The difference between Call Center tasks and the customer service

The difference between call center tasks and the customer service

The difference between Call Center tasks and the customer service

If we look at any company in the market. We’ll find that it has a Call Center team and another customer service team, and many wonders about the difference between the two, given the great similarity between their respective tasks, but each team has a range of tasks and characteristics that are different from others, and make there a lot of differences between them and can be clearly observed.


But in the end, no center can succeed without the two teams, each team plays a supporting role for the other, both sections work together to achieve the same general goals that the center has already set, and in the following article, we will summarize the nature of the tasks of the Call Center team and the tasks of the customer service team, stating the most important differences and variations between them, so keep reading.

At first, we’ll know what the difference is between the Call Center team and the customer service team!

For the Call Center team:

The Call Center team is very simply the team that sends or receives customer calls for all its purposes, whether it is customers calling for inquiry or to complain, where the treatment of the staff of The Call Center is superficial, they do not delve deeper into the analysis or resolution of any problems and can be divided as follows:

  • Sales Department: It may be called the telephone marketing department and is responsible for receiving customer calls to inquire about products and services, display, and market different companies’ products over the phone.
  • Marketing Department: The department that makes and directs calls for marketing purposes, marketing products, services, or even marketing to the same company over the phone.
  • Complaints and Proposals Section: It is a special section to receive customer problems or complaints about the company’s products or services.
  • Technical Support Department: The department that receives customer calls and inquiries about technical problems or matters that require consulting specialists. 

As for the customer service team:

It is one of the most important divisions of companies and communications centers, where this team receives specialized calls, related to a particular problem, and needs rich information and solve problems more deeply than the staff of The Call Center, and here we can present the comparisons and differences between the tasks of the Call Center team and the customer service team in the following paragraphs:


The first comparison is “call reception.”

One of the tasks of both the Call Center team and the customer service team is to receive different customer calls, but we find that the Call Center team receives specific calls according to the competent department, for example, we find that the Team Call Center sales department receives calls from customers who want to inquire about certain products or services, while the Call Center Complaints Department receives calls from customers who wish to file a complaint or proposals, and their answers are somewhat superficial, they do not solve problems in a way Deeply.

Unlike the customer service team that receives highly necessary customer calls, as an angry customer or customer who has been exposed to a problem while using a product or service, or a technical or financial problem, then requires a specialist from the customer service team, to respond to the customer with adequate answers, and present different solutions and alternatives through which the problem can be solved.

We come here to the point of ” call forwarding “

Directing calls from the most important functions of call centers, which is done for the purpose of achieving certain and precisely defined objectives, we find that one of the tasks of the Call Center team is to direct calls for the purpose of telemarketing or technical support when launching a marketing campaign the Call Center team is used to carry out the task of contacting specific customers and displaying services and products in a way that attracts customers to buy or subscribe, but for the tasks of the customer service team in directing calls, they direct calls while following customers, tracking their wishes and needs, or when following up on a problem complex.


And the third difference is in ” the systems. “

We will find that the tasks of the Team Call Center maybe a little similar to the tasks of customer service, but they use completely different systems, the team Call Center uses the systems of Call Center or Cloud Call Center, it is a smart system that helps you receive all the calls of your customers whatever its purpose, whether contact for the purpose of inquiry, contact for the purpose of the complaint or other, and can maintain permanent and continuous communication without any interruption or obstacles with all customers remotely, it allows the possibility of working online, and follow-up your employees And all your business and customers from anywhere.

While the customer service team uses the so-called CRM system, which is an abbreviation of the word “Customer Relationship Management”, and is simply a full range of tools and modern technology for customer relationship management, where the customer service system aims to collect, analyze and manage all the data of customers of different companies, institutions or business activities, from recording and preserving their personal information through analysis of customer behavior to achieving a better experience for existing customers, it aims to know your customers and identify their needs, interactions and previous transactions With them and what they need in the future.


It works as a storage and storage memory of data, it is a complete database that you can return to whenever you want, you record all the customer data and their experiences with your company, and record the customer’s journey from the beginning of his interest in your company and being a potential customer, until his continuous dealings with the company and turning him into a permanent customer, in addition to helping you to target new customers accurately anywhere either inside   Saudi Arabia or abroad.


Here is an important advantage: the ability to link CRM with The Call Center system to make the communication process easier and more flexible between the Call Center team and the customer service team and to achieve a better result, which is one of the most important methods that any company or organization must rely on.


The difference between call center tasks and the customer service

And we come to the fourth difference to find him in “Special Skills.” 

The Call Center team may agree with the customer service team in some basic skills to be familiar with, which we can shorten at the following points:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • How to read customers
  • Positive language
  • Patience and calm
  • Problem solving
  • Intelligence and speed of intuition
  • Tact and urbanization
  • Working in the middle of a team
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Working under pressure
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Love of learning

However, the customer service team may acquire more skills and qualities, which are a necessity imposed on them by the nature of customer service work, including:

  1. Dialogue language skills 
  2. Problem-solving skills 
  3. Continuing learning skills 
  4. Conversation completion skills 
  5. Persuasion skills

These are some of the differences between the tasks and skills of the Call Center team and the customer service team, and how the two teams are an integral part of the call center, support each other and work inconsistently and consistently! So, if you want to learn more about how to deal with your customers, and how you succeed in winning new customers, feel free to contact us for your free consultation now.

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