Bevatel attracts thousands of Companies at GITEX 2023

Bevatel attracts thousands of Companies at GITEX 2023

Adhering to the slogan “Your Gate to Better Communication,” the Modern International Communications and Information Technology Company (MICIT) made its consecutive second participation at GITEX Global Dubai from October 16th to 20th, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Center

This year, Bevatel’s presence at GITEX drew an impressive crowd, with representatives from prominent enterprises spanning diverse industries in the Middle East and Africa. They converged to explore and engage with Bevatel’s comprehensive cloud-based communication solutions. Bevatel took the opportunity to showcase its latest advances in unified cloud communication systems.

GITEX Dubai 2023 witnessed Bevatel’s outstanding crowds, with thousands of companies eagerly joining Bevatel’s elite customer list. Attendees were captivated by the multifaceted tools and capabilities Bevatel offers for seamless customer communication through a unified platform, making and receiving calls, social media, email, and live chat.

Furthermore, Bevatel’s representatives signed Profitable partnerships with managers from major companies in the Middle East who expressed keen interest in leveraging Bevatel’s services to elevate their business operations. The remarkable success stories of numerous major corporations were a profound source of inspiration.

Mr. Khaled Al-Rasheed, the founder and CEO of MICIT, expressed his delight at Bevatel’s second consecutive participation in this largest global tech event. He emphasized Bevatel’s continuous commitment to innovating integrated cloud communication solutions, facilitating enhanced customer interactions, and fueling digital transformation for Gulf-based businesses.

Mr. Hassan Ahmed, the General Manager, underscored Bevatel’s role as a pioneering entity in adapting to evolving business communication needs. He expressed immense satisfaction and pride in the trust that numerous major enterprises and businesses place in Bevatel’s innovative integrated solutions.

Bevatel’s continued participation in GITEX Global Dubai for the second year is a testament to its expanding presence across the Gulf region. Bevatel proudly upholds its role as a leading integrated cloud communication provider in the Middle East.

It is imperative to highlight that Bevatel’s participation at GITEX Global Dubai this year was truly exceptional. Bevatel’s experts introduced their latest innovations in cloud-unified communication solutions They shared a wealth of success stories achieved by thousands of enterprises and businesses in Saudi Arabia and the Middle .East, thanks to Bevatel’s solutions.

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