The importance of connecting social media channels in times of crisis

The importance of connecting social media channels in times of crisis

The importance of connecting social media channels in times of crisis

Connecting social media channels is one of the most important ways to help any company or organization get out of its crises, gaining the trust and support of its customers with ease. On any given day, we may find many companies exposed to enormous crises and cannot control them and it may get out of hand, no matter what entity, whether it is a company, an institution, or even a business that may go through many crises, which vary in size, quality or even causes, and often find that the power of social media may be a catalyst in the company’s favor or may turn against it! Hence, major telecommunications solutions companies are looking for the best way to help all companies control the crisis and control public anger.


This is where the social media networking service emerged, which played a major role in helping many companies solve the most severe crises and get out of them with the least losses, and you may now wonder dear reader “What does link social media channels mean? What are its advantages? “So, in the following article we will give you answers to all the questions that may come to your mind about this smart service, so don’t miss it!


First, dear reader, you should be aware of all kinds of crises your company may experience, and you should also know the steps and actions that will help you control the crisis, and one of the most important types of crises that your company or organization may encounter:

  1. Financial crises
  2. Global crises
  3. Reputation


1- Financial crises:

It is a common crisis in most companies, as it occurs due to material losses to companies or the fall of the company’s shares in the market, or losing its customers, the low demand for the product or service, or the inability of the company to pay its debts or inability to produce due to the lack of material aspects of the company or institution.


2- Global crises:

It means crises that occur in countries around the world, affecting all companies, institutions, and businesses and not losing to one company, a crisis that if an institution succeeds in exploiting it for its benefit, will receive significant profits and avoid any losses, one of the most famous global crises we are witnessing now is the coronavirus crisis.


3- Reputation:

These are crises caused by a company losing the trust and affiliation of its customers because of a mistake it made against them or doing something wrong, which makes it a rapidly spreading news to lose that company’s position in the market, as well as the company automatically losing all its customers because of the impact made by individuals, but all kinds of such crises can be controlled by the power of Social Media, or as it is known as linking social media channels, which we will address in detail in the following paragraph.


The importance of connecting social media channels in times of crisis

What is linking social media channels service?!

This service is one of the modern methods used by companies around the world to get out of any crisis you may experience, where the number of users of social media platforms reaches millions of customers around the world, where you can prepare plans and marketing campaigns to spread on those platforms and follow angry customers, share the developments of various events and news to communicate with them indirectly and to gain their support and affiliation.


It’s one of the best ways to help companies attract customers well through the power of social media, by connecting social media channels you’ll be able to connect all your company’s Social Media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, Viber, Pinterest, Skype and many more, as well as your email account and website, which will help you send and receive all your customers’ messages and conversations on all your social media accounts on your social media platforms. Only one platform with an interactive, intelligent, easy-to-use, and operational interface, as well as your ability to manage all sales and purchases, complete all your tasks and transactions, but you will be able to manage your marketing campaigns on all your social media accounts, as well as receive all feedback and messages from your customers on them and follow up and analyze their results, and then improve the campaign and shape it in proportion to your target audience, in addition to a huge number of benefits we mention to you in the following points :

  1. Standardization of social Media Systems
  2. Connect easier and faster
  3. Immediate and continuous follow-up
  4. Detailed reports and performance analyses
  5. chat bot
  6. Successful marketing campaigns


1- Unifying Social Media Systems:

Through this service, all companies will be able to standardize their social Media systems, such as their business account on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Telegram, and even email and chat of the site or online store, so that these businesses can send and receive all customer messages and conversations on all accounts on social media platforms in just one platform with an interactive, intelligent and simple-to-use interface.


2- Easier and faster communication:

With this service, companies will be able to communicate with their customers through their social media accounts with many users and the greatest number of messages, there is no need any more to navigate between applications to respond to customers, in addition to not dispersing customers between more than one account and more than one number, thus achieving the best fast and effective communication.


3- Immediate and continuous follow-up:

This service helps corporate managers, company owners, and businesses to monitor live and continuous monitoring of all businesses, sales and purchases, and conversations between employees and customers, to be fully aware of all the operations of the company or organization.


4- Detailed reports and performance analyses:

This service provides the advantage of extracting detailed reports of all conversations that have taken place, who has done them, and what resulted from those conversations, whether sales or purchases, answering queries, or problems that have been resolved, and helps to assess the performance of employees and customer service representatives to improve business methods and ways of communicating with customers.


5- Chatbot:

Chat Bot, called automatic or automated reply, is a sophisticated system that helps companies respond to all customer conversations automatically through responses or messages recorded according to custom or public templates, through Chatbot, organizations can identify and track potential customers, and will be able to respond to all customers at any time with professional responses through chatbot, it provides constant, continuous and interactive communication with customers.


6- Successful marketing campaigns:

Through the social media networking service, all companies will be able to manage their marketing campaigns on all their social media accounts, as well as receive and follow up on all feedback and messages from customers, so that they can improve the campaign and shape it in proportion to the target audience.


These are some of the advantages of connecting social media channels that will help you communicate with your customers with ease and at the lowest possible cost, so if you want to learn more about how to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns, and how to succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us to get your free consultation now.

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