Benefits of designing a CRM system for tourism companies

Benefits of designing a CRM system for tourism companies

Benefits of designing a CRM system for tourism companies

The establishment of the CRM system for tourism and booking companies helps them facilitate and organize the workflow and is even one of the most important reasons for their success and excellence in the market.


Travel and booking companies are increasing daily and numbering more than thousands in the global market, and these companies seek to win the customer during intense competition, and that is why that sector of companies and institutions needs a system to help them organize their dealings with customers, facilitate their access, in addition to strengthening relations between the company and its customers, carrying out all transactions and completing all sales and purchases, in addition to receiving all incoming customer calls, whatever its purpose whether booking tickets, inquiries or complaints, as well as directing calls to customers Such as alert calls and flight appointments, and even to help them in marketing campaigns for corporate offers, by offering tourist programs to customers in different and varied ways such as SMS, phone calls or email.


Customers and tourists are certainly the first and most important priority for any tour company or booking company in the world, and to gain the satisfaction of tourists or travelers and their affiliation, especially after the proliferation of many travel and tourism companies that offer outstanding services and high quality in the market, so as the owner of a tour company or the owner of a booking company you should show your interest in the customer and feel that it is one of your priorities! Especially in the field of travel and tourism, it is one of the most required areas for companies to pay extra attention to their customers and implement their wishes and requests and provide all the services and facilities they may need such as payment and booking services online, choose different tourist appointments and programs, to make them feel that they are among your priorities and that you are interested in implementing their wishes.


For several years, a group of experts has been able to design and create the most modern customer relations management system for tour and travel companies known as CRM, which has become a communications system for all owners of tourism companies and various booking companies, it is an easy and ideal tool to help all domestic or foreign tourism companies to do all their work, from the presentation of their tourism programs and offers to the participation of customers in their services, preference and confidence in them, it is an advanced system that provides a large sector of These companies have a range of tools and methods that make tourists and customers choose and prefer them despite the many competitors in the global market, and we stand here at a very important question: “What is CRM? What are the benefits of designing and establishing a CRM system for tourism and booking companies?! “Therefore, in the following article Bevatel for Communications solutions and Call Center will help you answer all the questions that may arise in your mind when mentioning the term CRM in the tourism sector, so don’t miss that useful reading!


First: What is CRM’s system for tourism and bookings?

CRM is simply an abbreviation of the word “Customer Relationship Management”, a complete and diverse set of tools and technology that is modern and advanced to manage the customer relationships of tour companies, travel companies, and various bookings, it is a modern and intelligent system that helps the owners of those companies and tourism institutions collect the data of customers, tourists or travelers, and their personal information, and then analyzes and categorizes them to eventually obtain organized information and numbers that can be analyzed To form all the services provided and ways to communicate with different types of customers in accordance with their wishes and needs.


CRM is a genius system that aims to collect, analyze and manage all the customer data of travel companies or various bookings, from recording and keeping their personal information, through analysis of customer behavior and problems, to achieving a better experience for existing customers and gaining more new customers, where CRM provides the owners of these tourism organizations with the latest information about their customers in real-time so that they can easily extract analysis and reports that help all employees in that sector to determine the basic requirements of the tourist or traveler, Provide all the services and facilities it needs.


Second: What is the importance of CRM’s system for tourism and bookings?

Any tourism activity, large or small, or even targeting certain areas or seeking to publicize the name of his company at the local or international level, desperately needs a CRM system, it offers a lot of benefits, which we can summarize in the following points:

  • CRM helps you communicate effectively with tourists and travelers
  • CRM provides tracking the wishes of prospective customers or tourists
  • CRM provides the possibility to target potential customers
  • Through CRM, existing customer problems can be identified and resolved
  • CRM helps tour companies save and record all tourist or customer data
  • Through that system, you can manage your marketing campaigns with ease.
  • Through this system, it is possible to study the behavior of tourists and their reactions to tourism programs.
  • Through this system, we can work to improve the quality of services provided in the future.
  • The system helps you know the usual tourist or traveler requirements and predict what might interest him.
  • The system provides you with detailed reports and statistics performance analysis of the most important places or tourist programs, profits, number of passengers, and bookings per month.

