information.

  2. Secure system:

    It must be ensured that there is a safety requirement in your system. No one can hack it to preserve the security and integrity of your customers’ information, as well as your company’s information, data, and secrets of sales.

  3. It can be linked:

    One of the most important conditions to be met by your system is that it can be linked to several other systems, such as CRM, which will help you enter, extract and preserve all your client data.


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b) TEAM:

Customer service representatives are among the most important elements on which a Contacts center is built, and they must enjoy many specifications that we will mention to you at points:

  1. Trained team:

    Your team must have been trained at the highest level and have taken many tests and instructions that help them create a good client experience and improve the quality of communication, which qualifies them to carry out all your clients’ wishes.

  2. Expert team:

    Training is not enough to work as a customer service team! Experience is necessary for your team. Experience helps your staff deal with the different situations they may meet while your clients are in touch.


c) Devices and Equipment:

Devices are the means by which your employees can communicate with your clients, and must have a range of techniques and features to best communicate, including:

  1. Full Devices:

    You must provide all the devices your staff may need to achieve good and powerful communication with your clients, without interruption or communication problems. Equipment and receivers must be available, as well as to direct and organize calls such as servers, headphones, Centrals, and many others.

  2. Modern devices:

    You need to provide modern equipment and develop it periodically so that your employees can make good contact with your clients. The devices evolve every day to produce a set of technologies that make it easier for all companies to communicate with their customers.


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d) Place:

The most important element, which complements the set of elements needed to create a Call Center, is the location, which must be specially equipped to contain all the other elements of the Customer Service Team and Client Communication Devices as well as the system in one place.

Some may consider it difficult to provide all those elements because of the cost and the lack of means. And here comes BEVATEL’s role in showcasing the latest cloud call center system, which brings you all these basic elements into a single cloud system that enables you to communicate from anywhere and at any time, and we’ll show you its most important features and benefits to your company in the next paragraph.


3- What are the benefits of a cloud call center for your company?

If you asked that question, dear reader, that means you felt the need to have a contact center in your company, and it’s important to win new customers and win the satisfaction and affiliation of your current clients, and that’s why BEVATEL offers you the most important features that make your choice of that cloud system the best solution!

  1. Calls Forwarding
  2. Call recording
  3. Remotely Working
  4. Unified Number 9200

1- Calls Forwarding:

An important feature of this system is that it allows your clients’ calls to be switched to the appropriate departments according to the reason for the call. If it is a client’s complaint, it will be easily transferred to the complaints department, which helps you organize calls between your customer service staff.


2- Call recording:

it’s an indispensable feature that companies are desperate to get because the ability to record your customers’ calls helps you assess your level of customer service, and even as a document or store of your customers’ call information you can refer to at any time.


3- Remotely Working:

Maybe you’re dreaming of easy, comfortable work from anywhere! BEVATEL has achieved that through that cloud system you can communicate with your clients and employees simultaneously from anywhere in the kingdom or abroad at any time without interruption.


4- Unified Number 9200:

Now you can have one special and a unique number that your clients remember so easily, the Unified number helps you connect all your branch to just one number.


If you still feel hesitant and don’t know what’s best for your company or business, don’t be late to call us and we’ll give you free consultations to determine what call center system is right for your business and your budget, call us now from here.

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