4 Ways to take advantage of your angry client

4 Ways to take advantage of your angry client

4 Ways to take advantage of your angry client

Customers are different in terms of their nature, culture, problems, especially what may arouse their feelings, and here we find that there are a lot of reasons and mistakes that may be unintentional to cause customer anger and may even amount to the loss of an angry customer! Where the angry customer is characterized by a set of qualities that distinguish him from other customers, which the representative of customer service must then take care of the situation strongly and take into account what that customer feels, he may be quick to anger and sense of provocation, may raise his voice and speak sharply and angry, sometimes the angry customer may lose his temper and attack an employee or customer service employee and abuse them inappropriately, which calls for calm and rational behavior of customer service representatives to control the situation as quickly as possible time.

So a lot of entrepreneurs and marketing experts have worked to find the best ways and means that may take advantage of the moment of customer anger to become a permanent customer and change his outlook for your company or organization, through some smart strategies and methods you will be able to solve the problems of your angry customers, control the situation, achieve the greatest satisfaction of your customers, and we will mention the most important of those strategies in the following paragraphs.

At first, You shouldn’t neglect your clients‘ complaint.

If you want to control your angry client, you should never neglect his complaint or underestimate it or his problem, if the angry customer at the beginning of the call feels some disdain or lack of interest in his problem only causes his anger to worsen and cannot be controlled afterward, so customer service representatives should follow a set of steps and alerts that should be avoided and not done during the angry customer conversation for the first time:

  1. Customer service representatives should stay away from degrading responses 
  2. A customer service representative should avoid speaking with sharp, aggressive, or even high voice 
  3. You must keep in mind that an angry agent can’t think quietly. 
  4. Customer service representatives cannot blame the customer if the error is from the company itself 
  5. Dodging the problem would damage the company’s entire reputation.

Second, You have to deal with the problem immediately

An angry customer is a current customer of the company, he may be involved in one of your company’s services or has purchased one of your products, but he has encountered some problems in using it, so it is your task and your duty to help him solve it to gain his confidence and succeed in transferring it to a permanent customer.

 so, you must hear your customer until the end, bear his complaint and his current anger, and then determine his problem accurately and confirm all the causes of the problem, then you can determine whether that problem is wrong from the company or the customer! Not all problems may be due to companies some customers may misuse products causing their deficiencies or damage, then blame the company, so you must determine who is wrong accurately, and here comes the decision to solve the problem, and we have three solutions through which you will be able to gain the trust of your customer and gain satisfaction as well and the most important of these solutions:

– Apology reduces guilt.

If the company is the cause of this problem, you should apologize to the customer, to calm him down, and to reduce the anger he suffers, apologizing is an ideal solution that may forgive the companies for their mistakes, and the apology may reduce the fault, especially if the problem is small or a problem that can be solved, then the customer will often accept the apology and will succeed in turning it into a satisfied and permanent customer.

– Offer solutions and alternatives

If we assume that the problem is from the client or the company or both of them, in any case as a customer service representative you should study the problem well, then start to offer the solutions and alternatives available, and offer all the choices to the customer to make him participate in the matter, and help him choose the best solution suitable for his problem and condition, not all solutions are suitable for all customers, some solutions require the need of the customer to wait some days and may reach months, and often the waiting solution is an inappropriate solution for all customers, especially angry From them, he wants to solve his problem immediately, so you can offer different solutions and agree on the most appropriate solution and implement it and work to solve the problem directly.

– Make up for the angry client

Sometimes we may meet situations for angry customers who are very complex! you may offer solutions to your client and various alternatives, and you solve the problem already as soon as possible, but in the end, you will not get the customer’s satisfaction, but may remain angry with you and unhappy, and here it is necessary to provide compensation of any kind, whether material or moral especially if the company is wrong against the customer, or if the company’s products cause harm to the customer and here must be compensated with a formal and gentle apology to the customer to feel that the company cares about him and appreciates him.


4 Ways to take advantage of your angry client

Third, You have to provide after-sales services

Don’t imagine that if you apologize to your client and satisfy him, your mission is over here! You must even provide after-sales services, which play a major role, especially in gaining customer confidence and interest and thus turning them into permanent customers of the company, where one of the most important after-sales services:

  • After-sales services help follow existing customers and ensure their satisfaction with the service or product
  • After-sales services track different customer needs
  • These services help identify real weaknesses in products and services for future treatment
  • This service enables you to provide the best technical and professional support to your angry customers, which makes them feel interested.
  • Through these services, you will be able to achieve so-called customer affiliation and thus gain their trust.

Fourth and foremost, You have to put your angry client in your priorities

One of the most important strategies is to put the angry customer in the priorities, look for what he needs to give him, look for what angers him to avoid, or to look for quick solutions to those emergency problems, always put him in the foreground, the client likes to feel preferred by the company, and feel the attention, and many ways can achieve this, the most important of which are:

  • Engaging customers in competitions and awards 
  • Offer offers and discounts to customers
  • Invite customers to company events
  • Providing after-sales technical support services
  • Alert customers to all new company events
  • Send new services or products to customers 
  • Share your customers’ events such as congratulating them on holidays

These are some strategies and methods that will help you control your angry customer with ease, and you will even succeed in turning it into a permanent customer of your company, and you will gain his confidence and belonging as well! So, if you want to learn more about how to deal with your customers, and how you succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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