All these points mentioned are some of the most important benefits that may help you in your business as a tour operator, travel, or booking company, and you might wonder if you need that system? Will it help you if you have a small tourism company? Or is it a condition that you are the owner of a huge tourist institution?! Will that system be more effective for existing customers? Or is it suitable for all kinds of customers and tourists current and new?! That’s what we’ll know with Bevatel in the next paragraph.


Benefits of designing a CRM system for tourism companies

Third: What are the benefits of designing and establishing a CRM system for tourism and booking companies?

Tourism and booking companies are part of the tourism sector and need the CRM system to regulate their relationships with tourists and travelers, through CRM will be able to track the wishes of their prospective customers, target potential customers, help them identify the problems of their current customers and work to solve them by studying customer behavior and reactions, organizing appointments, reservations, and requests by saving and recording all customer data, improving communication with them in an effective, flexible and interactive way, and following up customer problems and needs in addition to regulating the conduct of financial transactions and reservations.


CRM helps to develop and organize various sales and bookings processes, by following the customer’s or tourist’s journey from the beginning of his interest in the services of any tourism organization, his desire to favor its services, and attract him to succeed in making him turn into a permanent customer, as well as the system will help you achieve constant and continuous communication with all your potential and current customers, as well as help identify, analyze and classify potential tourists, with the possibility of measuring customer satisfaction with the services provided and customer service as well, and the most important examples of these benefits or Uses that any owner of a tour company, booking company, or even the manager of any tourism institution can make from using CRM as follows:


1- Processing of tourist and customer data

One of the most important uses you will meet is to process customer data, financial transactions, and booking requests accurately, a system that allows you to collect, analyze and manage all your customers’ data, in four steps:

a- Collect customer data:

Initially, the system collects the data of your current and potential customers when dealing with your tour company, collecting various types of data, whether personal data such as age, function, nationality, social status, place of residence, contact data such as phone numbers, social media accounts, and even collect income and physical status data for tourists such as determining the size of income, purchasing power, and other data.

b- Analysis of customer data:

Here begins the stage or step of entering and distributing data according to the type of data or its function, for example, personal data is analyzed and entered into the section assigned to it and then saved, as well as the client’s dealings it helps the tour company to know the personality of the customer dealing with it whether it is class A, B or C, so that the company can develop the appropriate tourism programs for each class individually, and will even be able to complete all transactions according to those data analyzed.

c- Save customer data:

Data preservation is an important and necessary step, through which you will be able to save all your customers’ data with organization and accuracy so that you can return to it with ease when a customer wishes to inquire about a tourist program or trip, or even if you wish to know the booking dates and payment methods or file a complaint, but CRM system enjoys security and privacy where it allows you strong and secure databases, and therefore will not be compromised, and will maintain On your customers’ data in complete confidentiality with ease and without concern.

d- Activating customer data:

One of the most important uses of this advanced system is the ability to quickly retrieve and activate data at any time with ease, and you can even modify and develop that data through an easy-to-use interface, which acts as a permanent storage memory or as a document that you can refer to at any time.


2- Interacting with tourists and customers

This advanced system gives you the advantage of maintaining continuous and uninterrupted communication with all your current and potential customers, where you can receive queries and complaints from all tourists through the live chat room, email, or phone calls, but you will be able to manage all your contacts, target all customer numbers and data you need about them, and you can also direct different calls to all your customers whether to inform them of some new programs or cruises, confirm booking processes or flight times, And other updates and different purposes that this genius system allows you to interact with your customers with ease.


3- Improving tourism services

It is one of the advanced systems that help all tourism institutions and various booking and travel companies, it is a flexible system that can be easily linked to other systems, and even allows business owners the ability to follow up on all operations and transactions with their customers such as booking processes and all financial transactions, providing full and comprehensive follow-up of everything that takes place within tourism institutions, calculating interest and profits, as well as detailed reports and analysis of all reservations and details and what resulted from them.


So, if you’re looking for the best CRM system to suit the size and type of your tourism activity, the answer to that question lies in Bevatel for Communications solutions and CRM systems, more than fifteen years of experience in modern communications with its services and solutions to bring you to success not only at the local level but also success worldwide! That’s why we at Bevatel for Communications solutions and Call Center provide different CRM packages for all businesses and companies, and you can choose between those packages in line with your brand, type, customer size, and more details about Bevatel packages here.

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