10 Usages for API WhatsApp Business

10 Usages for API WhatsApp Business

API WhatsApp Business is a powerful and effective tool for businesses to enhance their communication with customers and improve their services.

It allows companies to interact with customers personally and instantly through the popular WhatsApp platform. You can utilize It in various ways, such as customer support, customer notifications, conversational marketing, and developing custom applications.

By utilizing WhatsApp API, companies can respond to customer inquiries, provide technical support, and deliver information about products and services quickly and reliably. 

Companies can also configure automated messages supported by artificial intelligence to address common questions and guide customers to relevant information.


By using API WhatsApp Business from Bevatel, companies can improve their business operations, increase customer engagement, and build solid and sustainable relationships with them. We highlight multiple use cases for you:

  1. Customer support
  2. Sending notifications and alerts
  3. Marketing conversations
  4. Developing custom applications
  5. Scheduling appointments
  6. Sending payment reminders
  7. Post-sales support
  8. Answer frequently asked questions
  9. Escalating complicated queries to employees
  10. Secure and robust conversations


1- Customer Support

The API WhatsApp Business allows companies to provide high-quality customer support. Companies can quickly and effectively respond to inquiries and issues raised by customers. 

You can utilize Automated responses AI configured to address common queries and guide customers to additional information or resources. 

You can utilize API can also be used to manage conversations and enhance the customer experience through features such as queue management and conversation distribution between customers and employees.


2- Notifications and Alerts

Companies can use the WhatsApp API for Business to send important notifications and alerts to customers quickly and reliably. For example, you can use this feature to inform customers about current promotions, product updates, order status, and other relevant changes.

In addition, by using the API WhatsApp Business from Bevatel, companies can configure custom messages and send them to customers based on specific events, such as notifying customers about the delivery time of their orders or changes in the business schedule.


3- Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing campaigns are one of the critical uses of the API WhatsApp Business. Companies can send personalized and targeted marketing messages AI to customers via WhatsApp.

You can use this feature to launch new products, promote special offers, send alerts about ongoing promotional campaigns, and provide WhatsApp-exclusive promotional codes to targeted customers. 

Leveraging performance analytics, companies can measure and improve the success of their marketing campaigns to achieve better results.


4- Application Development

The API WhatsApp Business allows developers to build custom applications according to company needs. These applications can enhance the customer experience by integrating company-specific customer service capabilities, providing a WhatsApp-based ordering and payment interface, and delivering custom interactive content to customers.


5- Appointment Scheduling

Companies can easily schedule appointments with customers using the WhatsApp API from Bevatel. You can do this by sending automated messages with available appointment options, allowing customers to select and confirm their preferred time slots. This feature contributes to organizing and improving the customer experience.


10 Usages for API WhatsApp Business

6- Payment Reminders

Sending reminders to customers regarding outstanding payments is critical for companies. The API WhatsApp Business can automatically send such reminders supported by artificial intelligence, helping improve collection rates and avoid payment delays.


7- Post-Sales Support

Companies can use the WhatsApp API from Bevatel to support and assist customers after the sales process. In addition, customers can communicate with the company to resolve issues or request assistance, enhancing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.


8- Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Providing automatic and instant answers to frequently asked questions is one of the key benefits of using the WhatsApp API from Bevatel.

Automated responses supported by artificial intelligence can be configured for common and repetitive questions, saving time and effort for the company and helping deliver quick and accurate answers to customers.


9- Escalating Complicated Queries to Agents

For complicated queries requiring specialized assistance, the WhatsApp API from Bevatel can route the conversation to the appropriate agents. This feature can be done seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring technical and comprehensive responses to customers and enhancing their satisfaction.


10- Strong and Secure Conversations

The WhatsApp API for Business enables strong and secure conversations AI between the company and customers. The content shared between the parties is encrypted, ensuring the confidentiality of the information and protecting it from unauthorized access.


In conclusion, using the API WhatsApp Business is a critical step for companies aiming to improve customer service and enhance the user experience. By leveraging its numerous features, companies can achieve instant responses supported by artificial intelligence, personalized experiences, support provision, escalation of complicated queries, appointment scheduling, payment reminders, post-sales support, and marketing conversions, and ensure robust and secure conversations.


With WhatsApp API, companies can build strong, trusted customer relationships, achieve personalized and distinctive experiences, and improve operational efficiency. If you want to communicate with customers more effectively and succeed in business, using the WhatsApp API from Bevatel might be the ideal solution.


You can take advantage of the benefits of API WhatsApp Business and incorporate them into your business strategy to achieve success and excellence in today’s business world.

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