The Latest Customer Service Automation Technologies 2023

The Latest Customer Service Automation Technologies 2023

Customer service automation has become one of the critical and essential challenges and issues. They are indispensable for the success of any organization, commercial activity, or company that seeks to develop the service and technical support it provides to its customers and to increase its sales and double its profits.

Automation techniques for customer service processes gain importance from customer service’s role in influencing customer confidence and satisfaction with your brand and the services or products you provide.

Bevatel is always keen to keep abreast of the latest technological developments in cloud contact center solutions to help different companies and businesses provide better customer service and experience through the most intelligent and highest quality Bevatel solutions.

In the following paragraphs, we will learn in detail about the latest customer service methods, technical support, and automatic sales that Bevatel provides through its solutions and services.

Customer service automation

It is the process of providing customer support and assistance using tools, features, and systems that enable you to automatically carry out all customer service, technical support, and sales tasks without needing a human element.

You can benefit from all the automation processes by Bevatel through its cloud call center systems, customer relationship management system, Bevatel Business Chat platform, and other features that help you execute many tasks faster and more professionally, saving time, effort, costs, and human resources.

Bevatel solutions and services for cloud contact centers are based on the latest AI and ML machine learning technologies, which make the communication mechanism faster and the implementation of many tasks easier through advanced automation mechanisms and technologies.

customer service automation and how to increase customer satisfaction

Automation processes are done using AI and machine learning techniques. It performs many human tasks by transferring information from one system to another, responding to customer requests and inquiries, confirming their reservations, and other details and processes that improve customer service and technical support.

Automation processes facilitate tasks without human intervention through several features and tools Bevatel provides in its call center and customer service systems.

We can explain some of the automation mechanisms provided by Bevatel in the following points:-

  • ChatBot
  • IVR
  • Integration with the various systems API

ChatBot from Bevatel Business Chat

Bevatel provides automated chatbots as one of the main features of the Bevatel Business Chat platform, which enables you to receive all your customers’ conversations via various social media through a unified platform for all social media: WhatsApp Business API, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Google My Business and email.

By running AI chatbots, you can quickly answer customer questions and inquiries or direct customers to the relevant or appropriate personnel for their requests and queries.

Bevatel’s chatbot is a part of customer service automation that enables you to assist customers and respond to their conversations in real time, around the clock, outside business hours, and on holidays.

The Bevatel Business Chat platform allows your clients to communicate with you in two ways, either through a chatbot (Bevatel Bot) or through Live Chat conversations, without the need to wait, in cases where customers have complex inquiries that are difficult for the chatbot to handle.

For example:

Customer: Welcome

بيفاتيل بوت : مرحبًا بكم في بيفاتيل لحلول مراكز الاتصال السحابية الحديثة. كيف يمكننا مساعدتك؟

Bevatel Bot: Welcome to Bevatel for Cloud Call Center Solutions. How can we help you?

اللغة العربية                         English

Customer: English

Bevatel Bot: Cloud Call Center     CRM System     Bevatel Business Chat

In general, automatic chats give customers immediate and quick responses to their inquiries and thus get a better experience with your company or business. This feature saves you a lot of time and costs by reducing the number of customer service employees.

IVR from Cloud Call Center

Bevatel’s cloud call center system includes many features that make the customer service automation process more effective and efficient in responding to customer inquiries and requests and solving their problems faster and more professionally.

The IVR feature allows you to respond to the caller’s inquiries and requests with pre-recorded voice message scenarios that include answers and information about your products or services.

Turning on the IVR feature allows callers to get the answers and information they need about your products and services without contacting customer service or sales staff.

This feature can also transfer callers to the voice mail feature or to a specific department or employee to communicate directly with them instead of listening to automated response messages.

Thus, this service allows you to answer an unlimited number of callers simultaneously through voice messages without the need to communicate with employees, which provides faster service and technical support to customers and saves a lot of costs related to hiring more employees to serve customers.

For example: –

مرحبًا بك في بيفاتيل لحلول مراكز الاتصال السحابية الحديثة

Welcome to Bevatel for Cloud Call Center Solutions.

للغة العربية، من فضلك اضغط رقم (1)

For English, press (2)

  • For Customer Service, please press (1)
  • To inquire about the Bevatel Call Center system, please press (1)
  • To inquire about the CRM system, please press (2)
  • To inquire about the Bevatel Business Chat service, please press (3)
  • For sales, please press (2)
  • For technical support, please press (3)

The Latest Customer Service Automation Technologies 2023

Integration with various systems API

CRM system integration with various systems APIs (such as the Cloud Call Center system and the Bevatel Business Chat platform) is one of the parts of the customer service automation processes. Developed by Bevatel for companies and commercial activities to improve customer service and technical support performance and provide a better customer experience.

CRM system integration with the Cloud Call Center gives your sales and customer service staff more information about your customers when they call you. And this helps your employees quickly obtain the necessary customer data (such as previous transactions, complaints, requests, etc.) and then provide better service and technical support to your customers.

In addition, Bevatel Business Chat platform integration with the API customer service management system enables you to perform many tasks automatically, such as transferring information from the two systems, automatically responding to customer inquiries, responding to their complaints, and quickly solving their problems through the Bevatel Business Chat platform.

In general, Bevatel call center and customer service systems can be easily linked with techniques and business solutions such as Zoho, Salla, Foodies, Salesforce, etc.


Customer service automation makes you continually closer to your customers. It enables them to provide the required technical support and help them by answering their inquiries and solving their problems faster and more professionally. It guarantees you to provide permanent customer service 24 hours/day, save a lot of costs and gain customer satisfaction.

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