What is the cost of creating a CRM system for e-stores?

What is the cost of creating a CRM system for e-stores?

What is the cost of creating a CRM system for e-stores?


Any E-stores or online shop requires a modern and professional CRM system for e-stores to manage all different financial transactions and execute purchases. E-stores, shops, warehouses, or online markets have become too many in the global market, especially after the closure of stores as a precautionary after the spread of the corona crisis worldwide, where most consumers and customers prefer to shop online and remotely due to the diversity of these stores and the speed of access and easy implementation of purchases and demand flexibly, especially after the imposition of home insulation for periods far apart in most countries, and therefore e-commerce platforms became the most used means of shopping in all its forms and its types.


All e-store owners, whether they are Product sales platforms or Multi-trader platforms, the first and last goal is consumer satisfaction, and to win the satisfaction of customers and their affiliation with your brand, especially after the proliferation of many online stores and stores that offer different products and goods and huge competitive advantages, so as an electronic store owner or online market owner you have to show customers your interest in what they may need, what their requirements are, what their problems are so that you can form your products according to their wishes, and provide everything they need. It may make them feel safe and comfortable, such as multiple payment services, refunds and replacements, warranty, and shipping services to make them feel that they are among your priorities and that you care more about them than selling a product or commodity and making a financial profit only!


That’s why merchants and owners of these e-stores needed a system that helps them manage their customer relationships, facilitate sales and purchases, and improve all the services of these online platforms, which was one of the reasons why the most intelligent CRM system for e-stores emerged in online stores and markets known as CRM, a smart and sophisticated system that uses the latest technology to provide the commercial sector such as stores, shops, storehouses, markets that offer goods, products or even distribution centers of these goods a range of The tools and methods that make consumers and customers choose and prefer them despite the many competitors in the commercial market, and you may now wonder how you, as an electronic store owner, can benefit from that system? What is the cost of creating it? Therefore, in the following article, Bevatel Communications Solutions and Call Center will help you answer all the questions that may arise in your mind when mentioning the term CRM in the commercial sector, so don’t miss that special reading!


First: How can e-store owners benefit from CRM?

 CRM is specifically designed to manage customer relationships and help businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers, improve the mental image and competitive position of all brands in the global market, through a full variety of smart and sophisticated tools and technologies provided by the system to manage the customer relationships of electronic stores, shops, brand branches, and different online markets, it works in a very structured and accurate manner in collecting customer and consumer data and information. CRM then analyzes, divides, and saves that information for use at any time, and even extracts results from that information that help all owners of these electronic stores develop strategies and tactics to develop all products and goods they provide to their customers in the future and helps all employees in that sector to determine the basic consumer requirements, whether customers are consumer individuals such as e-store and trademark customers, companies and institutions such as shipping companies, distribution centers, and others. to form all the services and products provided and methods of communicating with different types of customers by their wishes and needs.


Second: What are the uses and benefits of CRM for e-store owners?

 CRM even helps owners of e-stores, shops, brand branches, and different online markets to perform a range of tasks accurately and quickly, and we can mention the most important tasks at the following points:

  1. Targeting consumers and customers
  2. Instant follow-up with customers
  3. Continuous communication with customers
  4. Problem-solving and after-sales services
  5. Completion of sales and purchases
  6. Task planning for the team
  7. Reports and performance analyses



1- Targeting consumers and customers:

CRM helps e-store owners and online market owners target all types of current, potential, or prospective customers, and does so by accurately and comprehensively identifying all target customer lists by identifying and recording their personal information, data, or dealings with your online store, helping traders find out who the real customers have the interest or motivation to buy while identifying their needs and problems so that traders and brand owners from all products and goods to suit all Potential customers.


2- Instant follow-up with customers:

CRM helps e-store owners and business managers follow customers and all sales, purchases, and transactions through stores immediately and quickly, identifying customers’ problems, interests, and desires and working to place them among the brand’s priorities.


3- Continuous communication with customers:

This system helps traders maintain continuous, effective, and interactive communication with all their customers without exception, making the owners of these stores win the confidence and affiliation of customers, thereby strengthening relationships and providing and developing ways of communicating, which reflects on the profits and returns of these electronic stores.


4- Problem-solving and after-sales services:

The modern CRM system for e-stores provides an important advantage in its ability to identify and track customer problems, and even facilitates the task of problem-solving and solutions, by saving customer data and registering everything related to consumers or customers who have already dealt with the store on a single database, so if a consumer has any problem, be it technical, financial or other problems, a problem with recovery or replacement, or for invoices and warranty, or shipping, Store management will be able to retrieve all customer information, everything related to their accounts, financial transactions and all their dealings with the store, then identify the problem accurately and clearly, and develop possible solutions and methods of assistance to customers.


5- Complete sales and purchases:

One of the best features of this system is its ability to help the team in electronic stores or brands complete orders and purchases with ease and speed and without any gaps or problems, it provides immediate follow-up services and accurate review and can perform tasks that require extreme accuracy such as inventory of products or calculate profits and losses periodically and continuously.


6- Task planning for the team:

One of CRM’s preferred tasks for shopkeepers or business managers, in general, is its ability to plan tasks for all staff in detail and immediate follow-up of employees, through the modern tools and methods provided by that system to identify and divide tasks and follow up implementations immediately, in addition to its ability to provide live monitoring feature so that managers can monitor employees and customers and all operations within the company, whether in stores, sales management or any department of the company so that you can evaluate the performance of live monitoring. Individual employees, in addition to assessing the performance of the entire store or business.


7- Reports and performance analyses:

One of the most important tasks provided by the system is its ability to extract detailed reports and analysis of performance in proportions and figures accurately and clearly, whether it is for the performance of the electronic store such as profit, sales, and losses ratios, in addition to confining products within stores such as the number of products sold, returned goods or perishing goods, etc., as well as analysis of the performance of employees and team, and a study of consumer behavior and reactions to products whether negative or positive.


What is the cost of creating a CRM system for e-stores?


Third: What is the cost of creating and designing a CRM system for e-stores?

Determining the cost of creating a professional CRM system for online stores or markets depends on the size of the store, whether it’s a brand-specific store, or a multi-merchant online store to include a large number of brands, also depends on the size and type of customers, and the tools that system provides you, so we at Bevatel for Communications Solutions and Call Center provide different CRM packages for all businesses and e-stores, and you can choose between those packages in line with your online store. The type and size of your customers.

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