How can you measure the success of the call center in your company?

How can you measure the success of the call center

“Not every call center is successful!” Yes, not every call center is thriving; there is a wide range of criteria that may determine whether it has succeeded in completing its functions designed to perform or if there is a deficiency in any of its elements or components.


The success of the center is not evaluated by its size or the size of customers belonging to your business or company. Still, the evaluation or standards are built on the basis and rules developed by strategists to ensure the success and survival of the call center amid great competition governed by several criteria, the most important of which are summarized in points as follows:

  1. Calls
  2. Service
  3. team
  4. Customer


First standard: “Calls.”

One of the most essential functions of any call center is to receive and direct calls; through that standard we can determine the success of your business center in the performance of its functions or failure to perform it, and we can mention the most important things that can judge the success of the center’s performance in receiving calls as follows:


a) Call-taking speed:

It’s an important criterion that may show us how thriving the center and employees are; the faster your position is to receive various customer calls the more successful it is than its market competitors, and this will help it gain customer confidence and satisfaction.


b) The volume of accepted calls:

Knowing the acceptable call rate helps us determine whether the Call Center system can receive and accept an appropriate number of calls as soon as possible and if it has answered or answered calls in the case of marketing campaigns, which also helps to assess the success of the campaign, and to determine its results and methods used to manage and improve it in the future.


c) Blocked calls volume:

By that standard we can determine the size of calls that have not been made or rejected, or even not received or answered; they help us determine how busy customer service representatives are about answering customer calls or if their number is insufficient to receive that many calls, and we can also determine if the call center is not equipped or prepared to receive a large number of calls, whether in terms of systems, devices or team.


d) The volume of successful calls:

This percentage helps us determine the volume of calls that the Center has succeeded in receiving and completing, whether it is a response to inquiries or solving a problem; it shows how efficient the center is in answering calls, the speed of the team, and its ability to perform its tasks to the fullest.


Second standard: “Service.”

a) Quality of service:

It is one of the critical indicators that help us assess the performance of any call center; by determining the quality of service provided, whether excellent or very bad, we will be able to determine whether it can perform its functions and satisfying your organization’s customers.


b) Service delivery speed:

With that standard we can determine if the center is equipped to solve customer problems; the faster the service provided, the more it adds to the center and makes it more efficient than competitors, and the longer the service provided after such a long time as problem-solving after a long time, which may cause customer anger, it is a sign of the center’s incompetence.


c) Easy access to the service:

One of the most important criteria that may help us evaluate your Call Central is easy to access to the service; if you are not always available or difficult to reach you or your services, it affects the efficiency of your company or organization and sometimes causes customer loss.


d) Service information is available:

One of the most important things that may distinguish your call center is the availability of the service; the center should help customers provide all the information they need, whether about their queries or requests or even solutions to their problems.


Third standard: “Team.”

a) Tact in speaking:

One of the most important conditions that determine the success of the Call Center team is tact and urbanization in talking to customers; the team must be proficient in the language of dialogue, speak the language that suits its customers and their social and intellectual level, and select its words and vocabulary accurately according to each position.


b) Care about the situation:

One of the most critical points to consider on which the efficiency of the call center team and the entire center is determined by the interest of customer service representatives in different situations. As an example a situation such as a problem facing a customer, the employee must take care of the problem and apologize to the customer, and inform him about all related to his problem and how to solve it, thus gaining the trust of the client and his affiliation with the organization.


c) Calm and patience:

It is an essential specification through which the Call Center team is judged in your company or organization; if employees are calm and patient in solving problems, they help them reduce and relieve customer anger, contain situations without emotion or anger, helping to gain customer love and confidence in your business.


d) Knowledge and learning:

This feature must be strongly available in any customer service representative to ensure the success of the center; the employee must be aware of all the information about the services and products provided by your business and must be able to adequately answer all customer inquiries and questions, especially in the event of any problems, the employee must have the ability to answer all questions, and put different solutions to the customer intelligently and quickly to be able to solve them as soon as possible.


How can you measure the success of the call center


Fourth standard: “Customers.”

a) Control customer anger:

One of the most important criteria that helps judge the success of your business call center is the ability to control the anger of your clients; customers are quick to get angry when their problems are not solved or exposed to any obstacles or problems in the first place, which calls on the company to use the best methods and techniques that can reduce customer anger and calm their horror.


b) Answer customer inquiries:

It is an essential condition that helps to evaluate any center and any company; customers always have a lot of questions and inquiries about the services or products you provide, so you must provide them with all the means to help them reach you and prepare all the answers that satisfy their desire to know to gain the trust of your customers and their affiliation to your brand.


c) Solve customer problems:

It is one of the necessary criteria for judging any center; one of the essential functions of any call center is to solve the problems of customers and communicate with them and improve various relationships and connections; if the center is not able to solve the problems of its customers quickly and appropriately, and its inability to provide support to its customers is thus totally unsuccessful. It needs a lot of plans to be improved.


d) After-sales services:

It is a meaningful way to prove whether the center is thriving. It helps in its evaluation, namely after-sales services provided to customers, which play a significant role, especially in gaining customer confidence and interest and thus turning them into actual customers of the company, where one of the most essential after-sales services:

  • After-sales services help follow existing customers and ensure their satisfaction with the service or product
  • After-sales services track different customer
  • These services help identify fundamental weaknesses in products and services for future treatment
  • This service enables you to provide the best professional and technical support to your angry customers, which makes them feel interested.
  • Through these services, you will be able to achieve so-called customer affiliation and thus gain their trust

These are some of the criteria and indicators that will help you measure the success of your business or organization’s call center and will even improve its performance in the future, so if you want to learn more about how to improve your call center performance and evaluate your employees, and how you succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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