The best types of VoIP PBX for businesses for 2021

The best types of VoIP PBX for businesses for 2021

The best types of VoIP PBX for businesses for 2021

Companies look daily for ways or means that may provide them with interactive and continuous communication with their customers or between their employees and related customers, but most organizations or businesses have been exposed to a large number of problems and obstacles when using traditional or old means of communication, such as the difficulty of receiving a large number of calls, the difficulty of converting and directing calls, or the inability to organize calls, as well as other problems such as poor quality of calls and difficulty in making a conference call and many more, and therefore All business sectors and businesses of all kinds, whether government or property sectors, startups or giants or if they provide services or products to their customers, all of these companies and business activities are resorting to new and recently deployed methods known as VOIP devices.


The modern communications revolution of the 21st century has brought us a range of smart devices designed by artificial intelligence, which rely on VoIP technology to facilitate communication between organizations, companies, and their customers at the lowest cost, where they are known as VOIP devices, and in the following article, we will give you a set of the most common questions we receive from our dear readers about PBX, so don’t miss that rich information!


What are VOIP devices? And how do these modern devices work?

VOIP devices are smart devices created by the modern communications revolution, where they began to appear in 1995 to make a huge noise in the world of communications, where they managed to get rid of all the barriers and problems of old media, it is a collection of products that work with the technology of transmission of voice over the Internet or Internet Protocol, where voice calls are connected through the Internet, and then a group of individuals or customers are connected with any company or between companies and employees and customers At the same time, only through their internet connection, these devices are artificial intelligence-powered devices that build continuous communication without interruption.


When looking at the method or system by which these products operate, we will find that they are based on several smooth and structured stages according to specific instructions, where VoIP technology converts voice signals or what is known as Analog Signals from the phone that sends the signal or who communicates to digital signals, and then compresses those digital signals and divides them into a certain number of packages, where voice transmissions are adopted via protocol The Internet uses the Internet to send those signals that have previously been compressed into several tracks across the same data network, and then those package sets reach the person who will receive from the sender on the other side, and then those digital signals turn into full-definition and accurate audio signals.


There are many types of devices and products where there are headphones, VOIP phones, Centrals, communication gates, and Conferencing Endpoint, and their functions vary to reach here the tool that helps us communicate effectively remotely and organize and distribute calls, namely centrals or what is known as Pbx, which we will address in detail in the next paragraph.


The best types of VoIP PBX for businesses for 2021


What is PBX? And how does it work?

Centrals, known as Pbx, are one of the most intelligent VOIP devices or VOIP products, which are one of the smartest remote communication systems. Employees at the company or with customers outside the company, your customers or employees are not required to be in one place but can be located inside or outside Saudi Arabia, and help you transfer, save, and download data safely and quickly.


What is the use of PBX for your organization or business?

Centrals have many advantages and benefits that you may provide to your organization, and we can mention the most important of those benefits at the following points:

  1. Provide effective, continuous communication without interruption.
  2. Receive the largest number of calls.
  3. The possibility of receiving local or international calls outside the Kingdom.
  4. Achieving secure, strong, and impenetrable communication.
  5. The ability to transfer, save, and download data.
  6. The possibility of distributing calls between company employees.
  7. It features a smart and easy-to-use user interface.
  8. Call Center can be activated.
  9. Supports many conversions.
  10. Mobile connectivity.
  11. Supports more than a dozen simultaneous calls.
  12. The ability to record welcome messages.
  13. Easy to install and operate, requiring only internet connectivity.
  14. Several branches can be connected via the Internet.
  15. Supports more than one VoIP line.
  16. Suitable for making and receiving all kinds of calls.
  17. Supports call conversion and routing.
  18. Supports call waiting.
  19. The ability to determine the waiting time.
  20. The ability to record and convert calls on mobiles.
  21. The possibility of connecting them to other devices.
  22. The ability to convert calls to voicemail.
  23. The ability to activate the automated response.
  24. A conference call service allows more than two people.
  25. Supports landline and fax ports.
  26. Supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

These were some of the most important features of the PBX so that you can communicate with your customers with ease and without any obstacles or complications and at the following points we will show you a collection of the latest Pbx centrals provided by Bevatel at the best prices and the strongest features that make it the first in the Saudi market, the most important of which are:

 Yeastar VoIP PBX S20

  • Yeastar VoIP PBX S50
  • Yeastar VoIP PBX S100

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