How to use call centre solutions to grow your business?

How to use call centre solutions to grow your business

Call centre Solutions are among the essential elements needed for the success of any organization or business that seeks to better communicate with customers, increase its profits, provide better service and technical support, and improve its performance in general.

Bevatel is one of the most prominent Saudi call centres and customer service companies providing integrated professional cloud solutions indispensable for institutions and commercial activities.

This is due to the characteristics and capabilities of these systems that play a crucial role in developing the performance of customer service, technical support, and sales departments, and thus help corporate departments and call centre managers to develop performance and achieve enterprise goals.

In this article, we will learn how to use Bevatel call centre and customer service solutions to increase sales and profits and improve the performance of institutions and commercial activities; let’s go.

The latest call centre solutions for increasing sales and profits and improving your business performance

Bevatel provides integrated solutions for corporate and commercial activities’ call centres. These solutions serve all corporate departments and help them carry out their tasks faster, more professionally, and efficiently. Ultimately, they come within the framework of achieving your business goals to increase sales and better communicate with customers.

We can define call centre solutions and customer service from Bevatel as technical systems that operate in a cloud-only with an internet connection to communicate with customers, receive their calls and manage their interactions in all possible ways, whether by calling via mobile, responding to customer conversations via social media, or communicating with customers via text messages Or via web chats and email.

We can briefly mention the most crucial call centre solutions to increase sales and profits in points as follows:-

  • Cloud call centre system
  • The unified number 9200, and the toll-free number 800
  • CRM. Customer Service Management System
  • Bevatel Social service for social media channel integration
  • SMS service

How to use call centre solutions to grow your business

Cloud call centre system

It is one of the most prominent cloud call centre solutions, and it is a professional system that enables institutions and businesses to receive simultaneous customer calls with many advantages, options, and tools to communicate with customers only by connecting via the Internet and from anywhere and without the need to be at the call centre headquarters.

This system from Bevatel helps customer service and technical support departments to communicate with customers faster and better to respond to their inquiries and solve their problems, thus providing better service and technical support to customers.

In general, we can explain the most prominent advantages of a cloud call centre system from Bevatel in brief points as follows:-

  • Waiting for a feature and diverting calls
  • Record calls and extracts recordings for the last 30 days
  • Voicemail feature
  • IVR
  • Call Keeper feature
  • Real-time live reports on the call centre on the live Panel “New from Bevatel.”
  • Detailed call centre system reports on the entire call centre (you can extract them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis)

The unified number 9200, and the toll-free number 800

A unified number is an easy-to-remember number that starts with 9200 that institutions and commercial activities use to receive all customer calls through one easy-to-remember number to communicate with customers with many advantages and options that are unavailable in case of total dependence on landlines only.

The toll-free number 800 is one of the modern cloud call centre solutions. It is also an easy-to-remember number that we provide to organizations and businesses with many advantages and options. This number differs from the unified number in that the costs of the call in the case of the 800 number are borne by the customer, while in the case of the unified number 9200 takes the costs of the call; both the client and the organization.

Among the essential advantages of using the number 9200 or the number 800 from Bevatel:-

  • Several options to choose the number of your organization or business
  • Connect all your business branches through one easy-to-remember number
  • Using these numbers to communicate gives the impression of an impressive brand and professional organization

CRM Customer Service Management System

It is one of the call centre and customer service solutions that enable institutions and commercial activities to manage all customer interactions with the products or services provided by the organization. Then it enables your business departments to perform all their tasks faster and more professionally for both sales departments, technical support, customer service, and marketing.

Sales CRM System

This system is one of the advanced cloud call centre solutions that the sales departments of organizations and businesses rely on to carry out all real-time operations, from capturing leads and sales opportunities, creating and sending financial offers to them, convincing them to subscribe to services or purchase products, to issuing invoices and converting them to actual customers.

This system also allows sales managers to follow up on sales operations moment by moment, follow up on the workflow of sales staff, identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance, and then evaluate and develop performance in general.

Customer Service Management System for Technical Support

This system provides many advantages and features for managing technical support and providing better customer support. Through the CRM system, customer service and technical support staff can see the customers’ recurring problems and trends towards the services or products it provides.

Through the technical support tickets provided by this system, you can organize and follow up the technical support operations more professionally by opening a technical support ticket for each new problem your customers face and following up on it until your technical support team resolves it.

This system helps you see frequent customer problems and provide better customer support.

Bevatel Social service for social media channels integration

Bevatel Social is one of the latest cloud call centre solutions developed by Bevatel to facilitate communication between customers, organizations, and businesses.

The Bevatel Social platform is a unified platform that enables institutions and businesses to receive their customers’ conversations through various social media (Twitter, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Messenger, Google Business Chat, Telegram) through a unified window for all business pages through these means.

Bevatel provides a social media link service with integrated professional features and options for sales, technical support and customer service, including the following:-

  • A unified window for all social media communications.
  • Unlimited automatic conversations
  • Private inboxes and public inboxes
  • Multiple roles (employee, supervisor)
  • Manage contact records
  • Activate the WhatsApp Business API with your unified number

SMS service

It is one of the modern cloud call centre solutions that provide Bevatel for institutions and commercial activities to communicate with customers for various purposes of sales, marketing, and customer service with the lowest error rate and the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia and with many advantages and options, including:-

  • Send by your organization or business name
  • Individual or group messages
  • Delete duplicate and wrong numbers
  • The ability to schedule messages to be sent at specific times
  • The ability to send links to your website or mobile application


In general, Bevatel cloud call centre solutions have contributed to the success of hundreds of institutions and commercial activities, developing their performance, increasing their profits and sales, and achieving their commercial goals at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia through specialized experts at the highest level of professionalism in all fields of call centre and customer service.

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