What are the secrets behind Amazon company’s success?

What are the secrets behind Amazon company's success?

What are the secrets behind Amazon company’s success?

Since 1994 we have seen tremendous growth, rapid, and unprecedented success, but what is the secret behind that success?!

Amazon, based in Seattle, Washington, is an American multinational company owned by Jeff Bezos, formerly Jeffrey Preston, owner of an online book shop called Cadabra, whose success story began from his garage!


That ambitious young man, whose fortune today is worth $22 billion, had a range of strategies and methods he used to make Amazon a successful global company and rapidly climb to outperform its competitors, and in a short time Amazon became not limited to selling books only in 2003 Amazon became the largest site to sell many diverse products with nearly 5 million products!

What are the secrets behind Amazon company's success?


You might be wondering what technology Amazon has used to achieve that great success?

One of the most important secrets or strategies that Amazon has used to gain customers and reap that great series of successes is to focus on customer comfort and prioritize it, as Amazon has succeeded in providing everything that the customer may need and has begun to improve its customer service and focus on what the customer wants, by improving the customer experience with the company and providing many after-sales services Amazon has become a hugely competitive position in the global market.


Through a short story between an Amazon’s customer and the company’s customer service, we can prove how the interest of serving the customers of any company to the customer will be in the interest of the company and a reason for its success, where a customer ordered from Amazon a play station as a gift for his son’s birthday, and it had a specific appointment which was supposed to be before his son’s birthday but the date came and the package did not arrive, this customer contacted amazon customer service and explained the problem, Amazon customer  service checked the status of the request and tracked it and it appeared that the package had accidentally arrived at the neighbor’s house and they signed it and left it on the doorstep resulting in the loss of the package, and the neighbor was confirmed and the story was confirmed and it was a few days left on birthday and the gift did not come, here Amazon sent a replacement package to the customer with exemption from shipping expenses to reach the gift on time, this customer was a writer in the New York Times and this customer By writing an article showing his perfect experience with Amazon to read this article millions of customers!


You should know dear reader that the company’s relationship with its customers is not only a short-term relationship that ends once the customer buys any product or subscribes to any of the services of the company or organization but is a permanent and continuous relationship by paying attention to the provision of after-sales services and analyzing the customer’s behavior, tracking his wishes, and solving his problems!


This modern system tracks and analyzes, and categorizes customer behavior so that you can develop your business methods to suit your customer segments and care more and more focused, where customer service helps you compile customer data in an orderly manner so that you can develop strategies and techniques to develop your products and services that you provide to your customers and solve their problems better, one of the most important methods that Amazon has taken is to take care of its existing customers, work to solve their problems, receive their inquiries, and take their issues into account, and therefore Amazon has easily gained their trust and belonging!


One of the most important things for any customer is to feel the interest of the companies and brands that deal with them, and even needs the company to provide easy and quick communication with him in the event of any problem or crisis, where Amazon was interested in following all sales and purchases, provided its customers with a full and comprehensive follow-up of everything that takes place within the stores of its branches, tracking shipments, accounting for products and services, calculating sales and profits, and keenly interested in following the customer’s journey, since the beginning of his interest in browsing Amazon, through its purchase to becoming a permanent customer, and the after-sales services it will provide to gain its trust and affiliation, as featured in the Story of the New York Times journalist.


These are some of the secrets of Amazon’s success in winning customers and outperforming competitors, indispensable strategies to build a professional customer service for businesses and companies, which will help you attract your potential customers and gain more new customers, so if you want to learn more about how to organize your business and manage your sales, contact us immediately to get your free consultation now.

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