How to build a professional company from the ground up with steps

How to build a professional company from the ground up with steps

Entering this article means you’ve already determined your desire to start a professional company, haven’t you? But desire isn’t everything, it’s just the first step in building your company, and since you’re at the beginning of the road, Bevatel for Communications Solutions and Call Center will complete it with you to the end with this entertaining article, so don’t miss reading it!


Often the minds of entrepreneurs or even the promising younger generation have ideas for perfect companies and projects, but they always lack the right planning or method of implementation and structured step by step, building a company or creating a project that requires a set of elements that work together to build a successful professional company!


Let’s take you on a quick tour to learn about the most important elements of building a professional company with Bevatel, we can shorten them to the following points to take them one by one in detail!


  • Determine the type and size of the company’s activity
  • Company Analytical Study
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Determining the company’s budget
  • Determining the company’s headquarters
  • Choosing the company team
  • Preparing the company’s supplies
  • Setting up the company’s systems


Let’s start together with the first elements or steps necessary to build a professional company, which is to determine the company’s activity

Perhaps one of the most important questions on your mind now, dear reader, is what is the difference between the idea of the project and the activity of the project? Simply, the idea is just a preliminary fantasy or a superficial determination of what project or company you want to establish, as an example, you can say that you have a legitimate idea of building a company that provides delivery services, while determining the company’s activity means determining the type of activity itself, whether it is commercial or otherwise, and whether it is an individual or institutional business, whether it includes many shareholders of that activity, and if it includes many countries to be an International activity such as countries in the Middle East, or is it just a local activity involving some cities in Saudi Arabia, and the quality of the products or services it will provide, whether the service delivers food orders only or can deliver any packages or orders from anywhere to customers, in addition to developing an accurate and clear description of the project in all its details and needs.


We now come to the second element which is your company’s analytical study

First, dear reader, you should know that study, analysis, and planning are some of the essential steps that are indispensable to any business, the real success is 20% skill and 80% strategic planning! You can know how to read, but more importantly, what are you planning to read?!


Therefore, a detailed study of all aspects of your project is one of the steps necessary to build a professional company, where we can draw up some outlines that summarize the study of the project as follows:


1- Market analysis and needs

  • Your company simply won’t work if you’re offering what the market doesn’t need! Studying the market in which you will launch your services or products whatever they may be will help you know all the risks or threats you may face to strengthen your weaknesses, as well as help you know who your competitors are and study them properly so that you can enter the market strongly, and identifying the needs of the market will help you shape your products or services following to those needs.


2- Analysis of competitors

  • One of the most important steps that the owner of any new business should take is to find out who his competitors are? How do they work and what products or services do they provide? How competitive are they? How do they market themselves? What are the advantages of their services or products and what are the disadvantages? How loyal is the public to them? All these questions are deadly weapons if they are properly analyzed and used for your project, you will have a strong and striking presence among your competitors intelligently!


3- Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

  • Once you’ve studied the market and competitors, you’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses easily and accurately, then exploit your strengths and improve your weaknesses, as well as your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


4- Analysis of opportunities and threats

  • One of the most important steps that pave the way for a new company to enter the market is to identify the risks you may face and the opportunities you can exploit! We can give an example that exists currently in the Saudi market, namely the spread of the coronavirus and the movement of many customers to shop online, there may be a serious risk to be avoided in several ways such as focusing on sterilization or safety and following precautionary measures and others, and can even be exploited as an opportunity at the same time by creating remote communications with customers or designing an application or website to facilitate the order of online services or products, and other solutions that rely on Study all the opportunities and threats and how you can use them for your company’s benefit.


5- Target audience analysis

  • Your target audience is your next priority! By studying and analyzing the target audience and identifying its desires, needs, problems and how you can develop solutions through your services and products, its demographic characteristics such as age, gender, physical and social level, and even its culture as well as the customs and traditions that may affect the shape of your products or services, you provide what the customer needs and demands and forms your products according to what customers prefer in the end.


How to build a professional company from the ground up with steps


We arrive here for the third element after we have determined what will be studied in the project to reach that you have developed a specific marketing plan

It’s very intuitive! Your customers won’t know you if you don’t advertise yourself, will you! Here’s the critical importance of the marketing component of any project or company, by developing a marketing plan in which you determine the company’s budget in detail, the shape of products or services according to the analytical study done in advance, as well as the shape of the company in the market by determining how you will address your audience, the shape of your business identity and your digital identity, your goals and your vision, how you will reach your customers, by identifying the channels of communication preferred by your customers, the methods and strategies you will use in marketing to your company, and other details that the owner of any company or project idea must develop accurately while consulting experienced people to reach the best solutions and strategies.


The fourth element is to determine the company’s budget in detail

Each entrepreneur must determine the appropriate capital for his company, and develop a detailed financial plan for each step to be built and established, where the budget allocated to both the company’s headquarters, employees’ salaries per month, the cost of the production lines or services provided must be established, as well as a special budget to equip the company with the necessary equipment and all systems that help to complete the work, in addition to the marketing budget, which often requires a large budget due to the multiplicity of marketing methods and their differences according to the need of each company.


Here we come to the element of determining your workplace or company headquarters

The choice of your company’s headquarters depends not only on the shape or size of the place, but also on the location and place most suitable for your company on several elements consisting of the type of activity, size, the number of your customers as well, but also the type of target customers and demographic characteristics, and the workplace must accommodate the size of your employees, devices, and systems and is equipped with all the needs of the company, and is equipped to receive customers as well, in addition to the need to be the workplace suitable for the budget of the company.


We stop here at the staff or employees of the company

The human element of any organization or company is one of the most important elements on which the success of any project depends! No matter how much a company develops its tools and equipment, and upgrades its systems, it will not be useful if the staff are not well experienced and adequately trained to do business and provide services to customers properly! the team must have a range of functional characteristics and skills that qualify it to carry out its tasks to the fullest.


We can now reach the processing component of your company’s supplies and equipment

In this step you can identify all the needs of your company and employees from offices, communication devices, production lines, machines, and other equipment that will help you provide your products and services in high quality and the best possible form, you should make sure that the devices are modern at the highest level of technology to keep pace with the developments of the current era properly.


Here comes the last element which is to identify and set up the company’s systems!

The company is not just based on devices! It needs several systems to complete its tasks and be able to communicate with customers with ease and efficiency, and one of the best systems that must be found in any professional company is the system of The Call Center, as the system of The Call Center is a system designed specifically to direct and receive customer calls from anywhere, so that you can communicate with your customers easily, quickly and without any obstacles, it is a modern system that provides all companies and projects with the advantage of effective communication remotely or online with all Customers, maintaining constant and continuous communication without interruption, so that you can follow all your company’s business, sales, and purchases, it uses modern data collection techniques and extracts detailed reports on the operations that have been made, all outgoing and incoming calls and the resulting ones, to maintain effective communication with your customers all the time.


These are some of the important elements and steps that help create a professional and successful company, so if you want to learn more about how to organize your business and manage your sales, contact us immediately to get your free consultation now.

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