How to secure your business with a voice verification code and two-step verification methods?

How to secure your business with a voice verification code

The voice verification code and the two-step verification method are the most prominent methods establishments and businesses need to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of their work and activities through their accounts, systems, and applications.

Bevatel is one of the most interested and keen establishments in securing the confidentiality and privacy of its customers’ data and work accounts through Bevatel’s advanced cloud call centre systems and services.

Therefore, Bevatel always strives to provide the latest methods and systems for account security, the confidentiality, and privacy of customer data, including verification methods by codes and voice verification, which we will mention in this article.

What are the Bevatel Voice Verification Code and 2-Step Verification methods?

Bevatel provides several ways to secure customers’ accounts to maintain their personal information, confidentiality, and privacy while utilizing Bevatel systems and services.

The most important of these methods are:-

  1. Voice verification method.
  2. Two-step verification method.

Voice code verification method

It is a method that Bevatel provides to its customers to verify the account when logging in to any application or system of Bevatel systems by auto-dialing the user’s mobile phone to obtain a verification code for one-time use for secure access through the auto-dialer system.

Bevatel activates the OTP feature for its customers by integrating the auto-dialer service with the mobile number to start the verification method by voice code, which takes place in 4 steps. We mention them briefly as follows:-

  1. Auto-dial the system user’s mobile.
  2. Displays a voice message that includes the one-time verification code for the user to listen.
  3. The user enters the verification code in the defined field in the system.
  4. The code is verified, and the user identity of the system is confirmed.

Bevatel 2-Step Verification Method

For more security, Bevatel provides a two-step verification method to secure the accounts of customers using its systems by providing the user with two codes or more to verify the account in three different methods, which we mention as follows:-

  1. Auto-dial to the user’s mobile phone.
  2. Send the verification code in an SMS text to the mobile.
  3. Send a verification code via e-mail.

Bevatel offers all these methods to its customers. So,  each customer chooses suitable techniques to secure an account and verify the user when accessing the systems and services that the customer subscribes to.

 Bevatel Advantages of Voice Code or 2-Step Verification

Bevatel offers advanced cloud call center services and solutions fully secured with all privacy and confidentiality steps and considerations for customer account data and details.

Verification methods by voice code, SMS, or e-mail are the most prominent security measures Bevatel provides to customers, secured and with many professional advantages. We mention the most prominent of them as follows:-

How to secure your business with a voice verification code

Secured and tested methods

For a trusted OTP service, Bevatel provides well-tested and accurately different verification methods.

Several ways to be more secure

Bevatel offers several fully secured verification methods for more security and identification free of defects.

Accuracy and prompt delivery

Bevatel guarantees the accuracy of the OTP service it provides to customers.

 It also guarantees maximum verification code transmission and a 100% delivery rate.

Operating efficiency at the lowest cost

Bevatel provides the feature of voice code verification or two-step verification with high accuracy, efficiency, and the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Why do many organizations and businesses rely on Bevatel services and solutions for modern cloud contact centers?

Many establishments and commercial activities depend on the Bevatel call centre services and solutions for many of the advantages that Bevatel provides to contact centers. We mention the most prominent of these advantages in points briefly as follows:-

  1. Bevatel is a leading company, licensed and approved by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  2. Bevatel provides professional call center solutions and services and integrated customer service for modern cloud call centers.
  3. Bevatel offers distinctive options for the unified numbers 9200 and 800 at affordable prices for various businesses and establishments.
  4. Bevatel provides all its services and solutions for call centers, fully secured and equipped with professional verification methods to protect the privacy and confidentiality of customers’ work and their business data, like the voice verification code and two-step verification method or more.
  5. Bevatel offers the latest call center services and solutions and customer service by experts and specialists at the highest level of professionalism and the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

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