What are the differences between Auto Dialer Software and IVR System?

What are the differences between Auto Dialer Software and IVR System?

The IVR System and the Auto Dialer Software are two of the most prominent technologies that advanced cloud call centers rely on to improve the performance of customer service, technical support, and sales.

Contact center companies always upgrade call center and customer service systems to meet the needs and aspirations of establishments and commercial activities looking to develop methods and mechanisms of contacting customers in more professional, higher efficiency, faster and lower-cost methods.

Bevatel offers the Auto Dialer System and IVR with professional features and many options to make and receive calls at the lowest costs and through the latest cloud call systems in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we will briefly learn about the two services and the difference between them, and the advantages and usages of each service,

IVR System

IVR is a shortened word for Interactive Voice Response

It is one of the latest advanced cloud call center system’ features.

This system allows callers to interact with your establishment or business call center and customer service systems by calling you through your unified number.

IVR: The interactive voice response to the inquiries and issues of the calling customers through some options and pre-recorded voice messages that include answers to the callers’ queries regarding the products or services offered by your organization or business.

These voice messages also include solutions to the most frequented technical issues regarding your products or services.

This system enables customers to obtain the info they want by themselves, just by calling the unified number of your establishment or business and interacting with the voice messages displayed by the system, and choosing between them until the caller gets the answers needed.

The IVR System enables you to automatically respond to customer inquiries, questions, and issues throughout the day, 24 hours a day, and without the need for customer service staff.

The IVR service process

  • Writing IVR scenarios from A to Z
  • Recording voice message scenarios in required languages
  • Arranging these scenarios logically serves the goals of your establishment or business
  • Uploading these voice messages to the call center system (through which the service will be operated)
  • When a customer calls, the system automatically displays these messages. So that the customer chooses options that answer his inquiries or solve issues with your organization’s products or services.

We can briefly explain one of the scenarios of the IVR Service in points as follows:-

مرحبًا بكم في بيفاتيل

Welcome to Bevatel

للغة العربية، اضغط (1)

For English, press (2)

( 1 )

For customer service, please press (1)

For technical support, please press No. (2)


What are the differences between Auto Dialer Software and IVR System?

Usages of the IVR Service

Many establishments and commercial activities utilize this program for many purposes and advantages that they can benefit from, and we can mention the most prominent of them in brief points as follows:-

  • Provide regular customer service 24 hours/day
  • Provide technical support and solve customers’ frequent issues
  • Conducting surveys for marketing purposes
  • To subscribe to services and make reservations

IVR Recording Advantages

This service provides you with many advantages and options that help you improve the performance of customer service and technical support departments in your establishment or business. We mention the most prominent of these advantages in brief points as follows:

  • Reduce waiting time for each customer
  • Increase customer satisfaction with the service provided and with your company in general.
  • Responding to customer inquiries and solving their issues during off-duty hours
  • Reduce costs and use a mini number of customer service staff
  • Providing regular customer service and technical support 24 hours a day

Auto dialer software

It is one of the advanced cloud call center solutions provided by Bevatel for establishments and businesses that seek to improve the performance of their customer service, sales, and technical support departments.

This system enables you to automatically call and communicate with specific lists of contacts for your establishment or business or display voice messages about your offers or services for them to hear.

This system automatically communicates with the customers you want to contact through a specific order and at the times that you schedule in advance.

This feature, along with the IVR System, is one of the most prominent call center services that establishments and businesses utilize to improve the performance of sales, marketing, technical support, and customer service departments.

Auto dialer software process

  • Upload files (sheets) that contain the customers’ phone numbers you want to contact automatically to the system
  • Upload audio files or audio surveys that you want to display when customers answer the call
  • Determine the dates you want the system to contact customers automatically
  • Determine the mechanism for distributing calls to customer service, sales, or technical support staff
  • The system automatically calls your customers’ phone numbers in order
  • When the customer answers the call, the call is automatically and quickly transferred to one of the customer service or sales and technical support staff as an incoming call received by the employee. (In the case if the purpose of the calling is to talk directly with the customer).
  • If the purpose of the call is to inform the customer of new offers, a change in working hours, or a specific survey or other after the customer answers the call, the system displays the required voice messages.

Auto dialer system usages

The auto dialer software is one of the latest advanced cloud call center techniques.

It is indispensable for many institutions and commercial activities to improve the mechanisms and working methods of their departments, achieve the company’s objectives, and increase sales and profits.

We can briefly mention the most prominent usages of this system in some points as follows:-

  • Contact a large number of clients and individuals.
  • Contact for telesales purposes
  • Communication for marketing and promotion of products, advertisements, and services
  • Auto communication with individuals for awareness and warning about defined issues or topics
  • Auto contact with lists of individuals to conduct surveys and obtain feedback

Auto dialer service advantages

Bevatel provides Auto Dialer Software with many options and professional features for establishments and commercial activities to help them develop the mechanisms of sales, technical support, customer service, and marketing departments for them at the lowest costs.

We mention the most prominent advantages of this service in the following points:-

  • Automatically connect to desired contacts
  • Scheduling customer calls
  • Automatically distribute calls to your employees
  • Save time to contact each customer individually

In addition to the advantages mentioned above,

The auto dialer system is one of the most prominent and indispensable cloud call center solutions for establishments and businesses to increase customers satisfaction and increase profits and sales by developing the work mechanisms of customer service, marketing, sales, and technical support departments.

In general, successful companies seek to keep pace with global developments in advanced cloud call center solutions. And it always usages the latest systems that help it achieve its goals and increase its sales, including the IVR System, self-communication, and other systems and solutions that help it develop its work mechanisms and gain satisfaction. Its clients.

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