10 steps to manage and connect your company’s social media

10 steps to manage and connect your company

“Today, brands that behave like humans, friendly, loved, and honest should be created,” says Philip Cutler

In his book Marketing 4.0. What customers want, address their problems, and share their interests, which they can do through social media accounts and the power of social media, any organization or company if you want to communicate effectively and directly with their customers, and to strengthen links and relationships, they can do so with ease from Through e-marketing through social media platforms.

But there are a lot of obstacles that businesses may encounter when they want to spread to Social Media, it takes a lot of steps and strategies that need to be studied and identified before starting to create company accounts on those platforms, especially if some companies are international or global they need plans and methods to help them reach each country in a way that suits the customs and traditions of those countries, as we know that Social Media is a double-edged sword if you use it in the right way, it will win millions of customers, and if you use it Wrongly you will lose all your customers, your company reputation and your brand in seconds!

To manage and connect your business or organization’s social media channels, you should follow a range of indispensable methods or steps to manage any social media account, and we will help you dear reader to understand these steps in the next article, so don’t miss reading them!

  1. Choose the right platforms for your brand
  2. Follow your competitors on Social Media
  3. Find what your customers and followers love
  4. Develop a strategy to manage your accounts
  5. Provide strong and required content
  6. Protect your accounts on Social Media
  7. E-marketing campaigns
  8. Connecting Social Media Systems
  9. Professional Chatbot Design
  10. Analysis of results


First: “Choose the right platforms for your company”

One of the first steps to start when thinking about marketing through social media platforms is to identify which platforms will benefit you and help you, and what platforms your customers are on, as we know that the number of users of social media platforms reaches 3.8 billion users around the world, representing about 50% of the world’s population! Social media apps abound, but the most famous can be mentioned such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Viber, Pinterest, Skype, and many others, but your customers may be present on only a few platforms of everything mentioned earlier, and here comes the necessity and importance of determining:

  • What platforms are your customers on?
  • How many customers are users per app?
  • How active are your customers on these platforms?
  • Which platforms fit the nature of your business?


Second: “Follow your competitors on Social Media”

After the step of selecting the platforms on which you will engage in your marketing activity, comes the step of looking for competitors in your field, which is one of the most important steps to start and work to identify them accurately, the search for and follow-up competitors help you in several things, the most important of which are:

  • Determine the strategy your competitors are working on
  • Identify the methods and techniques used by your competitors
  • Determine the shape of the content that is being used
  • Find out what customers look like and how big they are
  • Determine the size of the interaction and the strength of the competitor
  • Analysis of the results of their marketing campaigns


Third: “Find what your customers and followers love”

After you take the step of searching for competitors, following them, and analyzing their accounts on Social Media, you will be able to identify many important points that will then help you create content that your customers love and push them to follow and interact with you, where you will be able to find out the following:

  • What do customers like so much?
  • What do customers prefer to follow on Social Media?
  • What are the trends that followers are looking for?
  • What are the most talked-about topics customers talk about?
  • What are the most controversial issues among your customers?
  • What problems are customers looking for solutions to?
  • What are the most interactive ways for your customers to interact?


Fourth: “Develop a strategy to manage your accounts”

In this step, you will have fully realized what you will do, based on previous steps, where you will have to design a complete strategy to help you manage your accounts on Social Media, and that strategy may include several important parts that we mention to you in points:

  • Market Study
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Brand Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths – Weaknesses – Threats – Opportunities)
  • Audience analysis
  • objectives & goals
  • Identify tactics
  • Action Plan
  • Control plan


Fifth: “Providing strong and required content”

We come here for a step that needs to be well studied, content may help reach and attract your customers, or may cause the loss of your customers, the content should be as follows:

  • To be clear and simple.
  • To be suitable for your customers’ culture
  • Language and style should be suitable for the nature of your customers
  • The designs should be simple but creative.
  • Be away from padding or repetition
  • To use new ideas with trends
  • To provide real benefit to customers
  • Share your interests in content
  • The content should be varied between written, visual, and audio


Sixth: “Protect and secure your accounts”

You can’t manage your accounts without securing them and protecting them from theft or piracy, as you can easily do so by:

  • Choose strong and easy passwords
  • Change passwords periodically
  • Follow any strange activity on your accounts
  • Sign in with more than one email so you can restore your accounts in case of theft
  • Stay away from unknown links
  • Activate interaction on your different accounts to ensure yourself from penetration


Seventh: “E-marketing campaigns”

If you want to target your customers better, you should use ads or what’s known as e-marketing campaigns, helping you accurately identify and target your customers by location, interests, age, work, etc., which increases interaction on your accounts and significantly increases your followers but helps increase traffic to your website and significantly increase sales.


Eighth: “Connecting Social Media Systems”

We come up with one of the most effective steps that will make you outperform all your competitors, namely connecting social media channels, as this method will help you send and receive all your customers’ messages and conversations on all your accounts on social media platforms in just one platform with an interactive, smart and simple-to-use interface, in addition to your ability to manage all sales and purchases and complete all your tasks through that platform in easy steps, it allows you an infinite number of users, allows you to receive a huge number of messages, and will help you manage your campaigns. On all your social media accounts, as well as receiving all feedback and messages from your customers, following them, and analyzing their results.


10 steps to manage and connect your company

Ninth: “Professional Chatbot Design”

This step is essential for any company, known as an automatic or automated response, a sophisticated system that helps you respond to all your customers’ conversations automatically through responses or messages recorded according to custom or public templates, and that chatbot can identify and track potential customers, and you will be able to respond to all your customers at any time with professional responses to all your marketing campaigns.


At last: “Analysis of results”

One of the most important steps that may help you improve work on social media platforms is to follow and analyze performance, by extracting detailed reports on the marketing campaigns of all conversations that have been made, who has done them, and what has resulted from those conversations, whether sales or purchases, answering queries, or resolved problems, and helping to evaluate the performance of employees, as well as helping to evaluate the performance of the company as a whole, and thus improve future business methods.

These are some of the steps and methods that will help you manage your social media accounts, connect social media channels to your company, so if you want to learn more about how to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns, and how you succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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