The Best CRM System for E-Commerce 2022

The Best CRM System for E-Commerce 2022 - Bevatel

The Best CRM System for E-Commerce is the latest system for managing customer interactions and transactions through some features and options that help you improve the performance of customer service, marketing, sales, and technical support.

The Customer Service Management System is an indispensable professional tool for organizations and businesses that need to track their sales and conduct all sales and customer transactions in detail, moment by moment.

This system provides integrated professional features and options that help e-store departments develop business, organize sales opportunities, and analyze all customer interactions from A to Z.

In this article, we will learn about the best CRM system and the advantages it provides to help you develop the performance of online stores, increase sales and profits, and achieve your business goals in general.

The Best CRM System for E-Commerce

Bevatel Customer Service Management System is the best system for managing all transactions and interactions of customers and suppliers for the electronic stores of institutions and commercial activities with many advantages and tools for:-

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Sales Administration
  3. Technical support and customer service
  4. Warehouses
  5. New projects

1- Marketing Management

Bevatel CRM system provides you with integrated professional features that enable you to develop the marketing management performance of your online store step by step in a faster and more professional way.

This system helps you to know the interests and trends of your customers towards the products or services you provide, and this helps you to provide appropriate services and products that meet their needs.

Using this system, you can manage the SMS campaigns that you carry out to market your online store, and the system even enables you to know the balance used and the remaining messages and implement all SMS campaigns in a faster, more accurate, and more efficient way.

In addition, the CRM system for e-stores enables you to manage and implement all e-marketing campaigns via e-mail and reach the largest possible number of target customer segments.

With a customer service management system, you can improve your organization’s marketing performance and learn about your target customers’ trends, recurring problems, and preferences that help you deeply understand your customers and conduct more effective and successful e-marketing campaigns.

2- Sales management and development

The CRM system helps you manage all sales processes, moment by moment, to achieve your online store goals and increase sales and profits.

This system enables you to conduct sales processes step by step, from capturing potential customers, creating and sending financial offers to them, convincing them of your products or services, to issuing and sending financial invoices to customers.

This system enables your sales management to see sales opportunities and potential customers and then helps your sales staff to develop your sales operations and achieve desired goals.

In addition, this system provides you with many professional benefits that help you evaluate the performance of the sales staff in your online store, identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance, and then develop a plan to develop their performance more professionally.

This system allows you to view each employee’s completed sales, missed sales, pending transactions, and interested and uninterested customers.

In general, this system provides you – as a sales manager – with a general view of the workflow of your sales department and knowledge of where your sales team has reached your goals and helps you evaluate, improve and develop the performance of sales plans in general, which contributes to achieving the goals of your online store.

3- CRM for technical support and customer service

The Best CRM System for E-Commerce from Bevatel enables you to develop customer service and technical support that your employees perform and that you provide to your customers.

This system provides you with professional features that enable you to provide better technical support to your customers by using technical support tickets that allow your technical support staff to provide technical support services to customers and solve their problems by opening a technical support ticket for each problem so that the technical support staff can follow up on this problem moment by moment until it is resolved and the ticket is closed Technical support.

With Technical Support Tickets, your technical support staff can see and identify recurring customer issues to work towards and permanently eliminate them.

The customer service management system and technical support tickets are useful in monitoring customer problems and complaints, and then this system helps the customer service department to understand customers and know their attitudes towards the products or services you provide, and then all of this helps the sales staff to provide better customer service.

4- Store Management

This system provides you with many professional advantages for managing electronic stores. This system allows you to manage the quantities of available and sold products, follow up on all supplier transactions, issue financial invoices, and send to them.

Through this system, you can view all the daily transactions of each supplier and all sales processes of each product separately. And then, this system provides you with a general view of the workflow of your e-store stores, the best-selling products, the products available in small and large quantities, and other details that help you get more control over your online store.

5- New project management

The Best CRM System for E-Commerce enables you to manage all the new projects of your business, moment by moment, starting from the establishment of the project to the completion of the project.

This system allows you to create and distribute tasks to employees and set deadlines for task delivery. And then, you can create new tasks and distribute them to sales, customer service, and technical support employees.

The customer service management system enables you to follow the workflow and employee tasks in new projects and see the completed and unfinished tasks and the tasks that have not yet been completed, pending. And then you can evaluate the performance of your project employees, identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine the extent to which your employees have accomplished the various stages of the project so that you can move to a new level and create new tasks.

The Best CRM System for E-Commerce 2022 - Bevatel

Why do many organizations and businesses rely on Bevatel CRM for online stores?

Many institutions and commercial activities resort to using the customer service management system to develop the performance of sales, customer service, marketing, stores, and technical support for many reasons and advantages that Bevatel provides to corporate call centers and commercial activities in various business sectors.

We can briefly mention the most prominent of these reasons and advantages in points as follows:

  • Bevatel is a leading Saudi company, approved and licensed by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • Bevatel provides integrated professional services and solutions for modern cloud call centers at the lowest costs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Bevatel provides professional after-sales services and free technical support throughout the subscription period.
  • We provide its services through experts and specialists in customer service, call center, and technical support.
  • Bevatel cloud services and solutions that work only with an Internet connection and do not need any traditional devices, behavior, or complicated installations


In general, The Best CRM System for E-Commerce from Bevatel is the latest professional system that helps you manage your online store and develop your business performance with many advantages. Integrated options that help you develop the performance of marketing, sales, customer service, technical support, provide better customer service and even increase sales and profits.

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