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New Updates WhatsApp CTAs in Google Ads

Google recently launched a new update that allows businesses using Google Ads to add a WhatsApp call-to-action to their ads. This update enables Leads to communicate with the company via WhatsApp directly.

Once Leads click on the WhatsApp Chat option, they are redirected to a WhatsApp chat with sales representatives.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore the numerous benefits of utilizing this update and how to leverage it effectively. Key Benefits of the WhatsApp Chat in Google Ads’ Update

Adding WhatsApp Chat to Google Ads brings forth multiple benefits that assist enterprises and businesses in enhancing communication with interested customers and boosting conversion rates and sales.

We highlight some of the main benefits of the WhatsApp Chat Update in Google Ads in points as follows: –

  • Increase in Customer Conversions
  • Increase in Customer Base
  • Communicate better and faster with Leads

Increase in Customer Conversions

When customers can easily communicate with you via WhatsApp from within Google ads, it becomes easier for them to request information or make orders, leading to higher conversion rates into actual customers.

Businesses can achieve better communication via WhatsApp Business API through the Bevatel Business Chat platform supported by artificial intelligence, which provides many advantages for communicating with customers through chatbots or live conversations.


Increase in Customer Base

Adding WhatsApp CTAs in Google ads makes it easy for customers to communicate with you directly and encourages them to do so.

In general, communicating directly with Leads attracts more customers to engage with businesses and activities via WhatsApp, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

Especially, if these businesses use WhatsApp Business API with its multiple advantages for communicating with customers with the Bevatel Business Chat system.


Communicate with Leads faster and better.

The ability to communicate quickly and directly via WhatsApp allows interested customers to obtain critical information and details about products or services faster and more efficiently, enhancing conversion rates and improving communication with Leads, potentially turning them into actual customers.

New Updates WhatsApp CTAs in Google Ads


How to Benefit from Adding WhatsApp Chat in Google Ads

Businesses advertising their products and services on Google can benefit from this update to improve campaign results and communicate better with interested customers, thereby improving sales and profits.

  1. Activate WhatsApp Business API with Bevatel Business Chat platform

WhatsApp Business API offers many professional advantages for communicating with customers with the Bevatel Business Chat platform, allowing businesses to receive all customer conversations through a single WhatsApp account for all sales and customer service staff.

Using the Bevatel Business Chat system to communicate with customers via WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to respond to all customer requests and inquiries in real time.

As a result, using Bevatel Business Chat ensures businesses do not lose any customer conversations, leading to better communication with customers and improving conversion rates and overall sales.


  1. Direct Customers to Communicate and Take the Next Step

To maximize the benefits of adding WhatsApp Chat in Google Ads.  It is recommended to use compelling text and direct CTAs to encourage customers to communicate via WhatsApp for more information and details, request products or services, or directly communicate with sales representatives.


  1. Measure Results and Improving Campaigns

Utilize campaign performance reports to measure results and identify the impact of using WhatsApp CTAs in Google Ads campaigns. Tracking conversion rates and the number of Leads, and Receiving inquiries and requests from Leads via WhatsApp helps businesses across various sectors to identify and target genuinely interested customers in the company’s ads on Google. This feature contributes to evaluating and improving campaign performance overall.


Adding WhatsApp Chat to Google Ads is a strategic and crucial step towards improving communication with interested customers in a better and more professional manner, enhancing sales, improving customer experience, and increasing conversions.


Overall, the Bevatel Business Chat system helps enterprises and businesses improve their communication mechanisms with customers through WhatsApp Business API more professionally and efficiently, offering numerous benefits that contribute to enhancing sales and customer service.

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