New Updates for Bevatel Softphone Application

Bevatel Softphone Application

The Bevatel technical team has put the final touches to the Bevatel updates to the new Bevatel Softphone application.

The new Softphone application updates included many improvements in terms of appearance and external and internal design details. Also, they included a set of technical developments for some features and tools in the call center App.

Like all Bevatel updates, these updates aim to simplify the Softphone application’s mechanisms to make and receive customer calls and to make the application faster, more flexible, and more effective in communicating with customers.

Softphone updates also aim at creatively developing application designs so that the application includes simpler and clearer strategies, ensuring that these updates improve the user experience.

In these updates, Bevatel has developed new technologies that help organizations and businesses use the Softphone application to maintain their data’s security, protection, and confidentiality.

Bevatel’s technical team focused on developing voice transmission technologies over the Internet through softphones to give customers a more unmistakable voice.

The Bevatel Softphone updates included the following improvements:-

  1. New Enhanced Designs for App
  2. One queue for one user
  3. Audio Techniques Development

1- New Enhanced Designs for App

The Bevatel team has developed new graphic designs for the SoftPhone application, featured by their accuracy and high quality. They are also pure and more straightforward than the previous application designs.

These improvements also included more transparent colors and new modules, tools, and feature designs, making the application faster and more flexible for organizations’ customer service, sales, and technical support staff and businesses.

2- One queue for one user

The updates of the Call Center application – Bevatel Soft Phone included the development of the mechanism for using the application by one or more users. In addition, the updated application version came with the access feature from only one computer or mobile device for one user per queue.

This feature allows each user to access the Softphone application through his extension from only one device. Therefore, one employee can access the application on the same account/extension simultaneously. 

This feature will ensure more security, protection, and confidentiality of your customers and business data that you trade through the Bevatel SoftPhone application.

The updates also included encrypting incoming and outgoing information from and to the Softphone application. This feature is an addition and an essential procedure within the operations that Bevatel is constantly developing for customer data protection, security, and confidentiality.

3- Audio Techniques Development

Bevatel’s technical team has developed new technologies to improve voice quality through the Softphone application. These technologies have contributed significantly to improving the accuracy and clarity of the vote and thus improving the quality of calls and gaining customer satisfaction.

In general, the updates of the call center application – Bevatel Softphone, come within a series of developments that Bevatel is carrying out for its advanced cloud call center solutions, intending to provide more professional cloud systems and applications that help institutions and commercial activities to provide better service and technical support to customers and even increase sales and profits.

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