5 Call Center services necessary for e-store owners to stimulate sales

5 Call Center services for e-store owners to stimulate sales

5 Call Center services necessary for e-store owners to stimulate sales

In the current era, under the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and the prohibition and spacing measures that have been applied in most countries of the world, many giant brands and businesses have moved towards creating a website or online store to help them reach their customers online and remotely, which has been a key factor in increasing their sales and profits, and most companies are looking for ways and means that may increase the success and effectiveness of their online store to stimulate their sales and increase their customers.


The online store is simply a site or app that any company or business such as a supermarket, restaurant, or clothing store can create online, help you display your products or services in more than one form to attract customers, and help you reach the largest segment of those interested in your brand’s product or service so that visitors have many options such as payment methods, product delivery methods, ways to subscribe to services and others, to choose from them what suits their interests, needs, and desires with ease.


Dear reader, you may wonder how you can use different call center services to improve the level of your online store? Before we answer that question, you should be fully aware of all the items that must be available in your online store to support them with smart call center services! At the following points, we will present the most important of these elements as follows:

  1. Your online store design must be tailored to smartphones 
  2. Enhance communication with customers and visitors to the online store by sending them an email periodically 
  3. Maintain continuous and uninterrupted communication with visitors to the online store 
  4. Providing after-sales services to consumers and visitors to gain their trust and continue to communicate with them 
  5. Integrate the online store with your brand’s social media platforms 
  6. Provide different payment methods and procedures, facilitate payments, and complete purchases without any problems 
  7. Create an interactive service that allows customers to leave their opinions and evaluate their favorite store products 
  8. The online store interface should be simple and easy to use for customers
  9. Make different and tempting discounts and offers to attract and promote customers 
  10. Customize the online store in terms of colors, view, and interaction to suit customer preferences 
  11. Browse the store at any time and from anywhere remotely even on holiday dates 
  12. View detailed information on products and services to customers and the possibility of comparing products and prices

All mentioned earlier are some of the key elements that must be found in any online store to help customers buy easily, to help e-store owners gain more customers and new visitors, to stimulate sales and profits, and to succeed in achieving those previous elements you have to have some of the services of smart call centers that save you a lot of effort and time, and we will mention in the following paragraphs the most important of those services that are an imperative for any company or business, and one of the most important of those Services:

  • Cloud Call Center System 
  • CRM system 
  • Unified number 9200 
  • SMS service 
  • Connecting Social Media



First: Cloud Call Center Service

It is a smart service that helps e-store owners to receive all calls from their customers whatever their purpose, whether to inquire about a product in the store or any service you provide, a call for complaining or suggestions or others, through this service you will be able to maintain permanent and continuous contact without any interruption or obstacles with all your customers remotely, it allows you to do your business online, follow your employees and all your businesses and customers from anywhere, and allow you to monitor all purchases made through the online store, it collects all your customers’ data, transaction data, and all store activities, to keep an ongoing follow-up to all your sales.


Second: CRM Service

A sophisticated CRM service, a full range of modern CRM tools and technologies, it provides online store owners with the latest store customer information in real-time, so they can easily get the latest data on their customers, analysis, and reports that help the company’s marketing and sales team identify the customer’s basic requirements, and help you track the behavior of your e-store customers, analyze and classify it, eventually to get an easy way to develop your business methods to suit customer segments. You can even use it to target your future customers, so you’ll succeed in developing your relationship with your customers and store visitors, solving their problems, increasing your sales, and achieving the best communication.


Third: the unified number 9200

It is a service that helps e-store owners get a unified and distinctive contact number starting with 9200 which is a fixed number consisting of 9 numbers, distinguishes your online store, and is easy to remember and shorten to reach your customers easily and from anywhere in the world, where it provides you with many features the most important:


  1. All branches and departments of the company can be connected to a unified contact number so that customers can easily contact them anytime, anywhere. 
  2. Create a phone history that includes store customer data, calls, and all the details that will help you develop customer service. 
  3. Connect to CRM, softphone applications, and many other systems, so you can take advantage of the benefits of all these systems at the same time. 
  4. Store customers can connect to you via mobile, whether Android, IOS, landline, or web iPhone. 
  5. Group calls can be made between several employees or between employees and store customers simultaneously. 
  6. The ability to record calls that help managers follow the company’s workflow as well as to analyze the performance of customer response service representatives. 
  7. The ability to transfer customer calls to the relevant departments, helping to quickly resolve customer issues and organize calls. 
  8. Performance monitoring capability that helps extract detailed reports on the level of all employees and sales and evaluate all sections of the company.

For more details about unified number from here.


Fourth: SMS service

This service helps you achieve the precise targeting of all contacts of your online store customers and work to implement the process of accessing the unified message to all customers, as you can send individual messages or mobile messages collected, where this service fits the objectives of your store marketing campaigns and marketing methods whether it is targeting potential customers or periodic follow-up or sending services and offers or weekly bulletins or to deliver confirmation messages, where most stores resort to using that service to develop the level of their marketing campaigns and strengthen them to reach the highest number of customers, and to ensure the success of those campaigns.

For more details about SMS service from here.


5 Call Center services for e-store owners to stimulate sales

Fifth: Connecting Social Media Systems

It is a modern and intelligent service that has emerged recently whereby connecting social media channels you can follow all your store customers on your accounts on Social Media, share all the different events and hymns, and you will be able to respond to them through one easy-to-use platform and it will not cost you any effort or time, but you will be able to gain the trust and attention of your potential customers and thus turn them into real customers with ease.

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These are some of the smart services that are important and necessary for the success of any online store, so if you want to learn more about how to organize your business and manage your sales, and how you succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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