What are the VOIP Phone system? And What are the best VOIP Products 2022?

What are the VOIP Phone system? and the best VOIP Products?

The best VOIP Products 2022 are the latest call center devices that advanced cloud call centers need to communicate with customers and respond to their inquiries in a faster and higher quality manner.

Advanced call center devices known as VoIP devices are indispensable devices for corporate call centers and advanced commercial activities, especially businesses that rely on VOIP Phone system.

Despite the spread of VOIP technology on a large scale globally, many individuals, organizations, and businesses still do not know what VOIP is and its importance and uses for VOIP phone system.

Stemming from Bevatel  leading role in developing call centers and call center services, Bevatel always seeks to provide everything new in all areas of call center and customer service, including VoIP devices.

During the coming paragraphs, we will know in detail what VOIP is and what the best-advanced cloud call center devices are, let’s go.

What is a VOIP Phone system?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol

This technology is the basis for the work of advanced cloud call centers, to transmit voice and make and receive call center calls by connecting to the Internet instead of the traditional connection that depends on fixed phone lines.

One of the most important advantages of this technology is that it enables you to make calls of high quality, accuracy, and clarity in a more professional and faster way in communicating with customers by connecting to the Internet only and without the need to use any of the traditional call center devices that other call centers depend on.

VoIP devices are essential tools for all organizations and businesses that seek to improve the performance of their call centers, provide better customer service and support, and even improve their sales operations.

Bevatel helps you take advantage of the advantages of cloud call centers to communicate with customers and make and receive calls in a faster and less costly manner.

We can briefly explain the latest VOIP Phone system for the year 2020 in points as follows:-

The Best VOIP Products

Call center headphones

  • VT5000 VT5000 Mono UNC Wired Headphone
  • VT9500 Binaural Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  • VT7000 Duo UNC . Wired Headset
  • VT Wireless Bluetooth Headset VT9600
  • VT3000 Mono ST Wired Headphone
  • VT8000 Duo UNC Wired Headphone


VoIP Phones

  • Ylink IP Phone SIP-T40G
  • Ylink IP Phone SIP-T21 E2
  • IP Grand Stream GXP1610 Phone
  • Ylink IP Phone SIP-T54S
  • Ylink T41S IP Phone
  • IP Grand Stream GXP1760 Phone

Meeting rooms

  • Yalink VC200 . Video Conference Room
  • Yalink VC500-Phone-Wired Video Conference Room
  • Yalink Video Conference Room Collaboration Touch Panel CTP20
  • Yalink VC880 Video Conference Room
  • Grand Stream GVC3202 + GAC2500 Meeting Video



  • VoIP Central JASTER VoIP S50
  • Central VoIP JASTER S20


Communication portals

  • Yaster GSM TG200 VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster GSM TG400 VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster GSM TG800 VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster TA410 FXO VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster TA1610 FXO VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster GSM TG1600 VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster GSM TG100 VoIP Gateway
  • Yaster TA810 FXO VoIP Gateway


Why do so many organizations and businesses rely on VOIP Phone system for their Contact centers?

Institutions and commercial activities rely on advanced call center devices instead of traditional devices, because of their many professional advantages that help businesses develop the performance of customer service, sales, technical support, and communication with customers in a more professional manner.

We can mention the most prominent reasons and advantages that make thousands of institutions and companies rely on VOIP Phone system through the following points:-

  • Cloud call center system
  • Reducing costs
  • How do VoIP devices work?

Cloud call center system

One of the most important advantages of these devices is that they enable you to run a cloud center system for the call center of your organization or business.

Then you can run your call center in the cloud and from anywhere remotely with just an internet connection.

This system also allows you to appoint Call Center employees to work remotely and from anywhere and without the need for them to be at the call center headquarters.

In general, this system enables you to follow the workflow of the call center of your organization or business from anywhere, even if you are traveling outside the country.

Reduce costs

Institutions and businesses use the latest VOIP products to improve the performance of their call centers, which helps them save many costs related to establishing an integrated professional call center.

As the use of advanced call center devices means dispensing with all the traditional high-cost call center devices, and it means dispensing with many complex structures and behaviors.

Once you use a cloud call center system, you do not need any of the traditional call center devices, and then you will save a lot of costs.

How do VoIP devices work?

One of the most important features of the VOIP Phone system is its simple way of working, which makes it easy for organizations and businesses to use it to make and receive high-quality and accurate calls and communicate with customers in faster and more professional way.

Advanced cloud call centers rely on PST technology ”Packet Switching Technology.”

Audio packet switching technology splits digital signals into small packets of data to be transmitted over the Internet.

For the audio and video to be transmitted over the Internet protocol, 4 basic steps are steps for the work of the VOIP products. We mention them in the following points:-

  • Analog signals (audio and video signals) are converted into digital signals
  • Voice packets are compressed, so that voice messages do not arrive late
  • Transmission of audio packets

Why do so many organizations and businesses rely on Bevatel solutions and services for advanced cloud call centers and customer service?

Many institutions and commercial activities depend on the cloud services and call centers provided by Bevatel for many advantages and reasons, mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-

  • Bevatel is a Saudi company licensed and approved by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, and it is also approved by STC.
  • All call center and customer service services are cloud services that work only with an internet connection.
  • Bevatel provides the latest VoIP 2022 devices for advanced cloud call centers at the lowest costs.
  • Bevatel provides its customers with professional after-sales services and free technical support services throughout the subscription period
  • Bevatel provides call center services and customer service through specialized experts at the highest level of professionalism in all areas of call center and customer service.

In general, the VOIP Products from Bevatel are the latest devices that you can rely on to establish advanced cloud call centers and to develop the performance of employees of each of the customer service, sales, and technical support departments with multiple options and benefits at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

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