The Critical Difference Between Online Fax And Traditional Fax

Online Fax from Bevatel

The Critical Difference Between Online Fax And Traditional Fax

A long time ago, many companies needed a way to send faxes easily, quickly, without hindrance or cost. However, it was limited to the use of standard fax and traditional methods, which cost companies too much and hinder them from achieving better communication.

That is why the online fax emerged at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It is one of the most modern means of communication that serves a wide range of enterprises and business activities. It is an ideal and necessary solution for government institutions, profit, and non-profit organizations, banks, and other companies that need rapid, inexpensive, and fully secure communication.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the smart fax is what it is, how it works, and what the differences are from traditional fax! So, in the next article, BEVATEL will help you answer all the questions on your mind about the internet fax.

Article elements:

  1. What’s fax online?
  2. What is the difference between online fax and traditional fax?
  3. How does an Electronic fax work?
  4. Is online fax safe?
  5. What are the features of the Internet fax?

Online Fax from Bevatel

1- What’s fax online?

We can simplify the idea of an electronic fax as a program that enables you to connect your fax to an e-mail.So that you can easily send faxes to anywhere in the world, receive them on a specified email, you don’t need any devices or wires, it’s much simpler.

You can use your online fax, via your landline or the Internet, which is a way to keep the information confidential, communicate quickly, and is a distinct way to reduce costs.

If you own a company and have communication problems or difficulties sending faxes and documents. The fax online will help you overcome the traditional fax flaws that we will mention in the next paragraph.


2- What is the difference between online fax and traditional fax?

As well as there are many obvious differences that we observe when experimenting with both types. We will mention the most important differences that distinguish the fax online from the old fax in the following points:

a) Speed: One of the most complicated problems we might find in traditional fax is slow communication and fax transmission, which takes a long time to send as well as receive. as opposed to the fax online, which is very fast to send faxes over the Internet anywhere in the world, and anytime.

b) Ease: This is perhaps one of the most important differences that led most companies to abandon this traditional means and convert all their branches to use the internet fax. Ease of use, ease of fax transmission and reception. And the fact that it is a simple process with easy steps were some of the most important features of the online fax.

c) Cost: We find that the old traditional means of sending faxes have always been very expensive, even endless. We find that the old fax can sometimes be disabled and requires the company to fix it quickly. So that it can send and receive important facsimiles. along with the other costs involved in having fax in any company.

But if we look at the electronic fax. We find a very inexpensive way. It’s based on the Internet or landline. As well as it doesn’t disrupt the same as the old one. It doesn’t cost you one dinar at its price, which is why companies are desperate to buy it.


d) Quantity: Perhaps one of the most important reasons why the internet fax has so well outperformed the old fax is its ability to send a huge number of faxes to more than one account at the same time and so fast! And if we compare that amount to the number of faxes that the traditional fax sends. it’s very small, unlike the online fax.

e) Safety: We come here for the crucial difference between modern and traditional fax. Information security and secrecy and privacy have become necessary in an age of intense competition and corporate wars. So the element of secrecy in the ordinary fax is completely erased! However, privacy is essential and exists in the modern online fax.


3- How does an Electronic fax work?

It’s a simple process with easy steps, where the fax system is linked to an email. And its work depends on your company’s landline or the Internet. That is, you can send and receive all the facsimiles through your e-mail attached to the fax system.

As well as you can also send important faxes through electronic fax in a very easy way. Just write an e-mail, then attach documents or files that you would like to send, and then press send. You will reach anyone anywhere in the world.


4- Is online fax safe?

This is one of the most important questions we meet while talking about the online fax. As well as the safety element, as mentioned earlier, is essential for different types of companies and institutions. Some faxes are very important and are sometimes sent to managers and need direct access to the specific person.

The old fax may cause important and private paperwork and faxes to fall into the wrong hands. while the fax is completely secretive and secure in the delivery of faxes.

It enables you to send a fax to a specific person, and even maintains the secrecy of the access of faxes between the sender and the recipient only. thus helping to achieve the privacy and security of corporate systems and information.


5- What are the features of the Internet fax?

Maybe now you want to know what the features of that new program are and how it’s going to benefit your company. As well as we will clarify the features of the online fax from BEVATEL in the following points:

    • Permanent Archive
    • Ease of use
    • Privacy and safety
    • Cost saving
    • Fax marketing
    • Greater number of faxes
    • Faxes Scheduling
    • Faxes Reports

a) Permanent Archive

The smart fax provides you with a permanent archive feature of the faxes that have been sent or even received. And it is completely secure to save all the faxes that have been issued and received for reference at any time.


b) Ease of use

So, we find that the electronic fax from BEVATEL helps you send whatever you want in easy and simple steps. With no effort or fatigue. Just write your letter now, attach whatever you want to send with it, and then send!


c) Privacy and safety

One of the most important advantages of the smart fax from BEVATEL is the secrecy and privacy of sending and receiving faxes, where you are provided with a powerful and fully secure data security system.


d) Cost saving

BEVATEL online fax is inexpensive, it will not require maintenance, paper, or other costs. But only the price of service provided by BEVATEL at competitive discounts.


e) Fax marketing

fax online enables you to create e-fax marketing campaigns with minimal cost and better communication. As well as you can determine which contacts you want to send faxes to. no matter how many of these customers. Then identify the text of the e-mail and attach all the documents and then send them easily.


f) Greater number of faxes

There’s no limit now on how many faxes you want to send, where the fax online helps you to send and receive the largest number of faxes from anywhere in the world and at any given time.


g) Faxes Scheduling

One of the most important features of the online fax from BEVATEL is that faxes can be scheduled and sent automatically at certain specific dates.


h) Faxes Reports

BEVATEL provides you with the feature of extracting reports and analyses on faxes published and received. As well as the results of e-fax marketing campaigns, which are important characteristics that companies need to monitor the performance and results of their campaigns.

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