The latest WhatsApp API technologies to develop business Messaging

The latest WhatsApp API technologies to develop business Messaging

The WhatsApp Business API from Bevatel provides more professional features, capabilities, and tools that enable businesses to overcome various communication problems with customers by communicating with customers. through a single platform for all communication channels.

With the Bevatel Business Chat system, you can easily register for a WhatsApp Business API account and manage your entire WhatsApp Business account with many AI-powered chatbot features and many options and tools to communicate with customers.

Now, let’s look at the features of Bevatel Business Chat for hosting business conversation.

Receive all your business conversations in one inbox for all channels

Medium and large companies usually have multiple WhatsApp accounts for their different branches or sales locations.

Thus, these companies must regularly be on popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Instagram.

Dealing with messages from multiple sources is a challenge, but you can consolidate all the channels your customers use into a mailbox for all social media.

This feature allows you to manage all your conversations in one place with many features, options, and tools to communicate with customers for sales, technical support, and customer service purposes.

By integrating all channels in one place, you can consolidate customer data from those channels into one place, making it easier to deliver a genuinely comprehensive professional customer experience across channels.

Merge Contacts (unified profile for a customer)

By communicating with customers across multiple channels, the same customer is more likely to communicate with you through different channels.

This feature can lead to issues such as customers having to re-submit their personal information and frequent problems when communicating with customer service personnel.

Using Bevatel Business Chat, companies can merge conversations from different channels into a single conversation thread to get a unified customer profile.

For example, if a customer previously contacted you on Instagram but then decided to send you a message via WhatsApp, you can merge those conversations to get a detailed customer profile in one place.

This feature helps you identify repeat customers, identify recurring problems, and make successful customer assistance decisions.

Auto set conversations

Instead of the WhatsApp Business app allowing employees to select conversations without supervision, with WhatsApp Business API manually, managers can ensure equal distribution of conversations among employees by using the workflow builder tool in Bevatel Business Chat.

Managers can build AI-powered chatbot funnels to assign conversations to employees, such as distributing conversations evenly among employees and assigning conversations to employees with the fewest open conversations

This feature allows managers to monitor and track the employees responsible for each conversation easily.

To prioritize high-value customers, managers can automatically assign them to specific employees, and if you want to monitor their interactions, you can create custom inboxes to distinguish these conversations from everyday conversations.

This feature allows managers to track and supervise conversations with high-value clients, ensuring they get the best possible assistance.

WhatsApp Business API Features with Bevatel Business Chat

Bevatel WhatsApp Business API provides many professional features and tools for organizations and commercial activities to communicate with customers for sales, technical support, and customer service.

  • Manage your WhatsApp account professionally
  • Sending notifications via WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Developing operations using chatbots
  • Carry out complex tasks automatically
  • Linking with different systems and business solutions
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports and analyzes

Professional WhatsApp account management

With the Bevatel Business Chat system, you can manage your WhatsApp Business API account in the messaging module on the Bevatel platform. You can also create message templates and submit them for approval.

If you have a WhatsApp Business account and want to take advantage of these features, you can easily link your account with Bevatel Business Chat without downtime.

Then, you can make use of message templates to send WhatsApp notifications. You can create predefined templates for messages you must send regularly, such as appointment alerts or account updates.

Then you can use these templates to send instant, formatted messages to customers via WhatsApp to improve communication efficiency and save time and effort in sending notifications and updates to your customers faster and more professionally.

Send notifications via WhatsApp Broadcast

You can easily schedule and send Broadcast notifications via WhatsApp Business API using Bevatel Business Chat.

WhatsApp Business notifications are very effective as they alert recipients when they receive new messages and are more likely to be read than regular emails or text messages.

The Bevatel system allows you to schedule and send your target customers’ broadcast notifications, such as promotional messages, important customer updates, etc.

 You can segment your audience and target specific groups of customers with customized messages tailored to their interests and needs or to the services they subscribe to

Additionally, you can use WhatsApp campaign analytics to get insights and reports on existing campaigns.

And you can use the data you’ve collected to understand campaign performance and evaluate its effectiveness. This feature helps you improve strategies for future podcast campaigns and achieve better results.

Develop business operations with chatbots

The Bevatel Business Chat system enables organizations and commercial activities to automatically manage and implement sales, customer service, and technical support operations.

Thus, Bevatel facilitates different business processes by creating workflow scenarios from scratch or using existing templates.

Bevatel also allows you to automate conversations and tasks of any size or complexity.

For example, you can design personalized automated chats for customers based on their messages or responses in pre-chat surveys. Then, you can automatically route and assign them to the right team and employee quickly and efficiently.

This feature saves much time for employees to manually ask the same questions to customers to get the required information. Instead, this process is implemented automatically and orderly, enhancing the work team’s efficiency and improving the customer experience.

Automate complicated tasks

Managers can automate complicated tasks such as customer satisfaction surveys, shift conversions, and issue escalations with the Shortcut Trigger button.

This feature helps you automate tasks faster, reduce human errors and switch between different systems.

 With this feature, employees can focus on chatting with customers, providing quality assistance, or quickly escalating cases by clicking the Shortcut Trigger button and filling out a short form.

You can utilize this feature to communicate with external platforms and exchange information between the different systems connected to the Bevatel Business Chat system.

Integration with different systems

Companies can connect any different business systems and solutions with the Bevatel Business Chat system, such as:

  • Zoho
  • Google My Business
  • Salla
  • Foodics

Thanks to the flexible integration feature with Bevatel Business Chat, businesses can seamlessly exchange data between Bevatel and other platforms, ensuring smooth information flow, streamlined operations, and highly satisfying customer experiences.

Comprehensive and detailed reports and analytics

Bevatel reports allow managers to easily track employee productivity, monitor conversation statuses, measure resolution times, and other metrics.

Managers can use these reports to identify gaps or inefficiencies in processes and use the results to improve team performance and business operations regularly.

Bevatel Business Chat reports will help you evaluate the performance of customer service, technical support, and sales staff, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop performance, and even increase sales and profits.

If you want to achieve more profits and double your business’s sales, request service from Bevatel. The Bevatel Business Chat system provides WhatsApp Business API with unlimited chatbots, artificial intelligence features, and professional tools to develop business operations faster and more professionally.

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