What’s Softphone service? And 8 best features of Softphone app?

What is Softphone service

What’s Softphone service? And 8 best features of Softphone app?

The SoftPhone service is one of the most widely used tools in companies, with one click you can communicate from anywhere and at the lowest cost.

The SoftPhone service is one of the important services that has made it easier to gain customer satisfaction, so imagine the possibility of connecting from anywhere through mobile devices or any tablet or even through computers, just by connecting to the Internet.

Business owners and company managers often seek an easy and quick way to communicate well and continuously with their clients and to follow up and monitor their employees periodically, and may sometimes experience communication problems or obstacles such as distance or cost if it is an international call.

And so BEVATEL has made available the SoftPhone app, one of the most up-to-date applications for 2021, which thousands of companies have requested only to have that wonderful experience mixed with all the modern solutions to strong and fast communication with all customers from different countries with ease and flexibility, and you might want to know more! Isn’t that right?

In the next article, BEVATEL will help you by answering all the questions that you have in your mind about the services of the softphone and its features!


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  2. SoftPhone Uses
  3. 8 Features of the BEVATEL Softphone app


What is Softphone service

1- What’s softphone service?

The SoftPhone service from BEVATEL is an app that allows you to make and receive all of your customers’ and your company’s calls through the Internet.

It also allows you to make any connections from anywhere, no matter how far away your clients are, or from any cell phone or tablet, it’s an intelligent solution from BEVATEL that allows you to be flexible to communicate and quickly complete sales and purchases.

It helps you to develop your company’s business, improve your staff, gain the satisfaction of your clients and win the largest number of new clients. It must be present in any company that wants to make its plans work, develop its customer methods and even distinguish them from other companies in the market.


2- SoftPhone Uses

Softphone uses are numerous from BEVATEL, where it is used by small or large companies and enterprises, no matter how different their business or the products and services they provide.

This application allows many company managers to develop their call centers and develop customer service as a whole, it is a means of providing safe and rapid communication with customers and employees as well.

In addition to many other uses, such as assessing calls so that employers can evaluate the level of service provided by customer service representatives, this app also identifies the orientation, needs, and problems of clients by recording calls, which is the high advantage of that application, which allows you to track and record the customer’s dealings with your company so that you can then refer to it at any time.

The use of e-phone software even reaches the sending and receiving of voice mail, which opens up the possibility for companies to gain the advantage of interactive and continuous communication, and to provide multiple ways of communication for the client to feel that there is a response and interest from the company.


3- 8 Features of the BEVATEL Softphone app

Its features are numerous and even superior to any other softphone, and evidence of that is the vast number of users who still admire its unique characteristics so far.

The most important features of the SoftPhone services will be mentioned in the following points:

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility in use
  • work remotely
  • Making and receiving calls
  • Calls Recording & Forwarding
  • Caller Identity Recognizing
  • Conference Calls
  • Quality & Privacy

A) Ease of use

All you want as a company owner is easy and simple use without complications! This is what the SoftPhone app from BEVATEL allows you, where you can download it by one step on your phone from Android and IOS stores, so you can easily use it when you connect to the Internet, and also provide you with a smart, easy-to-use control panel that can track all your customers and employees from a single platform via your company’s call center headphones.


B) Flexibility in use

It allows you to download it on any cell phone or tablet, you can download it on computers as well! you can use it via your company’s call center headphones, or you can use it without requiring headphones, through a computer or mobile phone, by connecting to high-quality VoIP products so that you can better communicate only through the Internet.


C) work remotely

Many corporate managers cannot always be at the corporate headquarters, how can they achieve constant communication and follow-up on their own business? Simply through digital phone solutions that provide you with the perfect properties of ease of communication, providing you with the possibility to work from home or remotely and from anywhere, by connecting to the Internet to achieve permanent and continuous communication with customers.


D) Making and receiving calls

You can now make and receive various calls to your clients, with the least cost and the quickest way to achieve strong, uninterrupted communication, by downloading the app on your cell phone or computer and connecting it to the Internet, easy and simple steps to better communicate with your clients.


E) Calls Recording & Forwarding

It’s no longer hard to assess your employees’ calls. By applying your softphone, you can record all your clients’ calls to evaluate your customer service team, to identify and quickly resolve your clients’ queries and problems, and you can transfer incoming calls from your clients to relevant departments to facilitate task-splitting and problem-solving, which will help you organize and manage your clients’ calls through a single platform, with the possibility of separating internal calls between your business team.


F) Caller Identity Recognizing

Now you can easily identify your clients. Through the caller ID feature, you can know your client’s number and name, so you can talk to the client in his or her name, making the client feel special, and helping the company gain the satisfaction of its clients and even gaining the trust of many new clients.


G) Conference Calls

It’s an important feature that allows you to have all your important meetings with your employees through group calls. It’s a single platform that brings together all your company’s contacts in a single interface, through which you can choose which contacts you want to call all on one call, and with one button you can easily get a group call.


H) Quality & Privacy

One of the most important characteristics that corporate owners desire is the quality of communication with customers and employees, and most importantly, the security of communication, and that’s what BEVATEL offers you through the privacy and security of information, and that app is completely secure and completely impenetrable.


Do you feel excited now that you want to try the Softphone services from BEVATEL? BEVATEL offers you various solutions and services that help you develop your company and improve your customer service, so don’t hesitate to communicate with us to get a unique experience.

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