Top 3 cloud call center solutions to increase sales and marketing

Top 3 cloud call center solutions to increase sales and marketing

Bevatel Cloud call center solutions include a set of systems and services organizations and businesses rely on to improve the performance of customer service, marketing, sales, and technical support departments.

Advanced cloud call center services include many tools, features, and options that customer service, sales, marketing, and technical support staff can benefit from to develop work mechanisms and to communicate with customers in an easier, faster, and more professional way.

Bevatel provides many indispensable professional services and systems for corporate call centers and commercial activities because of their great importance in conducting and implementing the operations of the call center and customer service departments, and because of their role in following up the workflow, evaluating and developing performance in general until achieving the company’s goals and increasing sales and profits.

Through this article, we will learn in detail about the most prominent advanced contact center solutions and systems from Bevatel, which will help you develop marketing and sales performance at the lowest costs.

The most prominent cloud call center solutions to improve sales and marketing performance

The most prominent feature of Bevatel solutions and services for advanced cloud contact centers is that they are versatile systems, features tools, and options.

The various departments of marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service in institutions and commercial activities can utilize it in contributing to accomplishing tasks, and developing performance.

Experts believe that there are many call center systems and solutions that can be utilized to improve the performance of both sales and marketing. The most prominent of them in points:-

  1. Auto Dialer System
  2. SMS service
  3. Customer Relationship Management System

1- Auto Dialer system

It is the latest professional system from Bevatel that enables institutions and commercial activities to dial a large number of mobile numbers or phones of target customers automatically and according to a specific schedule and scenario that you can specify in advance.

You can utilize this system to contact specific lists of your contacts through the following steps:-

  • Upload the lists of contacts you want to contact (in an excel sheet)
  • Determine the dates you to call customers
  • Or choose the feature to auto-dial the callers after the call ends
    • Defining a scenario or mechanism for distributing calls to customer service, sales, or technical support staff
    • Upload pre-recorded voice messages that you want to play when the customer replies

This system dials your contact phone number lists according to the preset dates (which you have set on the system).

When the customer answers the call, the call is transferred to an employee as an incoming call. And the calls will be distributed according to the distribution plan you have previously defined.

  • Either by diverting the call to all staff available to answer it
  • Or transfer it to a defined employee according to a plan and a certain number of calls made by each employee

a) The importance of the auto-dialer system to develop the performance of the marketing department

The auto dialer system is one of the cloud call center solutions that help the marketing department of institutions and commercial activities to complete and implement all marketing operations in a faster and less costly way than traditional marketing methods.

Through this system, the Marketing Department can implement many promotional campaigns for its services and institutions, through the following steps:-

  • Upload audio files to the system, including offers, services, and discounts (including campaign messages).
  • Automatically dial target customer lists.
  • Playing voice messages automatically when the customer replies
  • for the marketing employee to talk to the customer and explain to him the discounts and offers

In general, this system enables you to implement marketing campaigns for your organization or business at the lowest costs.

Instead of conducting marketing campaigns through various marketing methods, you can only contact your target customers and introduce them to your offers, services, and discounts. And you will pay nothing but call costs and save costs for e- or field marketing campaigns.

b) Sales Auto Dialer System

Auto dialer system helps sales staff complete and implement all sales operations in a faster and more professional way.

Instead of calling potential customers one customer after another, this system automatically calls lists of all customers and allocates calls to salespeople to complete the sales stages.

This process makes the sales process faster and more organized. And through this system, the calls of potential customers can be distributed to each employee a defined number to communicate with them to complete the sales operations.

2- SMS service

The SMS service is one of the most prominent cloud cloud call center solutions that organizations and businesses rely on to communicate with potential, existing, and new customers for various purposes and at the lowest costs.

You can rely on the SMS service from Bevatel for many uses, the most prominent of which are briefly mentioned:-

  • Marketing campaigns for offers and discounts
  • Remind customers of subscription renewal dates
  • Notify customers of new products and services
  • Notify customers of any new developments or changes in the company’s policies, services, products, and working hours
  • Use of SMS for after-sales purposes

SMS service is one of the most prominent and indispensable tools for marketing and after-sales departments because it is a professional and quick way to communicate with customers at the lowest costs.

This service is an efficient way and saves a lot of time for customer service staff, after-sales service employees, and account managers.

Instead of calling all existing customers of your organization or business to notify them of new developments, services, and changes, they can send a single SMS to all customers with a single click. This message contains the information and details that you want to notify customers.

Top 3 cloud call center solutions to increase sales and marketing

3- Customer Relationship Management System

The CRM system is one of the cloud call center solutions provided by Bevatel with professional features, options, and many tools for any organization, business, or company that seeks to improve the performance of marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support departments.

This system includes many tools and units that help sales employees organize, conduct, implement and complete all sales operations more professionally.

Sales personnel can use this system to explore sales opportunities, communicate with potential customers, create and send financial offers, complete sales processes, negotiate with customers, convince them, and even send financial invoices and payments.

One of the most prominent advantages of this system is that you can connect it to the cloud call center system. This connection provides many advantages. We mention some of them as follows:-

  • This system helps the sales staff view new sales opportunities and capture potential customers.
  • As soon as the sales staff enter the customer service management system, each employee can view a list of sales opportunities and potential customers.
  • Through this system, the sales employee can recognize the customer’s requirements and needs as recorded by the customer service staff and then complete the sales process.

Customer Relationship Management System helps sales managers view the progress of the sales staff in real-time, follow up the sales pipelines for each customer, view successful sales processes. This system enables you to view the not completed and pending in the negotiation stage, view uninterested customers, and other details that help managers evaluate and develop the performance of Sales staff in general.

If you are looking to develop the sales, and customer service employees’ performance and look for the best cloud cloud call center solutions to help you with that. Bevatel systems and services for call centers are the first steps and the best option that enables you to do so easily at the lowest costs and in the most professional ways.

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